Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From The Front

I am always eager to hear from the guys who are actually doing the work. As a police supervisor I wanted to hear form my men what was going down, how they accomplished their assignments within the parameters of the orders they were given. Even if I couldn't change a thing I wanted them to know that I was listening and had a healthy interest in what they had to say. This is extremely important for morale and helps ensure that if there is a problem brewing, enough people trust you enough to let you know before it gets out of hand.

So on two different fronts I am glad to hear from the people directly involved in saving our asses.

From Arizona:
Sheriff Larry Dever, whose officers patrol Cochise County along the border between Arizona and Mexico, said he finds it “amazing” that the U.S. State Department would refer the recently passed immigration law in his state to the United Nations Human Rights Council for review.

“Well, it’s just amazing to me,” Dever told CNSNews.com. “Course, I have about as much regard for the U.N. as I do the vermin that hides in the rocks around my house here and reaches out and tries to bite me every now and then."

Well said sir!

And from our armed forces:

As he winds down one war and escalates another, President Obama is struggling to win over the troops he's leading as commander in chief -- and military advocates say the real test will come as the nation approaches final timelines for withdrawal in Iraq and Afghanistan.

[...]His progress among members of the military, however, has been slower. A Military Times poll this year of its subscribers -- which include active-duty, reserves and guard troops, and some retirees and family members -- found that a majority disapproved of his leadership as their commander.

Pete Hegseth, an Iraqi war vet, states that Obama appears to be taking credit for a troop withdrawal deal that was made under the Bush administration.

Mr. Hegseth said he has spoken with troops who are particularly annoyed by the administration's move to de-emphasize the radical Islamic dimension of the terrorist threat in favor of the term "extremist," and he described the July 2011 timeline for withdrawal in Afghanistan as an "albatross around the neck of our soldiers."

Also, well said sir!

I found out within the past few days that my daughter, Soldier Girl, will be going to Afghanistan within the next two months. I trust God that she will be returned to us safe and sound. She finally got out of training this month but her unit has already deployed. She was very disappointed that the Army changed her orders when she arrived at Fort Bragg. She didn't get assigned to a Combat Brigade in the 82nd AB as her original orders stated when she left Goodfellow AFB.

I know I cannot rely upon this administration to do what's right or even to describe what is happening with any degree of accuracy. But I know I can trust my Lord and Savior. And I believe that is also well said.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

What the socialists and liberal gungrabbers in government cannot do upfront, they will swing around and sneak in from behind.

The EPA is trying to ban traditional lead core ammunition by fiat, decree. Please do not let this pass by - act on this immediately!
From American and Proud:

Today, the EPA has opened to public comment the CBD petition. The comment period ends on October 31, 2010.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry — urges you to submit comment to the EPA opposing any ban on traditional ammunition. Remember, your right to choose the ammunition you hunt and shoot with is at stake.

The EPA has published the petition and relevant supplemental information as Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2010-0681. If you would like to read the original petition and see the contents of this docket folder, please click here. In order to go directly to the ‘submit a comment’ page for this docket number, please click here.

NSSF urges you to stress the following in your opposition:

* There is no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations.

* Wildlife management is the proper jurisdiction of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and the 50 state wildlife agencies.

* A 2008 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on blood lead levels of North Dakota hunters confirmed that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition does not pose a human health risk.

* A ban on traditional ammunition would have a negative impact on wildlife conservation. The federal excise tax that manufacturers pay on the sale of the ammunition (11 percent) is a primary source of wildlife conservation funding. The bald eagle’s recovery, considered to be a great conservation success story, was made possible and funded by hunters using traditional ammunition – the very ammunition organizations like the CBD are now demonizing.

* Recent statistics from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service show that from 1981 to 2006 the number of breeding pairs of bald eagles in the United States increased 724 percent. And much like the bald eagle, raptor populations throughout the United States are soaring.

Steps to take:

1. Submit comment online to the EPA.
2. Contact Lisa Jackson directly to voice your opposition to the ban:

Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator, U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-4700
Fax: (202) 501-1450
Email: jackson.lisa@epa.gov

3. Contact your congressman and senators and urge them to stop the EPA from banning ammunition. To view a sample letter, click here.

