Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama And The False Prophet

Barack Obama is an arrogant and corrupt politician who thinks he is much too smart. For him to come out now and say he is outraged by the remarks of Mr. Wright (I refuse to use the honorific Rev. for this cretin) is just too disingenuous for words. He is either a narcoleptic who slept through the sermons in that miserable excuse of a church for the past twenty years or he is deaf as a post. I highly doubt he is either.

Truth is, he thinks The Stoopid is Stong in Us.

Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday he was outraged and appalled by the latest comments from his former pastor, who asserted that criticism of his fiery sermons is an attack on the black church and the U.S. government was responsible for the creation of the AIDS virus.

The presidential candidate is seeking to tamp down the growing fury over Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his incendiary remarks that threaten to undermine his campaign.

"I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle that we saw yesterday," Obama told reporters at a news conference.

Mr. Wright has been preaching this unadulterated horse hockey for decades. He screams this victim theology filth to a crowd of itching ears who reward him for his lies by building him a $1.6 million mansion.

Wright's new mansion is located in Tinsley Park, IL, a nice village of 53,792 persons of whom 93% are white and less than 2% are black; median household income is $61,648. Compare that with President Bush's residence in the Town of Crawford, McLennan County, Texas; population 705 - 4.4% are black (31 out of 705) and the median income for McLennan County is $35,225.

That's how much Wright loves his poor, black congregation - these funds could have been more wisely used in other endeavors. But only now is that charlatan Obama outraged.

What the false teacher Wright says from the pulpit has nothing to do with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ did not preach a social Gospel. Christ's teaching about Government said but one thing about man's relationship to Government, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's"as stated in Mark 12:13-17, Matthew 22:15-22 and Luke 20:20-26. Pauline doctinre can be best summed up in Romans, Chapter 13:

1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. 4For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. 6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. 7Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

And this was written during the Roman era. Roman rule was fairly lax as long as you paid the taxes/tribute and did exactly what the Romans wanted - and you weren't a slave. Otherwise, the Romans were incredibly brutal. Crucifixion was a particularly gentle exercise invented by the Romans as a form of capital punishment. It could take as long as three days to die lashed or nailed to a crossbeam.

Spartacus led a slave rebellion in 73 BC. The Romans eventually crushed the rebellion in 71 BC and crucified 6,000 survivors. The population of the City of Rome was approximately 1,000,000 at it's peak. About half of it's residents were slaves who lived under horrible conditions.

But not much is said about slavery in the New Testament except for Paul preaching to remain in whatever social/marital condition you accepted Christ (except for slavery - 1 Cor 7:17-24 - Paul writes if you can get free then do so for the implied purpose of serving Christ) and the troubling Book of Philemon - troubling to false prophet Wright that is, who obviously has ignored this passage of Holy Scripture:

8) Therefore, although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do,
9) yet I appeal to you on the basis of love. I then, as Paul—an old man and now also a prisoner of Christ Jesus—
10) I appeal to you for my son Onesimus, who became my son while I was in chains.
11) Formerly he was useless to you, but now he has become useful both to you and to me.
12) I am sending him—who is my very heart—back to you.
13) I would have liked to keep him with me so that he could take your place in helping me while I am in chains for the gospel.
14) But I did not want to do anything without your consent, so that any favor you do will be spontaneous and not forced.
15) Perhaps the reason he was separated from you for a little while was that you might have him back for good—
16) no longer as a slave, but better than a slave, as a dear brother. He is very dear to me but even dearer to you, both as a man and as a brother in the Lord.

What Paul is doing in the Book of Philemon is sending a runaway slave, Onesimus, back to his master. Onesimus stole from Philemon and then took off. He is literally facing the death penalty if Philemon desires so. And yet Paul does not rail against the system or the government that allows this. He appeals to Philemon's Christian experience to forgive Onesimus and accept him back as a brother.

I don't read anything about damning the government anywhere in the New Testament. I read about obedience to authority because goverments are ordained by God so that Men can live in peace. Governments should be obedient to God also, but no where in the New Testament is rebellion taught as a desireable course of action.

The Apostles Peter, Paul and John had a lot to say about the likes of Mr. Jeremiah Wright and it boils down to one thing - the spirit of the Antichrist operating through the unbridled mouths of false teachers.

Two thousand years ago we were warned about the likes of Jeremiah Wright and the hellish bent of his preaching in such passages as these.

Matthew 7:15-20
15) Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
16) You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
17) Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
18) A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
19) Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
20) Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

2 Peter 2:1-3
1) But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.
2) And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.
3) By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber.

1 John 4:1-3
1) Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
2) By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God,
3) and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.

2 Timothy 4:3-4
3) For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
4) And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Here are some more verses and advice that deals with false teachers and the damage they do to the Christian faith.

1. Romans 16:17-18 Avoid those who cause divisions. The truth causes divisions (John 7:43, John 9:16, John 10:19), but people who fight the truth also cause divisions. They do it through deception and emotionalism. You will notice that they offer no positive solution, only negative attacks. Avoid them.
2. II Thessalonians 3:6, II Thessalonians 3:11 Stay away from disobedient Christians. Anyone who refuses to obey the teachings of Jesus should be regarded with suspicion in all that they teach. It will almost always lead to division and confusion.
3. Titus 3:9, II Timothy 2:23 Avoid foolish questions. When people question you, consider where it is leading. Do they acknowledge good answers, or are they just picking away in order to make trouble?
4. Titus 3:10 Don't waste time on people who just want to argue. If argumentative people bring up new issues each time you give them the truth on a previous one, do not be too proud to simply walk away from them.

