Saturday, September 23, 2006

Syracuse Vice

This story is ripped out of the Land of Dim.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -- A police sting took an odd turn when an officer pretending to be a john met a suspected prostitute pretending to be an officer.

John meet Jane, Jane meet John.

A male undercover officer driving in a neighborhood known for prostitution was flagged down by a woman. The woman got in his car and they went to a nearby parking lot to negotiate a price for sex.

I worked vice for a while. Things could get a little dicey with some of the EDP types and we were instucted never to let a whore get in the car with us. Maybe things have changed.

She asked the officer if he was a cop and he said no.

They always do.
We always say no.
They always believe us.
We always lock them up.

"That's OK, because I am," the woman said as she pulled out handcuffs and a two-way radio. She barked into the radio: "Move in!" The officer, concerned the woman was armed and looking to rob him, forced her from the car.

That's one of the reasons why you don't ever let them in the car.

I did that once when the opportunity presented itself and my back up car wasn't around. This hooker was very hard to arrest because her pimp had a notion that I might be a cop and wouldn't let her near me.

I saw her a few blocks away from her "man" and made the deal. I immediately arrested her for prositution (must be an offer of sex for a specified amount of money). I didn't know that she had a medical condition where her cartidge was incredibly soft and pliable. She scrunched her wrist down smaller than a human being has any right to do, slipped the cuffs off and handed them to me over the back seat. She then said, "You'll probably want this," and handed me her knife.

I usually was very polite to the hookers and only once had a stark raving lunatic on my hands. I was doubly glad I was polite this night because she placed the knife gently in my hand rather than forcibly in the back of my neck.

Moments later, officers who had been monitoring the situation arrived and grabbed Greene and her radio.

You never go out on a prostitution detail alone. There must always be someone watching your six.

The suspect in this scam was arrested for prostitution, conspiracy and impersonating a police officer was 31 year old Lisa Green. Her 20 year old accomplice, Elena Irwin, was also arrested. Fortunately no one got hurt.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ya Gotta Love This Guy

John Bolton has just smacked another fool right across his clownish brow. Of course it does not get much mention in the MSM, but just the same it was a thing of beauty.

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Wednesday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech at the U.N. calling President George W. Bush "the devil" doesn't deserve a response.

That goes without saying. The only response Chavez needs is a size twelve planted up his arse.

The leftist leader, who has joined Iran in opposing U.S. influence, accused Washington of "domination, exploitation and pillage of peoples of the world."

I would love to see some real domination by the U.S for a change. And some pillaging too, lotsa real actual pillaging, not the wearing of funny hats and fraternity pranks that drives the left bonkers. Maybe my taxes would go down if we exploit the peoples of the world instead of rescuing them from every crackpot that thinks he's a king.

"We're not going to address that kind of comic strip approach to international affairs," Bolton said during a televised press conference.

There may be a few of you (very few) of you who remember the comic strip character, Alley Oop. That's where the remarks of the leader of Venezuela belong.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Seabees Can Do !!!!

Our host, ever the humble one sent me this little article.

His nephew is attached to that unit, I'll keep his name private as a courtesy to Sig, but it's a prime example of the caliber and spirit of our military.

During Peace or War, they are indeed our finest.

Thank God for men and women such as these, volunteers all, just like the Minutemen and hundreds of thousands of others that preceded them.

This friends is the heart of and soul of America and her sons and daughters.

Navy Sea Bees help school build a trail

I fear for the Republic seeing and hearing the blather coming out of D.C., but a simple reminder of who is at the tip of the spear does this old heart good.

These are Americans, not the spineless weasels we see on the TV everyday.

Pray for our patriot Armed Forces standing in harm's way around the world and the families of those fallen in defense of our liberty.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Seymour St

I was cleaning out my blog, looking for posts that I never published; I found this.

Cookie (The Cook Shack) and I worked together as cops. We didn't share any assignments but know each other and got along. Cookie was a detective and I was a street cop/evidence technician. Over the past few days we exchanged some views on a series of newspaper clippings my brother emailed to me. One of them was this article about a domestic incident resulting in serious injury under rather unusual circumstances.

