Sunday, January 31, 2010

Global Warming Bollocks

Unfortunately we have to get the latest news on the global warming scam from the Brits as American newspapers are no where to be found. From the Telegraph:

Amazongate: new evidence of the IPCC's failures
The IPCC is beginning to melt as global tempers rise, says Christopher Booker

It is now six weeks since I launched an investigation, with my colleague Richard North, into the affairs of Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the hugely influential body which for 20 years has been the central driver of worldwide alarm about global warming. Since then the story has grown almost daily, leading to worldwide calls for Dr Pachauri's resignation. But increasingly this has also widened out to question the authority of the IPCC itself. Contrary to the tendentious claim that its reports represent a "consensus of the world's top 2,500 climate scientists" (most of its contributors are not climate experts at all), it has now emerged, for instance, that one of the more widely quoted scare stories from its 2007 report was drawn from the work of a British "green activist" who occasionally writes as a freelance for The Guardian and The Independent.

Lies and damned lies. Al Gore's gonna rot in hell for this; maybe even get some quality rot time in a federal prison as well. The scam is falling apart and the newspaper here in the States can't be bothered.

Last week I reported on "Glaciergate", the scandal which has forced the IPCC's top officials, led by Dr Pachauri, to disown a claim originating from an Indian glaciologist, Dr Syed Husnain, that the Himalayan glaciers could vanish by 2035. What has made this reckless claim in the IPCC's 2007 report even more embarrassing was the fact that Dr Husnain, as we revealed, was then employed by Dr Pachauri's own Delhi-based Energy and Resources Institute (Teri). His baseless scaremongering about the Himalayas helped to win Teri a share in two lucrative research contracts, one funded by the EU.

There should be grand juries and their equivalent organs of criminal inquiry springing into action all over the world. You should be able to walk across the Atlantic on the subpeonas alone.

[...] Dr. North next uncovered "Amazongate". The IPCC made a prominent claim in its 2007 report, again citing the WWF as its authority, that climate change could endanger "up to 40 per cent" of the Amazon rainforest – as iconic to warmists as those Himalayan glaciers and polar bears. This WWF report, it turned out, was co-authored by Andy Rowell, an anti-smoking and food safety campaigner who has worked for WWF and Greenpeace, and contributed pieces to Britain's two most committed environmentalist newspapers. Rowell and his co-author claimed their findings were based on an article in Nature. But the focus of that piece, it emerges, was not global warming at all but the effects of logging.

The IPCC needs to be RICO'd out of existence. For all intents and purposes it is a criminal enterprise that supports a vast, world-wide extortion racket. And on June 26, 2009, the US House of Representatives joined their ranks by passing H.R. 2454, the infamous cap and trade legislation, so they too can use our tax dollars in another environmental shell game.

[...] Professor Frederick Seitz, a former president of the US National Academy of Sciences, who wrote that in all his 60 years as a scientist he had never seen "a more disturbing corruption" of the scientific process, and that if the IPCC was "incapable of following its most basic procedures", it was best it should be "abandoned".

The centrepiece of the IPCC's 2001 report was Michael Mann's notorious "hockey stick", the graph purporting to show temperatures in the late 20th century soaring at an unprecedented rate – later exposed as a statistical artefact. Another new book, The Hockey Stick Illusion by A W Montford, brilliantly tells the bizarre tale of how Mann's colleagues, calling themselves "the Hockey Team" and now at the heart of the IPCC, managed to resurrect the discredited graph for inclusion in its 2007 report. Montford's book, if inevitably technical, expertly recounts a remarkable scientific detective story. And of course, it was incriminating leaked emails between members of the Hockey Team that were at the centre of the recent "Climategate" scandal at the University of East Anglia.

Compared to the IPCC and our own government, Bernie Madoff is a piker, a shlemiel. He can't hold a candle to the thieves we elected as national legislators.

Compared to the IPCC and our own government, Bernie Madoff is a piker, a shlemiel. He can't hold a candle to the thieves we elected as national legislators. But the American press still holds fast to the AGW fairytale which would cost billions and destroy what's left of the American economy.

