Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Close To Home

A Syracuse prostitution ring was broken by the Sheriff's Office over the week end. A married couple and four "working girls" were arrested on prostitution and drug charges.

Six individuals have been arrested on prostitution-related charges in the City of Syracuse. Onondaga County Sheriffs say that the arrests came after a yearlong investigation the business known as the New York Body Rub.

Detectives concluded their investigation by serving search warrants at four locations, arresting the six individuals and recovering business records and a small amount of drugs.

[...] Solvay is the home of business owners Kathy and Robert Slade. Both were arrested on charges of promoting prostitution, and permitting prostitution. Detectives found a small amount of marijuana and business records in the home. Kathy Slade was also charged with prostitution.

All the employees of the business, Lori A. Williams, 31, Jennifer Hamel, 35, Wendy Roberts, 34, and Kimberly Barch, 29, were also charged with prostitution and issued appearance tickets. Lori Williams was additionally charged with Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance.

What is weird about this is that the Slades live in my neighborhood, just up the street a bit. I have never met them but they have two children, a girl who graduated from high school last year and a boy who is a junior. My youngest daughter is a senior; she knows the boy a little and this has hit the poor kid real hard. You can imagine what the other kids are saying to him at school. It ain't pretty. It's the kids who really pay for this nonsense. My heart goes out for them.


USA_Admiral said...

The kids almost always end up being the victims. That is a hell of a thing to have to live through.

sig94 said...

We once grabbed an eight-year old breaking into cars because his mother was a whore and threw him out of the apartment when she entertained "guests." This was during the winter and the kid would break into cars so he could get out of the weather. And then we wonder why they grow up the way they do.

Anonymous said...

Two bad they are at it again, ad in Syracuse New Times with phone number for the same thing and it belongs to Kathy Slade, I guess she didn't learn the first time.