The EPA has folded and refused the request of gun control freaks to ban lead core ammo.

Driving While ???

There are just too many distractions for today's drivers. I see young people driving 70 mph staring at their laps because they are texting; I see women applying make up; I even saw a guy shaving. And now this:

A Cincinnati woman was simultaneously masturbating with a sex toy and watching a pornographic video while driving last week, according to cops who arrested her on assorted criminal charges.

Colondra Hamilton, 36, was pulled over last Tuesday evening in a traffic stop triggered when cops noticed she was driving a 2008 Pontiac with overly tinted windows.

That’s when officers noticed that Hamilton’s pants were unbuttoned. And she had a vibrator in her lap. Questioned by cops, Hamilton admitted to engaging in auto erotic manipulation, and revealed that she had also been watching a porno movie that was playing on the laptop of a friend in the passenger seat, according to an Elmwood Place Police Department report.

As a retired cop, I remember that short walk to the driver's door after you pull over a car. You're preparing yourself emotionally and physically for whatever happens. Depending on the situation, as I approached the driver I would sometimes unsnap my holster or even pull my revolver and get ready for whatever. But then again, I never heard a loud buzzing and moaning as I neared the driver's door.

I have no idea how prevalent the use of sex implements is. What are the options? Battery or plug-in or wind up? Plastic or latex? But using them while operating a motor vehicle is certainly not recommended.

Hamilton [...] was booked into the Hamilton County jail on a misdemeanor count of driving with “impaired alertness.” Hamilton was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia since cops found a “broken piece of crack pipe” in her purse.

I wonder what DVD was being played during this sordid episode? Gives a whole new meaning to the movie, "Driving Miss Daisy." We're following this one at work just to see where it goes; any explanation given by the driver should be very illuminating.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Men Who Stare At First Cousins

There is a problem in Merry Old England that threatens to produce an overwhelming crop of politicians. Muslim men, particularly Pakistanis, are marrying their first cousins. In a 6th century way, this makes sense. What else would you do but ask your uncle if you can marry his daughter since you have no social skills to speak of and meeting an intelligent, attractive female who still has her genitals intact scares the bejesus out of you.

From the Daily News:

Cousin marriages are on the rise in the U.K., putting children at ten times the risk of genetic disorders, reports the Telegraph.

The problem is the most prevalent in Britain’s Pakistani community, where more than half the marriages occur between first cousins.

Cousin marriage also occurs among British Bangladeshis as well as some Middle Eastern and East African communities.

That means that more than half of all Pakistani men in the UK arrange marriages between their own grandchildren. Holy Broken Chromosomes, Batman! What are these people thinking? What are the Brits thinking?

Ann Cryer, a former member of Parliament, faced pushback for attempting to highlight this issue.

"It's a public health issue and we deal with public health issues by raising awareness, by talking about subjects such as obesity, such as drug addiction, such as alcohol," she said.

Such as banging your cousin because you worship a mad prophet who had seventeen wives and enjoyed screwing a nine year old. Good luck with that, Annie.

Friday, August 20, 2010

No Mosque, No Mosque

A construction worker by the name of Andrew Sullivan is interviewed in Fox News and tells it like it is; there will be no union trade people working on the proposed Allah Akbar Attah Victory Memorial Mosque in Ground Zero territory.

Mr. Sullivan also mentioned a website, BlueCollarCorner.com, which states:

This show is dedicated to all those people who break their backs to provide for themselves and their families.

Without this group citizens would not be able to get to work or even have an office to work in.

More than anything these people are the ones that pay the bills that make this government run for whom without they would be no schools no hospitals no fire department or police department to protect and serve the people of this great nation.

This particular demographic has been forgotten. Only because we aren’t traditionally the rebel rousers we tend to live work hard and pray our leadership does the right thing.

Due to recent events the very principals by which our country was founded on are being either ignored or totally altered until it has become unrecognizable.

There's a lot more where this came from.Check this site out and support their efforts. Hopefully this is only the tip of the groundswell that will sweep the thieves and traitors out of Washington.

Indeed, for far too long we have remained silent while we smoldered; struggling to make ends meet while politicians take what we earn by the sweat of our brow and give it to those whom they wish to curry favor in exchange for political advantage. This cannot and must not continue, for now our very freedoms are threatened and the livelihood of our children and grandchildren are at risk.

