Sunday, November 29, 2009

And She's Gone

Phone cameras --- pheh.

But thank the Lord she'll be back for Christmas. But after next Spring - we have no idea where the Army will send her. She trains at Goodfellow AFB for two months or so when she graduates from DLI. Then she gets deployed. We're hoping she gets attached to the 10th Mountain Division in Watertown as their base at Fort Drum is only a little more than an hour's drive from here.

We had an absolutely great Thanksgiving. We had the whole family over last night - it was a scream. All my daughters have a deliciously absurd, wicked, merciless sense of humor. I am a frequent target.


Cookie..... said...

Real Glad Y'all had a great family Thanksgivin Day Mate. BTW, that place looks VERY familiar. Now lets see, where have I seen that before?? ;-)

sig94 said...

Oh yeah, how a few, countless hours eh Cookie? You worked there for, what, four, five years?

We just made it barely in time too. This was what I saw of her as I entered the gate area after I parked the truck.

She texted me later and said she was sad that she couldn't give me a kiss and a hug good bye, but they were already boarding when she checked her luggage. They almost didn't let her get on the plane.

Again, just 3 weeks and she can give me all the hugs she wants.

LandShark 5150 said...

Sig -- never before have I waited with a fire in my heart to post a comment. Since thurs. when I read your post from my phone, getting to my computer has been a race. How truly blessed you are to have her home.
I was so touched by this photo and your words. I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy, for knowing the pride you carry and the understanding of holding your baby girl in your arms again. Sad, for knowing the sleepless nights and tireless days, the missed hugs and kisses, and just feeling that not all is complete without their presence.
She is a jewel in you and your wife's eye. She gives that sparkle to you, in the confidence that you know, you did good. Good in raising a strong woman from a child.
She may be uncertain of her future, but you're not. Scared, we are. But we have been scared from the moment they came into this world and even a little before. She is doing a great thing, not only for herself or you, but, for all of us. We hold that dear and sacred. I am honored to know of her, if only thru her father's typed words.
These young patriots, give us hope and show us what this country is made of. The very essence of freedom. Giving of one's self for the hope of something better for all. They are a treasure.
There is so much I can not bring to word - other than, she is her fathers child and her father loves her.
She will live within my heart, my daily prayers, as I think of my own son and daughter.

from one father to another. sharky

sig94 said...

Ah gee Sharky now ya made me go and ....