Cookie replied:

Too bazaar not to be true......but I had something similar at Upstate one night regarding the last news flash. Seems she (59er) was giving head to her 59er boyfriend in the kitchen when she had an epileptic seisure....he wacked her in the head her multiple contusions, abrasions...and a concussion. He lost most of his penis and there was blood all over the Seymour St address...that's right....good old Seymour St.......

Having worked the 59 beat for several years, I knew exactly where Cookie was talking about. And the typical situations (or atypical if you're not a lunatic) one was liable to run into. Particularly if it involved sex. Some of the weirdest calls involved unnatural acts with whatever happened to be at hand. Anyway, I replied:

Where else but Seymour? And Shonnard, Oswego, Kellogg, yes there’s always Kellogg. And Gifford, and Merriman, and …

Cookie sends back:

Remind me to tell ya about the Homicide I had on Shonnard St where a Hispanic man stuck a .12 ga shotgun in his girlfriends mouth during a fight and pulled the trigger....that was a REAL cover yur coffee cup scene if'n ya read me....

Well, I remembered this homicide very well. What Cookie refers to here as a "Cover yur coffee cup" scene is a crime scene that is so incredibly messy that body parts are literally dripping from the ceiling. Ergo "cover yur coffee cup" if you don't want to be drinking someone else's body fluids and swallowing little meaty chunks of whatever.

I emailed Cookie back:

That was in Feb of 1980 I think, 152 Seymour, downstairs on the east side of the house? Is that the one? I was in there for three hours. Heh, that was the house Danny Corbett ran outta there. When I walked in the suspect was on his knees in front of Jensen begging him to kill him. Jensen is going, “Now, now, now calm down now ...”

We were sitting down in the squad room getting ready for roll call just before 2300 when Danny and I were called out by one of the platoon sergeants. "Get down to 152 Seymour," he says, "There's been a shooting."

Danny and I were the Evidence Technicians tonight, or ET's for short, and we rolled on all felonies as sort of a mini-crime lab. It was unusual that there was two of us working the same unit. I worked the ET car on a regular basis and Danny covered for me on my rest days. There was at least one ET car deployed on every shift, sometimes two (units 235 and 236) if there was enough coverage in all the beats. Each car was stuffed with photographic, latent print and evidence collection gear. The 100 block of Seymour St. was less than a mile from the station so we got there in no time.

Cookie arrived a bit later on Seymour St. He replied:

Being the Sgt in the Lab...I had to be present at all homicides and suspicious death scenes...and they've become a blur in my memory. You are most correct...I stand corrected regarding date and location...but that was an unforgettable scene wasn't it?

Yes it was. This was the messiest scene I'd ever had to process. I had an indication that this could be bad when Danny and I first pulled up. I saw the ambulance crew saunter out of the first floor apartment with an empty gurney and not a care in the world. Right away I knew that either it was nothing or it was everything. An empty gurney means that emergency care is not needed or the victim is far beyond any care. As I passed the ambulance crew I asked, "What is it?" They just shrugged and proceded to look there gear back on the rig. Danny stayed behind on the sidewalk and yelled at me, "I can't stand that stuff, let me know how bad it is." I just said "Sure," and walked into the scene.

I emailed Cookie:

High speed Velveta cheese all over the wall. A big piece of the top of her skull completely stripped of flesh and hair on the kitchen floor, upside down like a soup bowl. I could look down her throat into her stomach.

And she was still holding a glass of beer.

It took a few seconds for the sight to sink in. The victim was sitting at a small table in a cheap vinyl kitchen chair. She was slouched over the tale on her left side. About three quarters of her head was completely gone. And she was clutching a glass of beer in her left hand. Gore was everywhere. Brains, hair and blood had painted the wall behind the table and was dripping from the ceiling; much of the rest of her head had spattered over the rest of the room after ricoheting off the walls and ceiling. At the time I imagined that if I shined a flashlight down her throat I could have read a book with the light coming out her ass.

Danny wanted to know what was going on. He called from outside, "Is it bad?"

