Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stop It, Stop It Right Now

It is not a tragedy, it is an outrage. But the Army's highest ranking officer, Gen. George Casey, believes that the "tragedy" that took the lives of thirteen GI's and wounded twenty-nine more takes second place to the evil that would befall this country if:

"...our diversity becomes a casualty here. It’s not just about Muslims, we have a very diverse army, we have very diverse society and that gives us all strength."

Idiot. The stupid politically correct so&so should be horse whipped and thrown out of the Army on his flat ass. Where the hell is a George Patton when you need one? If this had occured while my daughter was still being recruited I would have fought like crazy to keep her out of the Army.

I am beside myself. These are the jackasses commanding my child? Toss diversity General and grab a clue. You've got to be more concerned with the lives and safety of your command rather than their racial or ethnic composition.

I stopped for about a half hour to calm down and clean the language up on this post.


Subvet said...

A political general, what a shithead.

I recall reading that generals who do well in war (Grant, Patton) are losers during peacetime. The reverse is true for those who do well in peace.

Our politicians need to get their collective head out of their ass and realize WE ARE AT WAR!! They should then look for the generals who can successfully prosecute it (Petreaus is a start).

Just my opinion.

sig94 said...

And a welcome opinion at that. I have a;so heard that wartime generals stink at peace.

Different skill set I guess. Kicking ass under one set of circumstances does not translate well into kissing ass another set with the same people involved. Leads to schizophrenia or something.