Then and Now

I had some training in computer forensics not that long ago, but I was completely blown away by this article in the Seattle Times:

Microsoft device helps police pluck evidence from cyberscene of crime
Benjamin J. Romano
Seattle Times technology reporter

Microsoft has developed a small plug-in device that investigators can use to quickly extract forensic data from computers that may have been used in crimes. The COFEE, which stands for Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor, is a USB "thumb drive" that was quietly distributed to a handful of law-enforcement agencies last June.

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith described its use to the 350 law-enforcement experts attending a company conference Monday.

The device contains 150 commands that can dramatically cut the time it takes to gather digital evidence, which is becoming more important in real-world crime, as well as cybercrime. It can decrypt passwords and analyze a computer's Internet
activity, as well as data stored in the computer.

It also eliminates the need to seize a computer itself, which typically involves disconnecting from a network, turning off the power and potentially losing data. Instead, the investigator can scan for evidence on site.

More than 2,000 officers in 15 countries, including Poland, the Philippines, Germany, New Zealand and the United States, are using the device, which Microsoft provides free.

Preparing a hard drive for forensic examination can take hours and hours. You remove the drive from the computer case, write protect it, clone it, hash it and then run your examination on the cloned drive. Not anymore I guess. And maybe you don't need thousands of dollars of software either. This will surely put some companies behind the eight ball. And from the recent increased cost of upgrades for forensic suites, I say it's long overdue.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Who's Your Texas Daddy?

The lame brain main stream media is at it again, going bonkers over pregnant youngsters at the local Mormon hangout.

31 of 53 Teen Girls Taken From Polygamist Sect Have Been Pregnant
SAN ANTONIO — Texas child welfare officials say more than half the teen girls swept into state custody from a polygamist sect's ranch have been pregnant.

Child Protective Services spokesman Darrell Azar says 53 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 were living on the ranch in Eldorado. Of that group, 31 already have children or are pregnant.

State officials took custody of all 463 children at the Yearning For Zion Ranch more than three weeks ago after a raid prompted by calls to a domestic violence hotline.

I am not defending the Mormon cult or whatever they are for their actions. I think it is reprehensible for men to act that way. I do have a problem however with the State of Texas taking the children away from their moms and sticking them in foster homes. I also have a problem with Fox News getting all self righteous about young child/women getting preggers when there are simply a ton of other suspects in Texas that are doing the same thing. Are these moms and dads getting marched off to jail? Are their kids being torn away from them?

Texas is one of the worst states in the Union for pregnant teenage girls. It is second only to California in total teen pregnancies, but Texas is the nation's leader in the percentage of teens that become pregnant (teenage being defined as 10 to 19 years of age.)

Using information from these sites (National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, US Teenage Pregnancy Statistics - 2000 pregnancy statistics) it appears that Texas has the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies within the ten to nineteen year old population group (81,800 pregnancies out of 3,427,615 teens or 2.4%). New York is second at 57,950 pregnancies out of 2,620,865 teens; Florida is third at 49,890 out of 2,325,893 teens and California is fourth at 115,850 pregnancies out of 5,455,796 teens. The USA had 841,450 teen pregnancies out of a populations of 41,896,732 teens or 2%.

And where does Utah, the home of those zany child-marrying polygamists rank in this mix? Utah had 5,730 pregnancies out of 383,197 teens or 1.5% of the teen population.

This changes somewhat when female children under the age of 15 are isolated from the rest of the teen population. Florida now has the dubious distinction of having the greatest percentage of any state's 10 to 14 yr children getting pregnant (1,450 out of 1,156,495 or 0.13%) New York is second at 0.12%, Texas and California are tied at 0.10%.

The nation as a whole is 0.09% - 19,640 pregnancies out of 20.8 million 10 to 14 year old girls.

Utah is 0.04% - 70 out of 187,823.

So where, other than the Mormons, are the mass arrests in Texas? Or any other State for that matter? For the children's sake of course.

Doug Patton has an excellent read on this:

Government-Approved Religions and Cults
By Doug Patton
April 28, 2008

So, let me make sure I have this straight. Hate-filled Islamic Madrassas are okay. To discriminate against them would be racial profiling.

Homes with two parents of the same sex are just fine. In fact, any “family” involving a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender relationship is to be tolerated — even encouraged. All enlightened people know this. To do anything but promote deviant lifestyles is narrow-minded, homophobic and borders on hate speech.

Even a cult like Scientology is winked at because it its most public practitioners are Hollywood stars who look prosperous and pretty, not dowdy and weird.

But God help any group which holds unusual religious views, whose fundamentalist Mormon adherents look strange and choose to withdraw from society to protect its children, and which runs afoul of the standard government definition of what comprises a religion.

I have deliberately waited several weeks to write about the raid by state authorities on the compound near Eldorado, Texas, but I am finally ready to opine on the subject.

I think it was Waco without the flames.

Make no mistake: there is no excuse for child sexual abuse. It should be punished with much greater severity than it is in most venues in this country. But as far as can be determined so far, the only evidence available in this case is an anonymous phone call from a female who claimed to be 16 years old and who said she was being forced to have sex with her 49-year-old “husband.” On the strength of that phone call, Texas authorities raided the compound, took more than 400 children into state custody and denied them access to their mothers. Worse, it appears these children may be placed in foster homes or even put up for adoption.