I answered him, "Nah, it's nothing."

I have been told I have a sadistic streak. So does Cookie.

Danny walked into the scene and ran out like a flash. I didn't see him for several hours. I never asked him what he did all that time. I think he was painting the side of the apartment with his dinner.

Cookie emailed me back:

What you may not have seen or heard about that night was what I did to the then Lt. Smith.

I found something over in the corner of the kitchen...picked it up with a spoon and went outside to Lt. Smith...who by the way was sick from the scene...and I had the spoon behind my back.

I walked up to him and said..."Hey L.T" .....pulled out the spoon from behind my back and put it up to his face and said "Here's lookin at you kid" was one of her eyes. Smith lost it right there.....ROFLMAO.....

Yeah. Cops.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remember Just One

This should be a day of remembrance when every American vows that he or she will do whatever is necessary to bring a swift, victorious conclusion to the War on Terror. Instead, we are yet divided by a relatively small, influential cabal of elitists who place their political interests above the security needs of our country.

We are at war and have been so since at least 1993.

There are those of us who realize that stone cold Islamic radicals plotted the destruction and death of thousands of our fellow citizens and, impossible to comprehend, a number of those who believe that America is responsible for the events of September 11, 2001. There are even some who insist that government operatives actually perpetrated the murder.

We are at war with an implacable foe who views mass murder and mayhem as legitimate tools of international diplomacy and has done so for 1,400 years. Our political leaders failed to realize this, some still do.

2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11.
On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggerswill join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11.Each person will pay tribute to a single victim. We will honor them by remembering their lives,and not by remembering their murderers.

Her name is Michelle Herman Goldstein. She was originally from Coral Gables, Florida, and had left her old job as an insurance adjuster for State Farm, specializing in disaster coverage. Just four months before the attack, Michele got a job as a senior specialist with Aon Risk Services on the 98th floor of Tower Two.

September 11, 2001, was her seven-month wedding anniversary.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

In Custody

Ralph Phillips was arrested at approximately 8:00 pm last night by members of the New York State Police in a Pennsylvania field just outside the NY border. He was immediately transported back to New York where he will be arraigned this morning for murder and assault.

Phillips' arrest comes two days before the funeral of Trooper Joseph Longobardo, who died last Sunday. One other Trooper, Donald Baker Jr., is still in critical condition. Both men were ambushed by Phillips on August 31st as they watched the house of Phillips' former girlfriend.

New York State Police Superintendent Wayne Bennett made a statement that Phillips will spend the rest of his life in prison. There's no doubt that that a more satisfactory ending would have been Phillips being excorted out of that field in a body bag rather than handcuffs, but we'll take what we can get. Praise God there was no further loss of life or injury to the hundreds of police officers who participated in the manhunt.

From what I hear Trooper Baker is still in very, very critical condition. Please pray for him.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mickey's Gonna Need Some Ice On That

In February 1996, the American Broadcasting Company was purchased by the Walt Disney Corporation, creating a company with combined assets of more than $30 billion and a market capitalization of some $50 billion, making it the world's biggest media and entertainment conglomerate.

According to Michelle Malkins's Hot Air web site, "ABC agrees to edit “Path to 9/11″ after phone call from Clinton." Rush Limbaugh also mentions "See, I told You So" about the projected cave in of ABC regarding "The Path To 9/11."

Clinton allegedly is demanding that certain offensive portions be edited from the miniseries or the whole thing be shelved. There is mention that congressional democrats are also putting alot of pressure on the Walt Disney Corporation to make changes.

It looks like there is a chance that the home office may bend over, lift up their tail and take it up the mousehole for the democrats.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Had To Be There

Tonight on Spike TV there was a documentary, "Metal Of Honor," about the ironworkers who risked their lives in the incredible grave yard of jumbled steel and debris that was the World Trade Center after 9/11. The most common thought these men shared was this, "I had to be there, I had to do this." Several men said, "This is our iron. We put it up, and we'll be the ones to take it out." These were the men who raised the World Trade Center from a hole in the ground to over a thousand feet.