Well done, Andrew, well done.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ground Zero

To the stupid sons of bitches who think that there's nothing wrong or insensative about planting a mosque and Islamic community center near ground zero.....

Kiss my ass.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Again - And The Glorification of Sluts

We just returned home after five days on Chaumont Bay. We stayed at my wife's cousin's camp - with my daughters, my SIL (the mighty hunter) and the four grandkids - thirteen of us when the two boyfriends showed up on Saturday.

Life with four daughters ... it's a wonder I have any hair left at all. And these guys can eat.

The weather was not cooperative, just one sunny day and the rest of the time it was clouds, clouds, clouds and high winds as these two photos show. Forget about casting in this wind. The top photo is my SIL fishing with my oldest grandson and one of his friends who came for the trip. There are problems in this kid's family and we invited him so he could get away from his heartache for awhile. Sometimes it is a terrible thing to be only ten years old.

I got a single day of good fishing weather and nothing bigger than six inches was hitting.

One of the Bay's resident fishing experts, Cap'n Bob (I met him at the neighbor's camp during their weekend party) said no one has been catching anything for the past three weeks. And this is one of the largest fresh water bays in the world with year-round, world-class fishing!

Even the birds (I think that's a heron on our dock) looked hungry.

So, back to Syracuse and back on-line to read The Post (the NY of course, not the DC fish wrap) and one of their columnists, Andrea Peyser, hits a grand slam outta the park:
They're the best and brightest of their generation.
Losers, all.

We've turned out a generation of pampered and privileged
infants. Young ladies who've developed physically, but never acquired the gene
for self-awareness, sacrifice or common decency.

From Caroline Giuliani to Lindsay Lohan -- with Miley Cyrus and Lourdes Ciccone Leon bringing up the rear -- a new wave of female has bumped up against adulthood without displaying ordinary milestones known to an underage peasant. Like responsibility, maturity and dignity.

Once, society's role models were paragons of virtue, beauty and brains. But now that bad behavior is not just tolerated, but excused, glorified, trivialized and sexualized, little girls have no one to look up to -- except a shoplifter (alleged), a drug addict and two junior hussies.
The media has chosen to glorify lazy white trash, sluts, female garbaaahge and crack whores. And our young teens follow their antics like winos stalking a truckload of Ripple™. Look at that hopeless Snookie bitch on New Jersey reality something-or-other and tell me that there aren't a few trainwrecks out there that should be horsewhipped.

And it is all for money. Television and printed media advertising driven by hormone-afflicted idiot teens and their idiot parents who give them money to shut them up instead of working their asses off and beating them like they should.
Nuff said. Don't want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary talking about this waste of protein.

Monday, August 09, 2010

In The News

Grooms Gone Wild!

In the small village of Akcagoze in south central Turkey (about 50 miles north of the Syrian border), a groom decided to celebrate at his wedding reception by firing a fully automatic AK-47 into the air. This display of celebratory gunfire is common in Turkey even when you are surrounded by friends and loved one. Or maybe because you are surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Turkey is, of course, predominantly Muslim. I have been to many Irish Catholic and Protestant weddings and have never seen so much as a water pistol or firecracker used to manifest the groom's delight at the acquisition of a bride.

Despite the unlimited availability and consumption of adult beverages at these affairs there was nary a fist fight or an unkind word exchanged in my hearing at any American wedding. Though one of my aunts fell down and broke her hip at my brother's wedding; but my uncle Pat denied pushing her despite the fact that this was his third or fourth wife.

But what was decidedly uncommon in this Turkish wedding was the fact that the slap happy cabbage groom lost control of his assault rifle and mowed down almost a dozen people, killing his father and two aunts.

Traditional Surrender of Friends and Family at a Turkish Wedding

One family member, who did not give his name, told CNN: "It happened very quickly. We all tried to take cover and there was blood all over. We are all very sad right now."

The injured guests included three children aged 10, 12 and 16, according to CNN Turk.

The groom, Tevfik Altin, was arrested.

Yeehaw... I mean Allah Akbar.

They'll all remember cousin Tevfik's wedding.

Especially the cops.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Emergency Donations Needed

Cookie sent me an email that I must respond to and I hope you feel moved to do likewise.

