Tuesday, November 10, 2009

National Suicide

E Pluribus Unum

An elegant translation of this is "Out of many, one.

This is where the worship of diversity has gone wrong, hellishly wrong. Our nation's strength does not rely upon diversity but upon unity.
Diversity is a spice to make the stew interesting; diversity is curtains and blinds in the living room; diversity is hubcaps and a fancy paint job on a 1965 Mustang. But it is not the basis for a recipe, a house or a classic car. A strong foundation and sturdy walls is what keeps the house upright and secure. Good engineering, a reliable motor and a well designed chassis is needed for a car to become a classic.

That's where Unity plays a role.

America is never so strong as when it is united. A car can not be manufactured properly if the white collar workers are arguing with the union over where to locate the wheels. A building will not last if the architects are ignored and everyone does whatever is to their own advantage when the walls go up. Unity of purpose is what is needed and we are seeing problems in our own country because of this.

Perhaps the biggest impediment to unity has been our amazing prosperity. I say perhaps because the ostentatious display of wealth in this country has helped to create an appetite for material goods among those who can, and can't, afford them.

Those who have much, want more. Those who have less, want those who have more to disencumber themselves of wealth (whether real or perceived) in the name of fairness.

All this greed finds expression through our political process. Social programs for those who are in want (I will not dignify their greed by labelling it as need) and government contracts for corporations who grease the palms of politicians.

The underclasses (yes, we have an appalling underclass) no longer rely on industry and thrift to improve their lot. They have found allies in Congress to forcibly remove funds from productive citizens so now they can live off the industry and thrift of others. This is an incredibly destructive relationship that has dragged our once proud Country into a profound morass. It has trashed our financial and political institutions.

Obama money comes from Heaven according to the underclasses. There is no understanding of the economy, not even the basic premises of self discipline are taught. Instead, instant gratification is demanded and must be granted lest violence be visited upon the deniers. This is the Balkanization of America.

Greed for the wealth of others and political advantage is tearing us apart.

Do we change the motto on our currency to Out Of Many, Even More?

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