Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Navy Follows The Army

The Army is not the only branch of America's armed services that toe the politically correct diversity line. I read this first at Powerline and followed their link to the Navy Times.

Naval Academy leaders removed two midshipmen from a color guard that performed at the World Series last week because they were white men, and replaced them with a non-white man and a white woman so the academy could present a more “diverse” profile, according to several sources, a move that has reportedly angered mids and alumni.

As it turned out, the color guard still ended up all white because the male replacement forgot parts of his uniform.

The clueless and shoeless middie is a Pakistani. If the uniform of the day required him to wear a scimitar and stuff a felafel up his ass you bet he would have come prepared.

Two white, male members of the color guard learned Oct. 28 they were being replaced with a white woman, Midshipman 2nd Class Hannah Allaire, and a non-white man, Midshipman 2nd Class Zishan Hameed, on orders of the school’s administration, according to an internal e-mail message provided to Navy Times by an academy professor. With a national television audience, Naval Academy leadership worried the color guard it planned to send wasn’t diverse enough, the e-mail said.

Once again the primary concern driving the decision process of military commanders is how they must appear to be diverse. This is a disease.

However, after the color guard arrived in New York for the game Oct. 29, Hameed, whose family is from Pakistan, realized he had left his dress shoes and cover in Annapolis. Midshipman 1st Class Aaron Stroud regained his place and served as a rifleman for the presentation of the colors. Allaire carried the other rifle and the four original members marched with the flags.

This idiot leaves half his shit behind. Did the silly wog expect to march bare assed in Yankee Stadium? How the hell did he even make it into the color guard? Never mind. We know.

I have marched in NYC parades and in Shea Stadium during a Jets half time (in high school I was in a drum & bugle corps, our drill instructor was a retired Marine). When you are marching in something as important as the World Series - the freaking World Series! - and you are representing the US Navy and carrying the colors, you bring your shit with you! And your shit is pressed, polished and perfect!

And it appears that the Navy Commandant is now laying a smoke screen by lying about the number of men that were supposed to march in the color guard. Naval Academy Commandant Capt. Matt Klunder states that eight men were dispatched to match but because of the uniform foul up, only six could complete the detail.

But a Naval Academy press release on the morning of the game said six mids were presenting the colors at the World Series, and identified them all by name. Stroud and the other white male mid who had been cut went to the game, according to the e-mail obtained by Navy Times — fortunate, because Stroud was needed to take Hameed’s place — but they never expected to be able to march that night.

It appears that laying smoke is a time honored war tactic that is used not only to mask your maneuvers during a sea battle, but also to cover your ass when you screw up. In any event, Navy midshipmen and Academy alumni are pissed and the American public is treated once again to a vision of our military paying homage to an intellectually and morally bankrupt, meaningless concept.


Cookie..... said...

Sickening ain't it? Always liked one of the definitions of P.C.

"The idea that one can pick up a turd by the clean end."

sig94 said...

Yeah Cookie. Can you imagine Bull Halsey or Chester Nimitz going on like this?

USA_Admiral said...

I wish something would shock me today but the way people in charge are thinking I doubt that will happen. Whites are not a part of diversity.

sig94 said...

That's just it, we have become callused to idiots; nothing they do seems to shock us anymore.

Have we become inured to outrage? Do we just seethe internally until we keel over from a stress induced heart attack?

Hell No! Time to man the barricades!