Our soldiers are facing incredible challenges as our enemies become emboldened by a traitorous administration, hazardous deloyments mount and they survive injuries that would have proved fatal a generation ago. But their blessed survival means something else - crippling injuries that maim and disfigure them physically and emotionally.

Our vets rely upon the government to help them through service-related crisis, and we all know how reliable the government is if you are not a major political donor, a Black Panther or an illegal alien.

Apparently the VA's disability claims system has collapsed with a backlog of over 1 million claims. Wounded troops who have been discharged from the military have to wait an average of six months to get their first disability check. Those who appeal the size of their check can wait for years.

So please drop by this site and evaluate the The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. These are good people who provide:

[...] emergency financial aid and other assistance to troops who have been severely wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Coalition focuses on helping servicemen and women with the most debilitating injuries, such as those who have been severely burned, blinded, paralyzed or brain-damaged.
There are literally hundreds of groups such as The Coalition who seek to help wounded GI's and their families. I can't list them all here but here are some sites that provide an index for many of them.



Please be generous.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pervert On The Supremes

God help us all.

We will have a professional carpet muncher with absolutely no judicial experience on the US Supreme Court. And five Republicans voted for this POS. Maine Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, South Carolina's Sen. Lindsey Graham, retiring Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, and Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar.

This Kagan pervert's nomination (and subsequent Senate approval) is Obongo's reward for Kagan covering his six whenever he was strafed by a low flying "natural born citizen" squadron with ammunition provided by Section 1, Article II of the US Constitution.

Kagan, in her role as US Soliticitor General, blew off nine attempts to ascertain Obongo's citizenship (thanks Cookie!) via appeals to the US Supremes.
May they all rot in hell.

Look for the Lady Justice statue to be soon holding a scale in one hand and a dildo in the other.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was unhurt on Wednesday after an explosive device, officially described as a firecracker, went off near his motorcade.

Ahmadinejad was on his way to a sports arena to make a speech in Hamedan, south of the capital, when the explosion occurred.

Conservative website Khabaronline, the first source to report the incident initially said a hand grenade was thrown at the hardliner's motorcade but later in the day dropped "grenade" in its report and used the word "firecracker" instead.

[...]The incident came only two days after Ahmadinejad repeated his claim that Iran's archfoe Israel wants him dead.

"Stupid Zionists have hired mercenaries to assassinate me," Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech to expatriate Iranians on Monday.

On Tuesday, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman also insisted that the hardliner is on Israel's hit list.

"It is quite evident that the Zionist forces are under state orders to assassinate different figures in the Islamic world," Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters.

"They may dare in their mind to assassinate Islamic world figures as soon as they have access to them and one of the greatest enemies of this regime is Dr Ahmadinejad."

The animosity between Iran and Israel has steadily worsened under the presidency of Ahmadinejad who has infuriated the world powers by dismissing the Holocaust as a "myth."

Israel too has never ruled out a military strike against Iran to stop its nuclear programme. On its part, Iran does not acknowledge Israel.


If the Joos really wanted that crazy SOB dead, right now there'd be a cork in his ass to keep the worms out.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


1530 miles later; 1800 for Soldier Girl as she left Goodfellow AFB before I took off from Newark and met me at DFW with her battle buddy Eastman. He took a flight to Cleveland to see family and will be stopping by our house later later in the week on his was to his new assignment in GA. Seems like there wasn't enough room on the plane for him and his guitar so it accompanied us on our trip home. We'll stuff him with pasta and put him up for the night to help him on his to GA. Maybe he'll play for us. Soldier Girl says he plays rather well. Eastman is a nice kid, they were in the same training battalion in basic (Ft. Leonard Wood) and have the same MOS - been through the exact same training now for two years.
It is amazing how much of America looks the same from a two lane. TX was flat as a pancake and hot as a pistol. We left DFW at about 1:00 PM Central time and were in Arkansas about 5-5:30. Lots of road construction along the way on I 30; I believe it is probably stimulus funded.