There was no pay, and no thought of getting paid.

These were the men of Ironworkers Local 40. They showed up first as volunteers, helping fire and police workers sort things out almost immediately after the fall of the Towers. In order to organize the site to control the forensic recovery process, bring order to chaotic conditions and prevent further injuries, NYC hired general contractors and assigned them sectors of the site. The ironworkers were then hired by the contractors. Eventually ironworkers from all over the country would show up at the site. Because they had to be there.

The stories of these men were dramatic.

Huge 20, 30, 50 ton pieces of steel twisted and contorted beyond imagination had to be cut into sections and removed. Retired ironworkers with special skills were brought in to teach other ironworkers how to cut into the wreckage without injuring themselves or others. As one ironworker remarked to a new man, "I hope you have bus fare on you 'cause if you cut that wrong you'll end up in Hoboken!"

They worked 12, 14 and 16 hour shifts. They went home, collapsed into their beds and returned to do it all over again for months on end

The site was a huge junkyard; it was like working on a giant pile of pick up sticks ... from hell. Huge pieces of steel half buried in the smoldering wreckage would burst into flame when exposed to the air. Steel does indeed burn. The fires, estimated at over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, finally went out on December 19, 2001.

Everything was pulverized. Two of the biggest buildings in the country filled with computers, chairs, tables, telephones, fax machines and filing cabinets were reduced to broken steel and dust.

"I was breathing in dead people," stated one worker. The ironworkers, along with fire and police, toiled for over a week without proper masks. Ironworkers became proficient at finding parts of dead bodies, seeing arms and legs that the search dogs missed.

They initially thought that they would find some people still alive in the wreckage and they attacked the site like men possessed. In a relatively short time they were dissuaded of this hope. Later they would rejoice when they simply found a body that was not in pieces.

In eight and a half months the ironworkers removed 190,568 tons of steel. It took 3.1 million man hours. And they finished several months ahead of shedule. The clean up ended in a closing ceremony on May 30, 2002. The last giant column was picked up by a crane and gently laid on the ground.

And the ironworkers paid a price. Although there were no fatal injuries, fifty percent of them suffer from long term health problems because of the fumes and dust.

In your prayers tonight, mention the Ironworkers of America and thank God for men like this..

Monday, September 04, 2006

Must See TV

Let's get the word out. ABC is showing a mini series entitled "The Path To 9/11" on September 10th and 11th at 9 EST, 8 CST. The mini series is an honest appraisal of the events that lead to the murder of 3,000 Americans and initial reviews indicate that it lays the blame squarely on the sheer incompetence of the Clinton administration.

Here are some examples:

Frontpage Magazine:

This is the first Hollywood production I’ve seen that honestly depicts how the Clinton administration repeatedly bungled the capture of Osama Bin Laden.also dramatizes the frequent opportunities the Administration had in the 90s to stop Bin Laden in his tracks ‹ but lacked the will to do so.

Conservatives need to really step in here and spread the word via talk radio and the internet. Every American, and everyone alarmed by Islamic terrorism around the world should see this miniseries.

Patterico's Pontifications [posted by Justin Levine]:
For those who have been asking for a clear historical account of the build up to the 9/11 disaster, free of political spin, politically correct whitewashing and partisan wrangling - I can say wholeheartedly that this is the film that you have been waiting for.
Michael Barone [Newsday]:
Last night I attended a screening of the first half of The Path to 9/11 a film that will be broadcast by ABC in two three-hour segments on September 10 and 11. Two and one-half hours is a long time to sit still watching a film, but this one was gripping and tension-filled and visually dazzling.
Source Watch:

The docudrama was written and produced by Cyrus Nowrasteh for ABC and is to air September 10 and 11, 2006. [...] In his interview, Nowrasteh repeated Republican talking points similar to those made by the Bush administration, saying how that the Clinton administration's "response—or lack of response—to Al Qaeda ... emboldened Bin Laden to keep attacking American interests."

