Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Soldier Is Home


This is the scene at the airport this morning. You can't even see my youngest daughter, she is behind them - all you can see is the cast on her hand. No one slept last night.

We have her until Sunday.

I have a new definition that should be included in all discussions of geometric measurement:

The shortest span in the known universe is the distance between my daughters.


USA_Admiral said...

Congrats, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank her for her service please.

Enjoy the times you have.

Subvet said...

Please thank her for her service. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mope said...

Sig, you really need to have a word with her about the way she drys her clothes.

What a great Thanksgiving!

The Local Malcontent said...

Wonderful news! Have a joyous time together, and pass along that we send our thanks for her service to our great country, please.
Thanksgiving, indeed~!

sig94 said...

Thanks guys. We had a great time. Plus my oldest daughter is pregnant again so that's grandkid #4 warming up in the bull pen.

Mope -we've told her and told her...

She appreciates all of your kind words in thanksgiving for her swervice. She is going through a rough patch of ground right now as far as her training and some of the personnel she has to deal with. She is having a lot of doubts whether or not she did the right thing by enlisting but I think she'll do fine once she is out of training and actually has a "real" job to do.

Cookie..... said...

Indeed, Wonderful News!! I parrot "Subvets" request to also thank her for me for her service to our nation. Glad for ya mate!


SoCalOilMan said...

That's great that you got to share the holiday together.

My boy was wondering what he got himself into after AIT, but now that he's stationed, he seems to have found his nitch and is enjoying himself.

sig94 said...

That's great to hear SoCal! I hope she realizes the same thing. It's just do good to have her home even for a few days.

She will be using the rest of her leave next month and will fly home again for Xmas. This time for 17 days. Right now she is on pass and didn't use any leave time.