(Interestingly, the only person so far connected with the anonymous phone call is Rozita Swinton, a Colorado woman who also happens to be a Barack Obama delegate to her state’s Democratic convention. This is no reflection on Sen. Obama, but it would be interesting to see what the mainstream media might have done with the story had she been a Republican, especially if she had been committed to Mormon Mitt Romney.)

I personally know of situations where concerned neighbors and/or family members have tried in vain to get children removed from homes where one or both parents have been guilty of exposing their young children to dangerous drugs, including Meth. In one case, a case worker from Child Protective Services was quoted as saying, “We know they use drugs, but we can’t do anything about it.”

Why, then is a state government allowed to use military tactics and weaponry to raid a peaceful group of people on the strength of an anonymous phone call? For the same reason, Janet Reno’s Justice Department got away with burning the Branch Davidian compound to the ground, killing men, women and children in the process. It is the same reason the Clinton-Reno regime was allowed to take Emilio Gonzales at gunpoint and return him to the misery of Castro’s Cuba. Because we, the people, allowed it. There was not a sufficient outcry from the public to stop it. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there will be enough to stop this travesty, either.

If there is evidence of child abuse, or any other crime, by all means prosecute the perpetrators. But when government decides that hundreds of children should be taken from their mothers because the group to which those mothers belong is not on the sanctioned list of politically correct beliefs, America has crossed over into a dangerous area of government-approved religions and cults. And yours could be next.


© Copyright 2008 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online, TheConservativeVoice.com and GOPUSA.com, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at: dougpatton@cox.net.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Al Gore's New Retirement Plan

Al Gore wasn't making enough on the carbon offset scam; seems like the affluent investors finally wised up that the alfafa farms in Nigeria weren't doing so well. So Al dumbed down his client base and went after the real big bucks, the bucks controlled by the US government.

Enter the corn-to-ethanol scam. Al's got his retirement accounts tied up in grain futures.

And the poorest of the poor are now the ones paying through the nose for Al's 401k.

What does Al have to say about this? According to the NY Sun, nuthin.

Mr. Gore was not available for an interview yesterday on the food crisis, according to his spokeswoman. A spokesman for Mr. Gore’s public campaign to address climate change, the Alliance for Climate Protection, declined to comment for this article.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rocket Man

Now how cool is this? A Batman type glide wing for paratroopers - the Gryphon.

It weighs only 30 pounds and can be fully weaponized for assault and rescue. It has a 6-foot jet-wing that is steered with handheld rotary controls connected to its rudder. And it can hide more than 100 pounds of combat gear in a built-in compartment.

In glide mode the Gryphon can reach speeds of 135 mph. The German manufacturer, SPELCO GbR, is exploring the possiblity of attaching a small turbojet to this puppy.
Just think of it, a paratrooper with 75 pounds of onboard ammo jumping out of a C-130 at 30,000 feet, flying 100 miles in stealth mode and strafing the drop zone before hitting the ground!
Strap a suitcase nuke to the rig. Or throw a pizza delivery hotbox and a beer cooler on board.
The possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cue The Seething

Just when you thought it was safe to set your watch...

Muslim call to adopt Mecca time
Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth. Mecca is the direction all Muslims face when they perform their daily prayers.

The call was issued at a conference held in the Gulf state of Qatar under the title: Mecca, the Centre of the Earth, Theory and Practice.

Mecca Meridan Time? I am five hours behind GMT and Mecca is three hours ahead of GMT. I figure Hawaii is about on the opposite side of the Earth from Mecca. Honolulu is 157 degrees, 50 minutes west longitude, Mecca is 39 degrees, 45 minutes east longitude. Close enough.

I propose creating the Honolulu Meridan. Likewise, whenever you pray, face Honolulu. Now your ass is facing Mecca.

One geologist argued that unlike other longitudes, Mecca's was in perfect alignment to magnetic north.

He said the English had imposed GMT on the rest of the world by force when Britain was a big colonial power, and it was about time that changed.

I'd say that geologist's head was in perfect alignment with the crack in his ass. Prepare for insertion in three, two, one ...

A prominent cleric, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawy, said modern science had at last provided evidence that Mecca was the true centre of the Earth; proof, he said, of the greatness of the Muslim "qibla" - the Arabic word for the direction Muslims turn to when they pray.

[...] The underlying belief is that scientific truths were also revealed in the Muslim holy book, and it is the work of scholars to unearth and publicise the textual evidence.

I assume that before too long we'll be treated to such Islamic scientific breakthroughs as "The Creation Falafel."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Second Verse, Same As The First

I saw this article in the New York Sun today and I was reminded how tyrants use famine as a tool to obliterate perceived enemies. Stalin used it in the Great Ukrainian Famine in 1933 in which over six million people starved to death.

In 2002 Robert Mugabe denied food to millions of Zimbabweans who supported his political rivals. Communists starved hundreds of thousands during the Ethiopian famine of 1984-85. But no one can touch the Chinese for brutally killing millions of peasants. In the Great Chinese Famine of 1959-60, approximately 30 million Chinese starved to death in forced collectivization of peasant farms.

And now in America, the land of plenty, the land of fruited plains, it seems possible that food storages may be possible.

Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks.

[...] spot shortages seemed to be most frequent in the Northeast and all the way along the West Coast. He said he had heard reports of buying limits at Sam’s Club warehouses, which are owned by Wal-Mart Stores, but a spokesman for the company, Kory Lundberg, said he was not aware of any shortages or limits.

