Sunday, November 22, 2009

They'll Brazen It Out

The wheels are coming off the global warming bus, but the MSM is ignoring the wreck.

First, a hacker(s) breaks into the email server of the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climatic Research Centre and posts thousands of emails, some of which imply that climate scientists "cooked the books" and purposely withheld data in order to have the results of their studies fit the climate models that predict anthropogenic global warming.

This article by the Canada Free Press puts this incident in good prospective. So called climate scientists have been stonewalling the release of their data for years and are now finally being forced to account for their deceit.

Another glimpse into what the files and emails reveal was the report by Professor Deming. He wrote, “With publication of an article in Science (in 1995) I gained sufficient credibility in the community of scientists working on climate change. They thought I was one of them someone who would pervert science in the service of social and political causes. So one of them let his guard down. A major person working in the area of climate change and global warming sent me an astonishing email that said. “We must get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.” The person in question was Jonathan Overpeck and his even more revealing emails are part of those exposed by the hacker. It is now very clear that Deming’s charge was precise. They have perverted science in the service of social and political causes.

Many people are in the process of going through these emails. Some comments:

This is amazing. I just searched for ‘Penn State’ and in the first e-mail there’s talk of how 50-year smoothing wipes out the effect they’re looking for.
Filename: 1168883146.txt
If my first search and first click turned up ’science in action’, how much is there in this archive?

Marc Sheppard of the American Thinker gives further insight into the enormity of these findings.

After all, the names of the email exchangers represent a who's-who of the world's leading climate alarmism scientists, including Stephen Schneider, Gavin Schmidt, and James Hansen. And the e-mails themselves seemingly betray an organized apparatus of deception.

Now, these are the same Mann, Bradley, and Hughes whose MBH98 reconstruction (aka the "Hockey Stick" graph) -- which deceitfully depicts last millennium's global temperatures as flat prior to a dramatic upturn last century -- remains the poster-child of global warming hysteria despite being thoroughly debunked. And here we find Jones writing the three the following year admitting to using Mann's "trick" to "hide" a temperature decline.

Remember the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? How about a real conspiracy, how about an attempt to hijack our legislative processes in order to redistribute trillions, with a "T", of dollars in this country alone, delivering a body blow to our economy from which we will never recover?

The MSM is still largely ignoring this or spinning it as a lame attempt to discredit an already proven hypothesis. The democrats will pooh pooh these revelations. The arrogant sons of bitches will attempt to brazen this out. We can't let them.

These scientists should be prosecuted. Al Gore and his buddies have used these lies to enrich themselves.

Billions of tax dollars have been diverted from legitimate purposes and used to fund charlatans in the name of science.

Our children have been brainwashed by NEA union members into believing a fairy tale. This is orders of magnitude worse than the Intelligent Design instruction that the liberals fear so much.

They should all be imprisoned and their homes and fortunes forfeited.


bobxxxx said...

This is orders of magnitude worse than the Intelligent Design instruction that the liberals fear so much.

It's not just liberals who agree intelligent design is bullshit.

sig94 said...

But it is liberals who insist on taxing you for it and making laws that restrict your freeedoms and enslave your children.

You are obviously hung up on ideology that threatens no one. Narrow minded, bigoted jackasses are not restricted to liberals either.

USA_Admiral said...

It will be interesting to see if the whole hoax cookie crumbles.