But they will report on some Baptists trying to rescue children from the hellhole known as Haiti. Only they'll call them kidnappers.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ovaries? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Ovaries

Abortion Rights.
Remember the libber t-shirt?
"Women Need Men Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle"

The National Organization for Women is having a cow (well, they would try if their ovaries weren't afraid to pop out an egg) over a proposed Superbowl ad featuring one of the best college quarterbacks in history and how his mom refused to abort him when she found out that her pregnancy was high risk. From the Washington Post, this ad tells:

[...] the story of her decision 23 years ago to ignore medical advice and continue a risky pregnancy. Pam Tebow had contracted amoebic dysentery, and her doctors feared that the medicine used to treat her illness might cause fetal deformity.

The healthy and very successful Tim proved them wrong.

Pro-choice advocates were shocked when CBS appeared to violate internal policy and accepted this spot -- reportedly at a price of at least $2.5 million -- produced and paid for by Focus on the Family, a conservative antiabortion, anti-gay group. Though CBS says it has altered its policy, the networks have consistently rejected advocacy ads on controversial topics. The United Church of Christ was turned down by CBS in 2004 when it wanted to air a Super Bowl ad that celebrated diversity and welcomed gay and lesbian Christians to the denomination. And last year NBC rejected a spot from an antiabortion group that tried to use President Obama's life story to convey its message. The rules of the game seem to have changed without warning.

Too bad.
If they want to, N.O.W. can produce its own 30-second slot extolling the virtues of killing your children. Otherwise STFU.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Let The Arguments Begin

U.S. Supreme Court Grants NRA Motion For
Divided Argument In McDonald v. City of Chicago

Friday, January 29, 2010
On Monday, January 25, the U.S. Supreme Court granted NRA’s motion to allow it to participate in the upcoming oral argument in McDonald v. City of Chicago.

“We are pleased with the Court’s decision to grant our motion,” said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. “NRA’s solitary goal in McDonald is to ensure that our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms applies to every law-abiding American in every state. We are hopeful that the Court will share our view that the Framers of the Fourteenth Amendment clearly intended to apply the Second Amendment to the states.”

Last September, the Court agreed to consider the McDonald case, on appeal from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. That court incorrectly claimed that prior Supreme Court precedent prevented it from holding in favor of incorporation of the Second Amendment. NRA believes the Seventh Circuit should have followed the lead of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Nordyke v. King, which found that Supreme Court precedent does not prevent the Second Amendment from applying to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause. As a party in McDonald, NRA looks forward to participating in the upcoming oral argument.
Kick off is March 2, 2010 at 10 am.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Karl Rove, You Magnificant Bastard!

I took a screen shot of this official Cuba website after I had Google translate it into English, well Spanglish. This site is called the Truths of Cuba. As well as cigars, the Cubans are now exporting drooling asshattery.

The commies are claiming that the US is testing earthquake weapons and decided to take a shot at Haiti.

I shit you not.

The article goes on to state that:

Since the late 1970s, the U.S. has "made tremendous progress" state of its weapons of earthquakes and, according to these reports, now employs a technology devices using Pulse, Plasma Tesla Electromagnetic and Sonic along with "waves pump shock. The report also compares the U.S. Navy testing of two of these weapons of earthquakes last week, when the test in the Pacific caused an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 hit the area around the town of Eureka, California without causing deaths, but with your proof in the Caribbean and caused the deaths of at least 140,000 innocent.

As the report said, is "more than likely" that the U.S. Navy has had "full knowledge" of the catastrophic damage that this test could have potentially earthquake on Haiti and had pre-positioned their Commander Southern Command Officer, General PK Keen on the island to oversee relief efforts if needed.

As the final outcome of the tests of these weapons by the United States, warns the report, is the United States plan the destruction of Iran through a series of earthquakes designed to topple the current Islamic regime. According to the report, the system experienced by the United States (HAARP) would also create weather anomalies to cause floods, droughts and hurricanes.

[...] The Pentagon said the hospital ship USNS Comfort, which was anchored in Baltimore, began to call the crew to leave for Haiti, although it could be days until the arrival of the vessel. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said the U.S. military was working preparing the emergency response to this desastre. Fraser, Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), said cutter boats States Coast Guard US Navy ships in the region were also sent to offer help but have relief supplies and helicopters limited. The super carrier USS Carl Vinson will be sent to the naval base at Norfolk, Virginia, with a full complement of planes and helicopters arrived in Haiti in the early afternoon of January 14, said Fraser. Additional groups of helicopters would join the Vinson said.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), already operating in Haiti before the earthquake. President Obama was informed of the earthquake at 5:52 pm on Jan. 12 and asked his staff to ensure that employees of the embassy are safe and to begin preparations to provide the necessary humanitarian aid.