An anonymous high-tech professional writing on an investment Web site, Seeking
, said he recently bought 10 50-pound bags of rice at Costco. “I am concerned that when the news of rice shortage spreads, there will be panic buying and the shelves will be empty in no time. I do not intend to cause a panic, and I am not speculating on rice to make profit. I am just hoarding some for my own consumption,” he wrote.

For years we have been warned about the effect of diverting food crops in order to produce ethanol for fuel. A recent article in the UK Telegraph reports that:

The UN says it takes 232 kg of corn to fill a 50-litre car tank with ethanol. That is enough to feed a child for a year. Last week, the UN predicted "massacres" unless the biofuel policy is halted.

At 2.2 pounds per kilo, that's 510 pounds of corn. A quarter ton of corn? I'd say that's more than enough.

[...] world grain stocks have fallen to a quarter-century low of 5m tonnes, rations for eight to 12 weeks. America - the world's food superpower - will divert 18pc of its grain output for ethanol this year, chiefly to break dependency on oil imports. It has a 45pc biofuel target for corn by 2015.

Argentina, Canada, and Eastern Europe are joining the race.

The USDA reported that in 2007, 13.1 billion bushels of corn were harvested. If the 18% biofuel target is realized for a similar harvest this year, 2.35 billion bushels of corn will be diverted towards the production of ethanol. If the 45% biofuel target is reached for the same size harvest, 5.9 billion bushels will be diverted. It seems that even with record breaking harvests, there will be shortages of grain for food consumption. Let's take a closer look at corn production:

The United States grew 42 percent of the world's corn in during fiscal year 2006, producing 282.3 million metric tons (11.1 billion bushels). Other major corn producing countries in 2006 included:
China -139.4 million metric tons (5.5 billion bushels)
Brazil - 41.7 million metric tons (1.64 billion bushels)
European Union - 48.3 million metric tons (1.9 billion bushels)
Mexico - 19.5 million metric tons (767 million bushels)
Argentina - 15.8 million metric tons (622 million bushels)
India - 15 million metric tons (590.5 million bushels

Believe it or not, the world's second largest producer of corn is China. The US is posed to divert domestic harvest equal to the entire production of the world's second largest producer of corn (and then a half billion bushels more) just to satisfy the fanaticial rantings of Al Gore and his global warming circus.

This is what is truly troubling to me. Food has been used as a weapon in the past by communists. The new communists are nothing more than a politicized oligarchy (Surprise! Same as the old!) but with a new empowerment. They are not going to make the world over into a workers paradise anymore, they've moved beyond that. Al Gore and his neocommies will make the world over into a primodial paradise where nothing is safe except for crabgrass and newts. And of course those lucky enough to climb on the carbon off set bandwagon. And if you don't buy into the global warming nonsense, they'll starve you. They have done it in the past and they'll do it again.

And inspite of record high grain prices, US farm subsidies go rolling along. In 2006 the US taxpayer ponied up $13,405,000,000 in subsidies. The largest recipients are listed here. The top recipient is Riceland Foods, Inc.; since 1995 Riceland has received over $554 million in commodity subsidies. This translates into the following:
Rice Subsidies - $526,296,548
Soybean Subsidies - $20,258,260
Wheat Subsidies - $7,742,225
Corn Subsidies - $44,799

The goodie train continues in the 2008 budget. Between the greedy Gorebots and the run of the mill thieves in Congress we don't stand a chance. We'll be working full time just so we can purchase either food or gas, but not both.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

God And Guns

Mark Steyn has a tremendous article in the Orange County Register. I changed the word order of the title to God and Guns rather Guns and God because without the protection of God, guns alone wouldn't be enough.

Mark Steyn: Guns and God?

Hell, yes. Obama attacks two of the things that elevate the U.S. above places like Europe

[...]Indeed. Sen. Obama's remarks about poor dumb, bitter rural losers "clinging to" guns and God certainly testify to the instinctive snobbery of a big segment of the political class. But we shouldn't let it go by merely deploring coastal condescension toward the knuckledraggers. No, what Michelle Malkin calls Crackerquiddick (quite rightly – it's more than just another dreary "-gate") is not just snobbish nor even merely wrongheaded. It's an attack on two of the critical advantages the United States holds over most of the rest of the Western world. In the other G7 developed nations, nobody clings to God 'n' guns. The guns got taken away, and the Europeans gave up on churchgoing once they embraced Big Government as the new religion.

How's that working out? Compared with America, France and Germany
have been more or less economically stagnant for the past quarter-century,
living permanently with unemployment rates significantly higher than in the
United States.

Security and prosperity are gifts from God. In the Old Testament, Israel always got into big trouble whenever they pursued idols. In America today, our idols are not Baal or Set or Zeus. Our idols are materialism, entertainment and sex. We worship ourselves. Does this make us happy?

[...] In my book "America Alone," I note a global survey on optimism: 61 percent of Americans were optimistic about the future, 29 percent of the French, 15 percent of Germans. Take it from a foreigner: In my experience, Americans are the least "bitter" people in the developed world. Secular, gun-free big-government Europe doesn't seem to have done anything for people's happiness.

Well, we're a lot happier than the Europeans. But you'd never know it from the media. Or the Democrats. If you listen to either of the Democratic candidates and their cheerleaders in the media, we're all just one paycheck away from utter financial ruin because of the grasping, greedy BushHitlerCheneyEnronMilitaryIndustrialComplex.

