Sunday, June 27, 2010

Useless By Any Definition

Riddle me this:
Why aren't these black balaclava-clad assholes lying in a hospital bed somewhere in Toronto with a police baton embedded sideways up their colon?
Every time I see criminals who call themselves demonstrators racing through the streets of a beautiful city raising all kinds of hell I wonder, as did the inestimable Mr. Steyn: "What the HELL are the cops doing? Where are they? Why aren't they breaking heads, taking names and kicking some serious ass? What the hell are they getting paid for if not to protect the property of the people who are paying their salaries that pays their mortgages, buys their groceries and sends their kids to college?"

OK, the Toronto cops arrested 400 rioters ... out of an estimated 10,000.

Police used shields, clubs, tear gas and pepper spray to push back the rogue protesters who tried to head south toward the security fence surrounding the Group of 20 summit site.

Push them back? There should be 5,000 rioters staggering around Ontario Province right now looking for a doctor to stitch up gaping head wounds and set their broken bones. Working midnights we always had a flashlight in hand, a big one made from aircraft aluminum called a Kel Light. I once used a five or six D-cell Kel Light to take down doors.

Injuries such as those aforementioned were described as "Kel-Lightis" or "Kel-Lightatosis." The scars these instruments left were rather unique. It was very much like tagging migratory animals on the forehead.

Look at this; I see maybe one cop carrying a baton (not even a riot stick, looks like an ASP baton at the extreme right in the background) and one cop carrying a tear gas grenade launcher with extra grenades slung across his chest. What are the rest of the guys carrying? Nothing.

Not a single shotgun in the politically correct bunch. Here's a piece of advice: load up a bunch of scatterguns with number six shot and let those "demonstrators" have it in their legs or aim at the asphalt a few yards in front of them and let the lead and bits of blacktop ricochet into their calves and thighs. No pushing required, let the lead do the work like God intended.

I guess I'm more pissed off at their commanders and the politicians who obviously gave the orders to allow these rampaging fools to torch the City of Toronto. Maybe they feel that since the insurance companies and taxpayers will cover the costs of all the damage and mayhem there's no need to get nasty ... and act like cops. What a crock.

Monday, June 21, 2010

He's Home

My grandson went home this morning. His blood oxygen levels have been stable since late last week and the NICU doctors let him go this morning. Praise God and thank all of you for your prayers!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drilling In One Mile Of Water

Back in the day I used to scuba dive. To get my certification I had to take classroom sessions regarding the science of diving. My instructor pounded many things into our heads, one of which is the importance of pressure because water pressure can kill you slow or in no time flat. Take your pick - it just depends on how stupid you want to be.

When you are at sea level, there is a whole lot of air over your head; about 62 miles of it (100 kilometers). At this height the air is so thin that it is considered a vacuum. I use sea level because the higher the elevation, the less amount of air there is above your head. Where I live we are 390 feet above sea level. That means that I have about .0175 pounds less pressure on my head than if I would if I were vacationing at a beach in Miami.

The air we breathe weighs something because even gases are made from atoms that weigh something. Air is comprised of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%) with traces of argon (1%) and carbon dioxide (0.03%) - and of course water vapor.

What does it weigh? Those 62 miles of gas above your head weighs 14.7 pounds per square inch (about 1000 millibars, a millibar is 100 Newtons per square meter). So, if the top of your head has ten square inches supporting a 62 mile high column of air above you while standing, your neck is supporting 147 pounds of pressure that is trying to drive your hairy coconut into your chest. Plus that coconut above your shoulders weighs about 12 pounds; so make it roughly 160 pounds of pressure your neck, spinal column, legs and feet are withstanding just due to air pressure and the bony/brainy structure that your ears hang from.

That 14.7 pounds of pressure is known as an atmosphere - one atmosphere to be exact. And the pressure exerted by 62 miles of air is equal to 33 feet of water. Lets extrapolate.

BP originally applied to drill in 500 feet of water off the Louisiana coast. The State of Louisiana approved this permit but it was then denied by the feds who told BP to move it out into deeper water - 4,800 feet deeper. What's the pressure differential?

The original permit had the well head at a depth of 500 feet - which is 15 atmospheres. The new federal requirement put the well head at 5,280 feet, over ten times deeper and under a pressure of 160 atmospheres. The pressure differential is this - at 15 atmospheres a diver or any equipment would have to operate in an environment of 223 pounds psi. At 160 atmospheres it changes to 2,352 psi. No way a diver can live under this kind of pressure without a strong steel exoskeleton framework to resist the pressure. There are only eight people who ever dove below 800 feet - and lived. Our most modern submarines cannot operate safely at less than half the depth of the Deepwater Horizon well head. The crush depth of the SSN Seawolf is estimated at 2,400 feet.

This means that everything must be handled via remote controlled machinery - robots, diving platforms, the Nautilus and Capt. Nemo - whatever. We can watch the sucker spew out thousands of barrels of crude every hour but we can't physically lay a hand on it.

Trying to snuff a leak at 52 hundred feet is a lot different than maneuvering a Mars robot around a rock 86 million miles away. The pressure behind the Gulf blow out must be truly horrendous.

And the government forced BP to drill at this depth.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update On The Young 'Un

Well, apparently the pneumothorax has cleared up but there is something new.

He has neonatal pulmonary hypertension that was revealed by a sonogram. Now this is a normal condition while he was in the womb; the gas exchange occurs in the placenta, not in the lungs. But once he starts breathing on his own, not good.

The doctors state it is not a real serious condition (it could be worse - requiring surgery) but we are still waiting to see when he can come home.