According to Russian reports, the State Department, USAID and the Southern Command of the United States began its work of "humanitarian invasion" by sending at least 10,000 soldiers and contractors, to control now, instead of the UN, Haitian territory after the devastating earthquake experimental.

I guess this is the mother lode for all the Kos kids and their authentic blueprints for a Carl Rove Earthquake Machine O'Doom.


In The Hands Of Children

Charlie the Cop sent me the following video clip of an Iraqi wedding reception. The celebration ended in tragedy because an adult acted recklessly and a child was not supervised.

As you watch this, I want you to use the following imagery; the adult is the US economy and the reckless child is Congress. The results are about the same.

The kid at the reception was too young to understand the risk he assumed when he took hold of the pistol. The results were predictable.

We expect our Senators and Representatives to understand the risks we all assume when they vote on spending measures. Again, the results were entirely predictable. The legislators and administration officials responsible for this financial debacle must be hald accountable for their reckless actions.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Test Your Aptitude To Be A Border Patrol Agent

Illegal aliens are natural chameleons, they have learned to blend in with the crowd. They do not draw attention to themselves. It takes years of training for a Border Patrol Agent to learn how to identify and apprehend these living shadows hiding out in the open.

It requires patience, discernment and development of your situational awareness skills.

Do you have what it takes?

Watch this video. Perhaps there is a career in the US Border Patrol waiting for you!

A big H/T to Charlie the ChiTown Cop.

I just know that Charlie would have picked this person out in a heart beat.
He has a nose for this kind of stuff.

Anticipation vs Constipation

A big H/T to Charlies the ChiTown Cop.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lions N' Tigers N' Cockroachs ... Oh My

This article in the NY Post will give fresh insight as the Curtain of Incompetency gets ripped off the White House control booth.

We the people of the United States owe Scott Brown's supporters a huge debt of gratitude. They didn't merely elect a senator. They ripped the fa├žade off the Obama presidency.

Just as Dorothy and Toto exposed the ordinary man behind the curtain in "The Wizard of Oz," the voters in Massachusetts revealed that, in this White House, there is no there there.

It's all smoke and mirrors, bells and whistles, held together with glib talk, Chicago politics and an audacious sense of entitlement.

At the center is a young and talented celebrity whose worldview, we now know, is an incoherent jumble of poses and big-government instincts. His self-aggrandizing ambition exceeds his ability by so much that he is making a mess of everything he touches.

He has revealed himself to be a hollow, shallow ghost of a man. This is not a man that can be trusted with a paper route much less the Presidency.

He never advances a practical idea. Every proposal overreaches and comes wrapped in ideology and a claim of moral superiority. He doesn't listen to anybody who doesn't agree with him.

After his first year on the job, America is sliding backwards, into grave danger at home and around the world. So much so that I now believe either of his rivals, Hillary Clinton or John McCain, would have made a better, more reliable and more trustworthy president.

They warned us he wasn't ready.

It's not a matter of being ready. Cocker spaniels and cockroachs will never be ready to perform brain surgery no matter how hard you try to prepare them - it's their nature, they don't change.

Hoping that your hood ornament will be able to sing "Nessum Dorma" one day doesn't cut it either. Thanks fiddy-two'ers, you elected an ashtray to the Presidency.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Brick At A Time

Thursday's Supreme Court 5-4 decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a political tsunami that has weakened the foundations of the McCain-Finegold restrictions on political speech.

Can the government suppress free speech critical of elected politicians? In the home of the First Amendment, that may seem an unusual question to pose. But that was the question before the Supreme Court this week, as it handed down a landmark ruling in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court struck down a ban on corporations and labor unions using money from their general funds to produce and air campaign ads in races for Congressional and presidential races. Also overturned was a ban on corporations and unions airing campaign ads 30 days before primary or 60 days before general election.

The case in question dates back to January 2008, when the conservative non-profit group Citizens United produced a documentary critical of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton titled Hillary: The Movie. When the Federal Election commission used the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law to limit Citizen United’s ability to advertise the film during the 2008 presidential primaries, the group sued to protest the restriction on free speech.

This week, the Supreme Court ruled in Citizen United’s favor. In so doing, it won approval from free-speech advocates and strident criticism from many on the political Left.