I just went five months without a paycheck (my contract got all screwed up by people who don't care). I did it by careful fiscal management, self control and prayer. And I did it with a minimum of carping. That's the price I pay for the kind of work I do.

And I am not saying that there aren't greedy capitalists out there. There are a ton of them and it is getting worse. The FBI has twice the number of financial crimes under investigation than in the past five years. There are white collar crooks bilking citizens and businesses out of billions of dollars every year. What I am saying is that we are living in evil times - we always are. Plan for it and act accordingly.

As for "gun-totin'," large numbers of Americans tote guns because they're assertive, self-reliant citizens, not docile subjects of a permanent governing class. The Second Amendment is philosophically consistent with the First Amendment, for which I've become more grateful since the Canadian Islamic Congress decided to sue me for "hate speech" up north. Both amendments embody the American view that liberty is not the gift of the state, and its defense cannot be outsourced exclusively to the government.

I think a healthy society needs both God and guns: It benefits from a belief in some kind of higher purpose to life on Earth, and it requires a self-reliant citizenry. If you lack either of those twin props, you wind up with today's Europe – a present-tense Eutopia mired in fatalism.

Assertive and self reliant - words definitively not in the liberal lexicon. I own firearms not because I want to use them, but because I might have to use them. Every massacre perpetuated by government in the past century only occurred after the citizenry was disarmed.

In the 20th Century:
Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined.
Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals.
How could governments kill so many people? The governments had the power - and the people, the
victims, were unable to resist. The victims were unarmed.

Every member of my family knows how to operate a firearm. God protect us all from ever needing to use them in a crisis situation. But God help us if we are not prepared.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

It's our youngest daughter's 16th birthday today. We're all going out to dinner tonight to a place that she really likes, Frankie's on the north side. We were going to go to Aunt Josie's which is another great north side Italian restaurant, but she surprised us. She was at Frankie's only once and I guess it made an impression on her. It is a tiny hole in the wall but they have live entertainment on the sidewalk when the weather allows. It's too early in the year now for a band even though it reached the mid-80's today..


I can't believe that our baby is sixteen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Words Fail Us

From the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson reflects on the need for a new word to describe the unholy consequences of liberal "hare-brained schemes" that do more damage to the environment and hurt more people than if nothing were done at all.

[...]Case in point: the chaos inflicted upon the world by the asinine drive to produce massive amounts of ethanol as a substitute for oil. Leaving aside the higher levels of CO2 generated, the amount of extra energy needed to transport and convert biomass into fuel and then distribute the ethanol (which cannot be sent in energy-efficient pipelines) via truck or rail, it is now evident that world food prices are being vastly inflated by the demand for ethanol, heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

Articles yesterday in the New York Times , UK Telegraph, The UK Independent, UK Daily Mail , and UK Times chronicle the havoc as food prices soar, and food riots begin to break out in poor countries. Sooner or later, someone will point out that Al Gore lied, people died, when it comes to assessing responsibility for the debacle.

Lifson is a whole bunch smarter than me and the word he comes up with is "crudugenic."

My suggestion for an adjective for greenie-caused damage is "crudugenic" from the Latin term for "green" (crudus) and the word for "type"(genus).

I think something much more direct is called for. Words like "fraud" or "thieving lying sons of bitches" which in Latin is something like furacis mendacis fili a caniculae. And you remember what the Romans did to thieves, right? There were two on either side of our Lord...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is That A Pic-A-Nik Basket In My Pocket Or Are You Just Pissed Off?

I received the following photos courtesy of my brother Bob. They show a ranger in the process of releasing a bear into the wild. The bear stops to manifest his gratitude for his safe passage and brand new digs. You can almost feel the love...

Nuff said. I reckon the ranger will secure the cage to the truck body on the next go round or have a buddy stand by with a 30-06 cocked and locked.

Jets N' Sharks

Police in Commerce City, Colorado, have arrested Baby Daddy after he argued with Baby Momma. It appears that Baby Daddy and Baby Momma belong to different street gangs. It also appears that the difference in gang membership was not a consideration for at least fifteen or twenty minutes when Baby was conceived.

Baby Daddy wants Baby to belong to one gang while Baby Momma insists that her gang be Baby's choice.

Baby Daddy caused some damage at a video store where the argument occured but did not seem to attack Baby Momma.

In another few generations we will not even recognize the culture these idiots belong to. It's like the movie Alien Nation; these freaks just popped out of warp drive while copulating and took up residence here.

Good Bye Google

I just got rid of my Google toolbar and I refuse to google anything anymore.

A UK based Christian group is suing Google because Google refuses to run anti-abortion ads.

The Christian Institute, a UK charity, is taking legal action against Google after the search engine refused to take its advertisements.

Google bans adverts which link "abortion and religious-related content" but the charity, which opposes abortion, embryonic stem cell research and chemical contraception, is taking legal action to try and change the policy.

[...] The group is planning to sue under the Equality Act 2006, which prohibits religious discrimination in the provision of a good, facility or service. It says that Google carries adverts from non-religious groups on abortion and it is demanding equality under the law.

And from here:

Moreover, the group claims, Google maintains a double standard – while advertisements from religious groups are denied, pornographic websites and abortion ads from secular organizations attacking religion are acceptable.

"To describe abortion and religion-related content as 'unacceptable content', while at the same time advertising pornography, is ridiculous,” said Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, in a statement on its website.