He has the most amazing head of hair I've ever seen on a new born.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Prayer: Lord God, Keep The Israelis In Israel

My daughter is just about through with her training as an Army translator for Standard Arabic. She spent almost a year at American University in Cairo and traveled to other countries while there. Her younger sister joined her twice, once for a week in Egypt (interrupted by a severe case of food poisoning - there are a paucity of health regulatory agencies in Egypt) and then six months later another week in Israel.

They both can't wait to get back to visit Israel and want my wife and I to go with them. Neither wants to step foot in Egypt ever again. My younger daughter actually cried upon landing in Boston after flying home from Egypt - she was so glad to be back in the US.

As my Army daughter says, the Egyptians have had Egypt for over three thousand five hundred years and it is a smelly shithole. The Israelis have had Israel for sixty years and it is a garden.

Helen Thomas obviously wants Palestine to remain a rat infested shithole because wherever the Jews land, things flourish. Wherever Palestinians go, a shithole emerges surrounded by eruptions of death and violence.

For a more graphic comparison, look at the Google image below of southern Israel and the Gaza Strip. Guess which side is Gaza.

The blue area is obviously the Mediterrean Sea. The green rectangles and circles are in Israel. You see the same land formations while flying over America's Mid West. These are farms.

The sandy gray rubble is Gaza. The US pours almost a half billion dollars a year into Gaza and the West Bank. Other nations pour additional hundreds of millions of dollars.

From The Congressional Research Service:

Since the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993 and the establishment of limited Palestinian self rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1994, the U.S. government has committed over $3.5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians. Since the death of Yasser Arafat in November 2004, U.S. assistance to the Palestinians has been averaging about $400 million a year.

During the 1990s, U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinians averaged approximately $75 million per year. Despite more robust levels of assistance this decade, Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Hamas’s heightened role in Palestinian politics have made it more difficult to implement effective and lasting aid projects that serve U.S. interests.

Palestinian leaders basically steal this money and use it to stay in power. Arafat had over a hundred million dollars in his private bank accounts - that is the reason for all the confusion surrounding his death: his wife and other arab ghouls were fighting over the cash.

And you wonder how they afford all those thousands of rockets they fire at the Israelis?

I guess Helen Thomas hates green.

Not Yet

We thought he was coming home today. Nope. The pneumothorax still has not healed completely and he is back on 100% oxygen.

  • 2% of new borns will have it.
  • Boys are more likely to have this than girls (by a ratio of 2:1)
He's been in NICU for a week now. For the past few days our daughter has been staying at the hospital nursing him. The NICU has a crisis room that they let her sleep in. She'll be coming home today for a spell ... she sounds exhausted.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back To Square One

My grandson is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The MD's thought that his lung had sealed but it didn't; or there is another new pneumothorax. So he is back under the oxygen tent and his respiration rate is elevated. The NICU gets a case of this every week so the staff is not particularly concerned about this. But we are.

In addition, he has a moderate case of hyperbilirubinemia. This is also fairly common amoung new borns.

But according to the nurses he seems exceptionally physically strong for a newborn. When I saw him he has very broad shoulders and a deep chest - looked more like a two month old. My wife accompanied our daughter to the NICU this evening while I stayed home with Dad and the other grandkids and fixed their computer - it had a few nasty bugs. My daughter is getting worried and wants her baby home.

Plus the OB-GYN said something really stupid to her which set both my wife and the attending nurse practioner's teeth on edge. I think I would have slapped her. She insinuated that my daughter is at fault for this since she didn't have a C-Section. Of course the doctors get more money for that. I'm pissed.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

One More

Just got home from the hospital..
My newest grandson was born at 1515 hr this afternoon.
Big boy - 9 lb 9 oz. - his momma is kinda sore.
The grand kids are staying with us tonight; my SIL will pick them up after church tomorrow.
May God be praised. Everyone is OK. The little guy is in neonatal ICU due to a pneumothorax but he should be home in two or three days.

Thanks all. Just found out that the little guy will be in the hospital maybe a day or so longer then anticipated. They may have to reinflate the lung if it does not seal itself. They use a narrow guage needle to let the air escape from between his lung and the chest cavity. Or something to that effect. My daughter should be home tomorrow.

As it was explained to me, he tried to take a real big breath after birth and something popped - his lung deflated. So he is still using only one lung but everything else is fine. Your prayers are deeply appreciated.

A Modest Proposal

I am sooo sick of the media giving face time to droolers like Jimmy Carter (President of the Yasir Arafat Fan Club) , Helen "Send the Jews Back to Germany" Thomas and now Fidel Castro with his American A-Team wet dreams in South Korea.

Terry Schaivo's case was a crime, a travesty.
Let's give euthanasia a chance where it will really do some good.
Time to pull the plug on these jackasses and idiots.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dress Rehearsal?

Scriptures are replete with dire warnings of the Last Days when a world united under the Anti-Christ will attack Israel and current events always follow in the footprints of Scriptural prophesy.

It does not surprise me that immediately after Israel uses necessary and sufficient physical force to protect its borders from terrorists we see carefully orchestrated choruses of international outrage bellowing for Israel's head on a platter.
As we approach the End Days we will see more and more of this for Israel is the canary in the mineshaft vis a' vis the end of God's patience with Man. It will culminate at Megiddo - Armageddon.
In a Jerusalem Post article we read that the Turkish navy may be preparing to accompany new elements of the terrorist flotilla approaching Gaza. It is not likely that this will be a flash point for a war, but it is a harbinger of worse things to come. Israel's enemies are emboldened by the weakness of the West and the duplicity of Obama and his leftist cronies. But this is in God's will, and we should not be dismayed.