The libs are going ballistic as their influence will be diluted; corporate donations will now be able to challenge the power of unions and special interests that cater to the political left. It's as if the bottom flap on the Democrat's Dr. Denton's pj's have suddenly been ripped open.

Rush Limbaugh's site has this to say about the Supreme's decision (Rush is quoting a Washington Post article).

It all started with David Bossie, "a veteran Republican campaign operative who made his mark investigating the Clintons, thought his group could offer a conservative answer to Michael Moore’s successful films. After Moore’s 'Fahrenheit 9/11' premiered in 2004, Bossie’s Citizens United group released 'Celsius 41.11.'And after it became clear that Bossie’s longtime enemy Hillary Rodham Clinton would run for president, Citizens United released another flick: 'Hillary: The Movie.' Featuring a who’s-who cast of right-wing commentators, the 2008 film takes viewers on a savaging journey through Clinton’s scandals. The sole compliment about the then-senator comes from conservative firebrand Ann Coulter: 'Looks good in a pantsuit.' But 'Hillary: The Movie' never became a blockbuster. The Federal Election Commission restricted Citizens United’s ability to advertise the film during the 2008 primary season, a decision that Bossie and other conservative activists saw as a threat to their freedom of speech. 'The marketplace for my movie was completely and totally shut down by the Federal Election Commission,' Bossie said in an interview Thursday. So he sued -- and thus was born Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

"Bossie said Ted Olson was 'singularly responsible for our winning this case.' Olson transformed the case from a narrow one about McCain-Feingold to an assault on the law's constitutionality, helping crystallize the issue for the justices. When the Supreme Court first heard the case in March, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm L. Stewart, representing the FEC --" this is Obama's lawyer "-- was pulled into a discussion of an issue that took him down a slippery slope: If the movie were a book, would the government ban publishing the book if it mentioned a candidate for office within the election timeframe?" And this guy representing the FEC said, yes, the government would ban the book, and the justices shot up, stood up and said what the hell are you talking about. 'That's pretty incredible,' Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. said. Then came questions about electronic devices such as the Kindle. 'If it has one name, one use of the candidate's name, it would be covered, correct?' Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. asked. 'That's correct,' Stewart replied. 'It's a 500-page book, and at the end it says, 'And so vote for X,' the government could ban that?' Roberts asked." The government lawyer said yes. He had to. If he's going to ban a movie, he's gotta be consistent. "Bossie said this was the argument that turned a majority of the bench against the FEC and in favor of Citizens United."

Bear in mind that this was a "bitterly contested," 5-4 split decision.

Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas supported the reversal of the lower courts decision. Opposed were Breyer, Ginsburg, Stevens and Sotomayor. It is frightening to think that only one vote made the difference; that four out of nine Supreme Court Justices have so little regard for Constitutional freedoms (except of course for criminals and terrorists).

From the WashPost article, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm L. Stewart, representing the FEC, doomed the government's case:

"That sent a chill down the Supreme Court," Bossie said. The argument became a "point of demarcation."

Citizens United spent about $1.25 million in legal fees on the case -- so much, Bossie said, that it "makes you cry."

But, he said, it was worth every dollar.

"We have been trying to defend our First Amendment rights for many, many years," Bossie said. "We brought the case hoping that this would happen. . . . to defeat McCain-Feingold."

And why was this so important? Our freedom is under seige from socialists and their corrupt union allies. Read what SEIU President Andy Stern had to say about the 2008 Presidential elections and how one union alone can make a diffference:

"We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama -- $60.7 million to be exact -- and we're proud of it."

The behemoth labor organization's leadership is getting its money's worth. Whether rank-and-file workers and ordinary taxpayers are profiting from this ultimate campaign pay-for-play scheme is another matter entirely.

The two-million-member union, which represents both government and private service employees, proudly claimed that its workers "knocked on 1.87 million doors, made 4.4 million phone calls and sent more than 2.5 million pieces of mail in support of Obama." It dispatched SEIU leaders to seven states in the final weekend before the election to get out the vote for Obama and other Democrats.