"Google promotes itself as a company committed to the ideals of free speech and the free exchange of ideas. It is against this standard that Google's anti-religious policy is so unjust,” he added.

"For many people, Google is the doorway to the internet. It is an influential gatekeeper to the marketplace of debate. If there is to be a free exchange of ideas then Google cannot give special free speech rights to secular groups whilst censoring religious views,” he said.

Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe also commented. "It does seem to me to be the most appalling and blatant case of religious discrimination and also to be a very silly attempt to stifle due debate,” she said, according to the London Daily Mail.

I just downloaded the Yahoo toolbar and will be using this from now on. I know, I know, Yahoo still has some 'splaining to do over it's cooperation with the Chicoms.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Absolut Ideal

I guess I'll join the Absolut bashing crowd. And since we have to deal with Canadian weather, we're taking over!

But since I do have friends in Canada (and I'm less than 2 hrs away), it behooves me to include this.

There ya go Joe Camel.

Maybe I'm A Redneck

Uncle Mikey (my Dad's brother) and his buddy used to race stock cars in the early 60's on Long Island; at the Islip Speedway if I recall correctly. This was really heady stuff for young teens in the person of my brother Bob and I. Perhaps because of that experience my brother became an accomplished professional mechanic (automotive restorations and Harleys) who is now building his own airplane.

And me? The mechanic that I have used for well over twenty years already warned me to keep my grubby hands off any vehicle that I bring to him for repair else face a "who's the idjut that messed this up" tax. My talents are with wood, not metal.

But I still like the races. I rediscovered racing because of my son-in-law who is an avid NASCAR fan. And all my grandkids are now likewise infected.

BC, the Imperial Torturer, and I were IM'ing earlier today and he supplied me with these racing urls that are a) eye popping and b) crazy redneck fun.

The first is a video of yesterday's crash of a race car driven by Michael McDowell. From the Sporting News website:

FORT WORTH, Texas -- The thunderous cheering that erupted Friday at Texas Motor Speedway when Dale Earnhardt Jr. posted his pole-winning qualifying lap stood in sharp contrast to the stunned silence that followed rookie Michael McDowell's frightening crash earlier in the session.

Earnhardt will start from the top spot for Sunday's Samsung 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas after touring the 1.5-mile track in 28.286 seconds (190.907 mph), a lap that second-place qualifier Carl Edwards described as "screaming fast."

McDowell can thank recent safety innovations -- soft walls and NASCAR's new racecar, in particular -- for being able to start at all, after slamming nose-first into the outside wall when his car spun out of control in Turn 1 on his second qualifying lap. McDowell will take the green flag in 40th position, on an owner-points provisional.

Amen to the safety innovations. This is a spectular crash and it is an amazing testament to NASCAR engineering skills that McDowell walks away from this one.

The second is a video of a racing event that I never heard of - Figure 8 School Bus Racing.

Who else but a bunch of crazy rednecks would outfit a clapped out school bus and race these brutes on a Figure 8 track, virtually guaranteeing collisions? Forty-foot long buses doing 50 mph, missing each other by mere inches, dodging and careening, roaring through the grass and around the turns, slamming on brakes, red "Do Not Pass" lights flashing, kids sliding around in the seats trying to do their homework...

It was insane. I loved it.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting Down In Syracuse

I worked vice for a very brief time back in 1984. The Vice Squad needed fresh new faces for the whore details and I was one of the patrol grunts who did temporary duty chasing woman (and men) of the night through the downtown bars.

I did not particularly enjoy the assignment but it gave me a little better understanding of the for the trade - it is a nasty business. Some whores would bunch up on street corners and approach men whose cars were stopped in traffic. They would wail plaintively, "Ya wanna date?"

This provocative cry would produce several reactions: a hastily rolled up window, a wife slamming her elbow into her husbands ribs (yup - didn't matter if the missus was in the car or not), or the driver would drive down the block and pull over. The whore would then traipse down the sidewalk to discuss the transaction.

It was a simple transaction, sex for money. In order for me to make an arrest I needed two elements: a specific sex act and a specific amount of money.

"She offered to make me feel tingly all over for whatever change I had in my ashtray" will not hold up in court.

After seeing the number of rather prominent men (Elliot Spitzer, Tom Athans) and the number of madames biting the dust, or whatever it is they bite, I decided to look into how a woman might advertise her wares in today's networked business environment. I decided to look at the Craigslist offerings. Craigslist has been used by prostitutes in cities all over the country and I decided to see what was available in Syracuse. There's quite a bit.

In honor of BC, the Imperial Torturer, I started with fetishes.

I am a dominant woman AND will be pleasured by taking you down on your knees , making you clean my shoes with your tongue until your big mouth is full of dirt and worshiping the ground I step on will be one of you privileges when you are in front of me , I crave for little bitches like you !... I will make sure your pathetic ass is in place ; at my feet were you belong , and every second of my session I will be in a total mental and physical control . I will make you beg for mercy and still make you come back for more!

I had some trouble with understanding the acronyms and initials so I stayed with the basics:

lookin too make u happy domination lap dances anything and everything its all up to u!call desiree [deleted]! satisfaction garenteed please no emails just call in calls only!