Rush Limbaugh:
It indicts the Clinton administration, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger. It is just devastating to the Clinton administration.
"The Path to 9/11" seems to have generated a lot of interest on both sides of the fence. And I wonder why the moonbats have suddenly crawled out of the woodwork and kicked up a notch or three the effort to spread the insane meme that the government is responsible for 9/11? As one site posited, we'll now see Carville, Begala, et al do the talk show circuits. Interesting, very interesting...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Sad Day

Today thirty-two year old Trooper Joseph Longobardo died as a result of injuries received in the line of duty. Trooper Longobado was shot in the thigh, the bullet severing an artery.

On Thursday, August 31, Trooper Longobardo and his partner, Trooper Donald Baker were ambushed in Fredonia, a town near Buffalo, NY. Trooper Baker was also severely injured when bullets fired by a high powered rifle pierced his abdomen; he is now in stable condition. Both men were participating in a massive manhunt for a man accused of shooting another NY State Trooper just eleven weeks ago.

The ambush was in all likelihood perpetrated by escaped convict Ralph Phillips, wanted for the June 10th shooting of Trooper Sean Brown in the town of Veteran, about 65 miles south of Syracuse. Although severely wounded, Trooper Brown is recovering. Phillips escaped from prison on April 2 by using a can opener to force open kitchen ceiling tiles. Phillips was in jail for violaton of parole and was due to be released in only four days when he escaped.

Trooper Longobardo is the third Trooper to lose his life this year. Please pray for the familes of these brave men.

9/4/06 UDATE:
The last I heard, Trooper Baker was in a medically induced coma. The bullet went through his body armor and out his side. Trooper Longobardo was stationed out of Saratoga County north of Albany. He was a member of the NYSP MRT and was assigned to the Task Force hunting Phillips.

Phillips is a complete waste of oxygen. God willing, this will be remedied shortly and a more abundant supply of precious O2 will be available. He is a predicate felon with a very lengthy criminal record, has served time for eight felony convictions and has sworn to kill police. This is probably the only time this worthless POS has ever kept his word.

Phillips' reputation has assumed heroic proportions on NY's Southern Tier among dirt bags, trash and other oxygen depleting reptiles. Since he has native american ancestory, he is receiving assistance from other native americans as well as his family, several of whom have been arrested already. The Troopers were shot while staking out the home of Phillips' ex-girlfriend.

This is a map of where Phillips has been tracked by the NYSP, leaving a crime spree of burglaries, stolen guns (41) and stolen cars in his wake.

Name: Phillips, Ralph Alias: Bucky Phillips, Daniel Aaron Closs, Ralph James Phillips, Harold Phillips
Sex: M
DOB: 6/19/1962

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race:Native American
Complexion: Light

Anyone with information regarding this murderer is urged to call (716) 679-1520.

If you think you have seen this man, call the police immediately.

Buddy, Can Ya Spare A Few Trillion?

On July 19 I wrote about a Belgian, Paul Belien, whose blog, The Brussels Journal, reports on the mischief caused by socialist governments in Europe. Using an article written in the Sept. 1 Washington Times by Richard Rahn, Mr. Belien reports that:
The world’s bureaucratic elites, including the United Nations, are demanding that the rich nations spend 0.7 percent of their gross domestic product on development aid. This is more than $300 billion a year, or well over $3 trillion over the next decade. The demand for such huge funds is given as the main rationale for global taxes to be levied on the world’s taxpayers, outside the control of and accountability to national governments.
Now if there is anything that a bureaucrat loves more taxes I couldn't tell you what it is. The ability to impose taxes is only second to waging war as an excerise of political power (well except for Fwance, ya gotta win one every now and then).

Can you imagine Coffee Annan's coffers after receiving an additional $300 billion a year? This amount is over and above the usual tomfoolery that the UN wastes funds on! We'll have every poor relation from every festering hole on the planet flying into Turtle Bay for a handout.
If international taxes were imposed to go directly to such organizations as the U.N., the World Bank, the IMF, the OECD and others, to whom would they be accountable? What would be the economic impact of this increased taxation? How would the taxpayers of the world have their liberties protected from ever increasing global tax tyranny?
They wouldn't be held accountable. And there would be no protection. That's the whole point of taking it from the developed nations and giving it to the poor ones. It just disappears into a black fiscal hole never to be seen again except in the bank accounts of tinpot dictators and terrorists. This is what happened in Palestine and happens every day in Africa, Asia and every place else that American largesse appears.