Through a series of local chapter takeovers and bully campaigns to destroy the reputation of executives who refuse to submit to their will, Stern and his scandal-plagued lieutenants have consolidated low-skill service workers to create a 21st century labor empire. The ubiquitous Stern now enjoys a prominent seat at the table of every major policy discussion at the White House, including economic recovery and health care radicalization.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something Stupid This Way Comes

In the early morning hours, when time seems to actually stand still as the distant dawn approaches, a huge multi-engine jet aircraft approaches the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Air traffic controllers clear all runway approaches of competing aircraft and guide Air Force One and it’s accompanying Combat Air Patrol F-16’s to an open landing strip.

As the huge craft touches down there is an eerie silence – the tires smoke but there is no accompanying screech of tortured rubber. Instead, there is the sudden mournful baying of wolves and coyotes. There is no howl of reverse thrust as the craft sharply reduces velocity – only a soft moaning as if the turbofans are being released from a hellish burden.

The white and blue craft moves in concert with the arm motions of the ground crew towards a protected gate, but the ground crew cannot see the pilot or any other crew member through the cockpit windows; it as if there is no human hand at the controls. Baggage handlers standing by the gate feel a cold chill race down their spines and their hands go numb as they see that the enormous tires of the jet plane are not touching the ground, the plane glides silently towards the mobile stairway where Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their entourage await.

The stairs are moved to the fore entry port of Air Force One; sparks erupt and a powerful odor of sulphur fills the air as the aluminum frame of the mobile aircraft passenger stairway engages the cold, dead iron of the plane.

The passenger door suddenly opens and crashes into the side of the airplane followed immediately by a loathsome hiss; a foul mist of ravaged political ambition careens down the stairs and wafts through the small crowd. One of the female staffers screams and crumbles to the ground in a dead faint. The gofers and interns bolt for the parking lots like frightened pheasants fleeing Satan's Springer Spaniel. Harry Reid noisily soils himself. Nancy Pelosi sprinkles herself liberally with a combination of Holy Water, Botox and Jean Nate', then pours the rest down Reid's pants.

Now the Unholy Specter (not that one) emerges from the plane, the President of Teh Undead, NostroBamus, has arrived in Nevada to campaign, to apply his dark arts – perhaps to feed - just as he has in Copenhagen, New Jersey, Virginia and lastly, Massachusetts.

There is no choice for moderate Democrats or Independents, they must flee to a safe haven.

Wonder where that is.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kiss O'Death

Scott Brown has defeated Martha Coakley in the MA 2010 Senate race and already the liars in the Democratic party are spinning like madmen. This just isn't whistling past the graveyard. It's like walking into your doctor's office with a prostate the size of Rhode Island and asking for a vasectomy because you're afraid of knocking up your girlfriend.

And we can thank Obozo. Obozo is now officially The Destroyer of Democratic Dreams, A Weapon of Mass Incompetence, The Cancer From Kenya. First he blew the Olympic bid for ChiTown followed by repeat performances in Copenhagen, Virginia and New Jersey. Then like a plague of locusts he flew to Boston and devoured any chance Martha Coakley might have had of defeating Scott Brown.

Obozo, the gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans.

Rip Off By The TENS

TENS - short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is the application of electrical current through the skin for pain control. I have three cervical vertebrae with rather bad disc deterioration and bone spurs that impinge on the nerves going to my arms and hands; the pain in my left shoulder is considerable at times. It is getting worse.

After a year and a half of chiropractors and physical therapy that gave short term relief my orthopedic doctor gave me perscriptions for medication, a neck traction device and a TENS unit. A very nice Zynex representative came to my house two days later with the unit (about the size of a pocket calculator) and showed me how to use it. We discussed whether or not my health insurance would cover the cost of this unit and I asked her how the unit costs. She said "over three thousand dollars."

I nearly fell off my chair. Not a week before this I had asked one of my PT workers how much the big professional grade TENS unit they plug me into costs and was told it went for about six or seven hundred dollars. The little thingie she brought to the house goes for about five times as much! Well, my interest in owning a Zynex IF-8100 TENS unit went from 60 to zero in 4.3 seconds.

After the rep left, I hopped on the internet and googled "IF-8100 compatible." The second listing on the first page went to a site called - of course I was drawn there immediately. In short, a consumer reports that he was charged almost $3500 for a TENS unit whereas a compatible unit can be purchased elsewhere for $50.

I searched a number of sites and found all kinds of TENS units for under $100. You have to look hard to find one costing over $1000.

I told my internist about this and he was incensed. He is initiating a complaint against Zynex.