If your want a Princess to pamper to your every need then call Kendra now, and experience the ultimate GFE... Serious inquiries only, No Blocked Calls! Outcall only: $250/ hr

This isn't up to Spitzer standards, but for $250 an hour you can have Kendra give you the ultimate GFE, whatever that is. Then there is this bordello aborning. If I was in vice again I'd be looking at taking this place down pronto:

~*~allow me this time to explain the candy shop.
~*~I've been working on this for about a month now.
~*~I have learned that men love variety
~*~So I have sat back and thought to my self how can i really give what
~*~men like if I'm all by myself .
~*~Soo.... I got a few of my friends together and we came up with the
~*~Its a place where men can pick what they want and know what they are getting
~*~for the donations to keep the shop open.
~*~I have the girls coming over later and doing a photo shoot.
~*~I will then place another ad showing what i have to offer.
Oh, yeah, donations. Right. I doubt very much if this is a 501-(c)(3) organization. The next one sounds like she just got out of the County lockup:

i was out of the game for a while. but now i'm back and availble to give clients the service they demand, incall/.outcall all inclusisve.. messege me at "downyz" on y and downyz1 on aim .. i'm available morn, noon and night,

Some of the on line solicitations are furnished with photographs of the hooker. Some show their faces, some show scantily clad full body shots and others just display their "wares":

sweet sounds, relaxing full body massage and more sweet princess to cater to you two fifty per hour five hundred per two hour all night, m.s.o.g.

She's another $250/hr business write off.

I won't show the photos and I won't show the Craigslist site for this. It is out there and I imagine these girls (and guys) are kept busy.


Years ago I remember the controversy over Teflon bullets, the so called "cop killer" bullets. Even though there is not a single instance of a police officer being injured or killed by a Teflon coated bullet (the bullet is treated so that there is less friction thus barrel wear), there is still a strong residual reaction in the law enforcement community over such ammo.

There may be another mini-tsunami created over this following item:Coming Very Soon !
Bladerunner have now created " The Defender Hoodie " which
is BULLET PROOF throughout the main body area.
This Hoodie is rugged and
tough just like a normal Hoodie but this one has a removable Inner Shell
that gives you Ballistic Security at Level NIJ STD 0101.04

The Bullet Proof Hoodie, MSRP about $600.

Maybe you need a hoodie with 2mm of Type IIA bulletproofing, enough to stop a 9mm full-metal-jacket round at a velocity of 1,090 feet-per-second. The bad news, besides the $600 price tag, is that the protection is only in the body, not the hood itself. Bladerunner Ltd., UK-based retailer of the Defender Hoodie, says the pullover also protects you from unspecified "lesser ballistic threats."

Actually it is a "bullet resistant" hoodie. The "lesser ballistic threats" are Type I threats which are:

.22 caliber Long Rifle Lead Round Nose (LR LRN) bullets, with nominal masses of 2.6 g (40 gr) impacting at a minimum velocity of 320 m/s (1050 ft/s) or less, and 380 ACP Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN) bullets, with nominal masses of 6.2 g (95 gr) impacting at a minimum velocity of 312 m/s (1025 ft/s) or less.

The designation NIJ STD 0101.04 referred to in the ad is an equipment standard.

This document, NIJ Standard−0101.04, "Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor," is an equipment standard developed by the Office of Law Enforcement Standards (OLES) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It is produced as part of the Law Enforcement and Corrections Standards and Testing Program of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

This standard is a technical document that specifies the performance requirements that equipment should meet to satisfy the needs of criminal justice agencies for high quality service.

The following are the particulars for meeting Type IIA requirements:

2.2 Type IIA (9 mm; 40 S&W)
This armor protects against 9 mm Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN) bullets, with nominal masses of 8.0 g (124 gr) impacting at a minimum velocity of 332 m/s (1090 ft/s) or less, and 40 S&W caliber Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) bullets, with nominal masses of 11.7 g (180 gr) impacting at a minimum velocity of 312 m/s (1025 ft/s) or less. It also provides protection against the threats mentioned in section 2.1.

Do you remember the unbelievable LAPD cop shoot out on February 28,1997? Two suspects armed with full automatic rifles and full body armor robbed a bank in North Hollywood. The body armor protected these thugs while they fired over 1,000 rounds at police while trying to escape.

The Type IIA protection provided by the Defender Hoodie will stop many police service rounds in use today. That is Not A Good Thing™ for cops who find themselves on the shooty end of some idiot's Smith & Wesson.

On the other hand, it will stop most of the gangbanger rounds. And that is a Good Thing™ for parents who live in troubled neighborhoods. If I were in that position, I would seriously consider buying one of these for each of my kids. Screw the XBox.

But this is advertised in England.

And firearms and their naughty bits were all but outlawed in England. Surely no outlaws have guns in England...

So how in the world can Bladerunner sell something like the Defender Hoodie? Where is the market? Certainly not in a peaceful, no filthy handguns allowed, the police are all you need to be safe, and no asshole you can't carry a knife either, perfectly weaponless, make sure you have your umbrella handy it is April you know, British society?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Break Away

The Clinton campaign is out of control.

Billie the Bent One jumped the shark, a whale and the whole continent of Australia with this one as reported in ABC News:

Bill Clinton Says Hillary Tried to Join the Army
9/11 Commission Vice chair Lee Hamilton, a former member of Congress from the Hoosier state, announced that he's backing the lanky Illinoisan.

Possibly to avoid being one-upped on Indiana national security politics, former President Bill Clinton told a crowd in Columbus, Indiana, today that his wife had tried to join the Army.

Listen to an excerpt here.

