Sunday, November 15, 2009

President O'Bowa

Getting his second World "Let Me Stick My Face In Your Ass" Tour off to a rousing start, President O'Bowa first lubricates his tongue in Japan where he slides it up the butt of Emperor Akihito. The dapper Emperor stated that it gave him a "Chris Matthews Tingle" and was surprised that the President could get his tongue into a space that "a greased noodle won't fit." The Royal Family was also grateful that O'Bowa discovered a hitherto unknown colon polyp inside the Emperor.
Encouraged by the tingle and the Emperor's minty fresh bunghole, O'Bowa also did the Empress; a measly 3 on the O'Bowa Ass Licking Index (OALI) because it was "like slurping two chopsticks." O'Bowa then went for the Emperor's famous tight-assed shih tzu but the dog beat him to it and was found licking its own asshole.

O'Bowa will next visit China, where diarrhea induced Long Distance Fecal Squirting is an Olympic sport. Several gross of tongue condoms have been ordered.


Easily Lost said...

I should have waited until after dinner to read that.

USA_Admiral said...

Obama is a weakling.

Easily Lost: is right on that.

sig94 said...

Hmmmm, sorry. Guess I should remember, never blog when you are completely pissed off.