Lots and lots of Ford pickups and SUV's on those roads. Not very many Chevy and Dodge trucks. My daughter's four-year old Nissan was dwarfed by all the 150's and 250's that passed us. I really missed my Explorer as her little car was stuffed with all her gear and Eastman's gitfiddle. I am 250 lbs plus and was pretty well surrounded in the passenger seat. She wanted to do all the driving so there I sat with my ass about four inches off the ground - at least it felt that way.

Things got a lot greener as we passed Texarkana. Lots of state police doing busy work. It was nice to see trees again. Everything was pretty lush. And my ass was still four inches off the ground.

We pulled into a nice LaQuinta hotel in Memphis around 10:45 PM. And swam to the front door. It was in the low nineties and 250% humidity. Up at oh dark hundred and back on the road by 6:15 AM.

Tennessee is s beautiful state filled with flowers, trees and state police. We were in Kentucky a bit later and if it weren't for the big sign, you wouldn't know the difference. Even the bug spatters didn't change - though we did drive through a large mating bug binge fur ball or something that pretty much painted the car and made the windshield wipers weep.

We didn't see much of Louisville at all but stopped at a place for gas and the most disgusting Hostess chocolate mini-donuts I have ever sampled. I will eat almost anything that is dipped in chocolate but these truly fell below my miserable standards. It was more like a package of chocolate covered penance. Next stop for gas in Kentucky we found a Dunking Donuts place (thank you Lord!) and bought a Nashville coffee cup for my wife. One half of the rack was for TN souvenirs and the other half KY. They also were selling NY Giants mugs. Go figure.

Heading towards Cincinnati. CinnTown is a very good looking City; unfortunately we encountered the worst traffic of our trip - probably added an additional half hour but for a 1500 mile jaunt, that isn't too bad...

What can I say about Ohio? Once we left CinnTown we hit the corn belt. And idiots in fast little cars. And no troopers. It seemed to take forever to drive through Ohio, skirting Columbus and then Cleveland. Made a wrong lane change getting to I-71 outside Columbus and had to backtrack some. By now we were eleven hours outside of Memphis and starting to get a little edgy. Seven more hours to go. The joy was gone.

We stopped again just east of Cleveland and grabbed some subs and gasoline. Tried a cold bottled Starbucks mocha Frappucino there - good stuff, very tasty (chocolate). Kept me awake without the concomitant need to pee right away. My daughter had one also. We slammed down Philly Cheesesteak subs and back on the road.

Now we are on I-90; this takes us right to Syracuse. Just point the car and stay awake for six more hours. Lots and lots and lots of road construction. I wish I had invested some money in orange traffic barrels. Or Frappucino. Those stinking Pennsylvania orange barrels were like a blurred nightmare. Miles of them. Hating us. Mocking us. I think I was getting a little overcaffeinated.

We started the day in high spirits. By time we hit the NY border it was like "ARRRRGH Please God Make It Stop!"

My daughter likes Celtic rock bands or whatever they call themselves. We had been listening to quite a mixed bag of music all the way home until now. We went through Texas playing the Beach Boys and the Turtles. Arkansas was a mixed bag of oldies and bluegrass. Tennessee we were playing Johnny Cash. I bought a Stones oldies CD in OH at a truck stop.

Soldier Girl had an iPod and I had my Blackberry jacked into her car radio. In eastern PA she really needed to keep awake and the best way to do this was for her to play this God awful music. It was like a bunch of liquored up IRA terrorists had tripped over some drums, guitars and an accordion. What the hell... I think someone had a fiddle too.

I finally used my noise cancelling headphones and put on a Strauss opera. Just in time for the NY toll booths. By this time we had driven slightly over 1200 miles from Dallas without paying anybody anything other than for gas, food and lodging. And a coffee cup. No tolls.

Welcome to NY, pay me bitch, pay me now.

It was pitch dark and raining intermittently. We were both hallucinating and had to pee. Three more hours.

I don't remember much of the rest of the trip. Soldier Girl let me play "Ist Ein Traum, Kann Nicht Wirklich Sein" from Der Rosenkavalier and then tried to kill me. Some of you may think it was justifiable.

We got home at 12:45 AM. Mummsie and Boof were waiting up and there was a very joyous reunion in the doorway. It took them twenty minutes just to get out of the garage and into the kitchen.

One thousand, five hundred-thirty miles. Lord, thank you for the travel mercies. It was a great trip, a memory I will cherish always.