And what is being done about it?
On July 19, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to prevent the enactment of any international tax by restricting funds appropriated to the U.N. Sen. James Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, has introduced legislation to withhold funds from the U.N., the OECD or other multinational organizations that endorse or promulgate policies that result in global taxes or hinder tax competition. Mr. Inhofe already has 31 co-sponsors to this bi-partisan legislation.
Contact your Senator and Congressman as soon as possible and insist that this legislation be passed.
Hundreds of billions of dollars of development aid have been poured into Africa over the last half century, and in many cases only made matters worse.
International aid is a joke. We have already forgotten the food rotting on the wharves in Mogadishu as tens of thousands of people were systemically starved to death by Somali warlords.
...the U.N. is incapable of presenting a set of books for its own operation that can be audited and was responsible for the largest financial scandal in the world’s history – the Iraq oil-for-food program.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Slide Into Dhimmitude Turns Into A Headlong Dive

The Glasgow Daily Record documents just how far the Euroweenies have strayed into Loony Land. A 26 year old Polish goalee, Atur Boruc, playing for the Celtics soccer team was investigated by the police for making the sign of the cross at a match against the Rangers.
Police investigated claims Boruc, 26, angered home fans by making a sign of the cross and other gestures at the start of the second half on February 12.
The "other" gestures were not described. But to involve the police in something like this is unbelieveable.
The Catholic Church in Scotland have condemned the decision to caution the Pole after complaints were made about him crossing himself at Ibrox in February. Kelly, a member of the Catholic Opus Dei organisation, also questioned police action.
The weirdest call I ever got was to a neighborhood where a number of frantic people claimed they witnessed a flying saucer scoot overheard (this occured in the early 80's). And yes I wrote it up and yes the papers had a field day with it. But I wouldn't have the nerve to write up a report accusing someone that they had crossed themselves.
The procurator fiscal decided the Pole's actions had provoked "alarm and crowd trouble" and said he was being cautioned rather than prosecuted for breach of the peace.
A caution is an official finger wagging. Cautions are issued for burglaries and other "minor" felonies.
The Crown Office said it had been in the "public interest" to take action and a more minor incident would have been dealt with informally by police.
And what, pray tell, is a "more minor incident" than this? Obviously a homicide! The British police do not actually report a murder as murder until someone is convicted of it. So it is not a crime until somewhere down the line a jury says so! Making the sign of the cross is more of a concern to the constables then a hacked up corpse.

And we wonder why the UN labeled Scotland as the most violent developed country on the planet! The police are too busy investigating religious expressions rather than violent crime.

Cookie And The TSA

Cookie (The Cook Shack) has something to say about the US Transportation Security Administration. I have never worked for the feds, but I have worked with all levels of government. and what I have found out is this:

It only takes one fool in a high enough position to screw up the whole works.

This fool can have the best organization, the best people and adequate resources - but it won't be enough. His ego (and woman are not exempt from this) will screw it up. He will drive qualified people into other agencies, blame everyone and everything else for his failures and rewrite the goals and objectives to show accomplishment where there is only failure. The best symptom of this when an agency's achievements are reported in terms of output rather than effectiveness.

Now Cookie gets it right when he says that he has no direct experience with any other airport and can only comment on his exposure to the policies of TSA where he worked. Other airports may be run more efficiently with less abrasive personnel at the helm and I imagine (at least I hope) many of these people do serve their country well. But when the Federal Court returns a verdict that
ruled that the FAA(Federal Aviation Agency) and the TSA (Department of Homeland Security) ...get this... DO NOT have to abide by these Veterans Rights. Well then there is something wrong.
If laws are passed then they should apply equally across the board. Actions like this only serve to diminish the respect we should have for the Courts and the government.

Saunter over to the Cook Shack and take a read.