"I remember when we were young, right out of law school, she went down and tried to join the Army and they said 'Your eyes are so bad, nobody will take you,'" he said, after heralding her record on issues of concern to the military, such as body armor and access to health care.

Something bothers me about the frenetic lying that is going on. True, she is the "Entitled One," and in the Clinton fold there is no one in the visible universe or the invisible spectrum who is more suitable to be the next President.

But what in the world is Bill Clinton doing? Well, yeah, he's lying - but why such unbelievable pap? This sounds like panic mode. Why is he pushing the envelope like this?

Dismiss the notion that he has personal feelings for this woman. I would love for a reporter to keep track of how many times they have slept within a hundred miles of each other much less the same domicile.

Their relationship is more like that of spiders.

After mating with a female spider, which in many species is much larger than the male, the male hightails it to safety before he is seized and sucked dry. Some spiders, I kid you not, have developed break away penises to help them in their quest for survival. The break away penis helps the male:
#1 - get away from the female quickly,
#2 - block other males' access to the female (sorta like a sperm blocker)
#3 - provide a really good sob story when he is trying to get other spiders to buy him a beer.

It appears that Bill made good on #1. Whether or not his manhood accompanied him intact is certainly in doubt right now considering that his outrageous claims are beginning to sound like political suicide.

But that even makes more spidey sense. Research seems to indicate that some male spiders actually offer up their bodies to the female so she can eat him during copulation.

This snacking distraction allowed the sex to last more than twice as long as with non-suicidal males (25 minutes if you’re curious). Since longer sex results in fathering higher proportions of the offspring, this longer sex should result in sacrificial males fathering approximately two times as many children. In addition, virgin females who ate their mate were less likely to accept a second suitor.

This is starting to wierd me out. What hold does Hillary have on this man? Or rather, what threats were employed? What dark secrets does she know?

I think it must involve money or his ability to spend it outside of prison.

What's next on the Bent One's list?
Hillary wrote the Gospel of St. Luke.
Hillary is Mother Theresa's love child.
The 1st Infantry Division actually landed on Hillary Beach on June 6, 1944.
Homer's epic poems were originally called the Iliad and the Hillary.

Come on. Help me out here.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

People Who Don't Know Their Gas From A Hole In The Ground.

From News Daily:

CALGARY, Alberta, Mar. 24, 2008 (Reuters) — A war on gophers waged by two Canadian men went awry this weekend when a device used to blast the rodents in their holes sparked a massive grass fire in a rural area near Calgary, Alberta, causing more than C$200,000 ($197,000) in damages.

Despite a ban on fires in the tinder-dry area of Springbank, just northeast of Calgary's city limits, two men went into a field to kill gophers using a device called a Rodenator, fire officials said on Monday.

The device pumps a mixture of propane and oxygen into gopher holes, which is then ignited, and, according to the manufacturer's Web site, the resulting blast creates a shock wave that kills the gopher and collapses its tunnel system.

"We had a couple of acreage owners out taking care of their rodent problem with this device," said Captain Joe Garssi of the municipal district of Rocky View's fire department.

"They did a few holes successfully and then hit a hole that didn't go in very far. When they filled it with propane it over-filled the hole...and when they ignited it (fire) flashed out of the hole into the grass beside them."

The resulting grass fire scorched about 160 acres of surrounding property and destroyed a number of outbuildings. No homes were damaged.

"The way I look at it, it's 'humans eight, gophers one'." Garssi said, as the two men destroyed about eight of the rodents before sparking the blaze.

Charges are being considered against one of the two men involved.

Kofels v. Tunguska

Reader Skul brought up the 1908 Tunguska explosion that leveled a good part of Siberia.

You can get a sense of the magnitude of this event by comparing observations made at different distances. Seismic vibrations were recorded by sensitive instruments as much as 1000 km (600 mi) away. At 500 km (300 mi), observers reported "deafening bangs" and a fiery cloud on the horizon. About 170 km (110 mi) from the explosion, the object was seen in the cloudless, daytime sky as a brilliant, sunlike fireball; thunderous noises were heard. At distances around 60 km, people were thrown to the ground or even knocked unconscious; windows were broken and crockery knocked off shelves. Probably the closest observers were some reindeer herders asleep in their tents in several camps about 30 km (20 mi) from the site. They were blown into the air and knocked unconscious; one man was blown into a tree and later died. "Everything around was shrouded in smoke and fog from the burning fallen trees."

It is estimated that the force of the explosion was 1,000 times greater than the atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima. If this explosion happened over Albany, NY, people on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls would be looking east saying "Whaaaaa?" Other descriptions of the explosion can be found here, here and here.

What is generally assumed is that an meteor entered the earth's atmosphere. Superheated by friction, it exploded about three miles over a very sparsely populated portion of Siberia and flattened everything over a two thousand square kilometer stretch of land (over 1,200 square miles). This meteoroid, producing a blast 1,000x more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, was estimated to have been about 50 to 60 meters (160 to 200 feet) in diameter.

The Kofels explosion was caused by an meteoroid estimated to be 20x the size of the one that devastated Tunguska.

Neither the Kofels or the Tunguska events involved a meteor or asteroid actually impacting the earth. But this did happen just outside of Winslow, Arizona - Barringer Crater.
This is what happens when a Tunguska-sized meteroid (perhaps 50m, about 160 feet or so) hits the earth.

Oh yeah, that left a mark.

The crater is three quarters of a mile across and 700 feet deep.