I am wondering why the orthopedic surgeon I consulted sent my prescription to Zynex? Is she getting a referral fee?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Senator Who?

H/T to Feed Your ADHD.
Thanks Snarky!

Killing For Jesus

Leave it to these numbnuts to get their panties in a wad over a model number. Can you believe that ABC assigned "investigators" to look into this? These guys couldn't find their asses in the dark using both hands and a hat pin.

ABC News - U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes
Pentagon Supplier for Rifle Sights Says It Has 'Always' Added New Testament References

Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided to the United States military by a Michigan company, an ABC News investigation has found.

At the end of the serial number on Trijicon's ACOG gun sight, you can read "JN8:12", a reference to the New Testament book of John, Chapter 8, Verse 12, which reads: "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." The ACOG is widely used by the U.S. military.

The sights are used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the training of Iraqi and Afghan soldiers. The maker of the sights, Trijicon, has a $660 million multi-year contract to provide up to 800,000 sights to the Marine Corps, and additional contracts to provide sights to the U.S. Army.

These scopes give our troops a wonderful advantage when engaged in a tactical situation. Of course the MSM is driven insane by any notion that our troops should have the finest equipment in order to kill our enemies. That just doesn't make sense to a traitor.

The killing-for-Jesus-super-secret-code found on the ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is part of the model number as per the following photo:

So, the godbag evil war profiteers are using John 8:12 to identify part numbers? What does John 8:12 say?

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

I guess the implication is that if the ACOG is used properly, the intended target will very shortly see Jesus in a different light - so to speak. Not a bad notion for our enemies in the Near East and elsewhere to take to heart.

A H/T to Lucianne's; I really liked one of the comments by GOPJihad:

"The ACOG is an outstanding optic and the reason why various so-called "Human Rights" organizations investigated alleged "executions" of jihadis carried out by Marines in Iraq. It was assumed that because so many islamists died with single shots to the head that Marines were summarily executing them, but it was eventually realized that thanks to the ACOG, and Marine Corps marksmanship training, Marines were making head shots with their regular issue M-16A4s at ranges in excess of 300 meters."

I considered buying one of these scopes when I bought my AR15 a few years ago; the ACOG I was looking at goes for about a grand.

That way I can convert my black rifle into what GOPJihad calls, a "Jesus Rifle."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Col. Robert L. Howard

The most highly decorated American soldier in modern history is honored in this NBC news story by Brian Williams.

Col. Robert Howard was wounded 14 times in 54 months. He was awarded 8 Purple Hearts.

This is no John Kerry p-p-pantywaist poser who tosses someone else's medals. Col. Howard is the Real Deal. A full blown American Hero. A tribute site is here. The video clip is amazing - please take the tinme to experience this man's life. Col. Howard's Medal of Honor citation is as follows.

The President of the United States in the name of The Congress takes pride in presenting the MEDAL OF HONOR to


for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. 1st Lt. Howard (then Sfc .), distinguished himself while serving as platoon sergeant of an American-Vietnamese platoon which was on a mission to rescue a missing American soldier in enemy controlled territory in the Republic of Vietnam. The platoon had left its helicopter landing zone and was moving out on its mission when it was attacked by an estimated 2-company force. During the initial engagement, 1st Lt. Howard was wounded and his weapon destroyed by a grenade explosion. 1st Lt. Howard saw his platoon leader had been wounded seriously and was exposed to fire. Although unable to walk, and weaponless, 1st Lt. Howard unhesitatingly crawled through a hail of fire to retrieve his wounded leader. As 1st Lt. Howard was administering first aid and removing the officer's equipment, an enemy bullet struck 1 of the ammunition pouches on the lieutenant's belt, detonating several magazines of ammunition. 1st Lt. Howard momentarily sought cover and then realizing that he must rejoin the platoon, which had been disorganized by the enemy attack, he again began dragging the seriously wounded officer toward the platoon area. Through his outstanding example of indomitable courage and bravery, 1st Lt. Howard was able to rally the platoon into an organized defense force. With complete disregard for his safety, 1st Lt. Howard crawled from position to position, administering first aid to the wounded, giving encouragement to the defenders and directing their fire on the encircling enemy. For 3 1/2 hours 1st Lt. Howard's small force and supporting aircraft successfully repulsed enemy attacks and finally were in sufficient control to permit the landing of rescue helicopters. 1st Lt. Howard personally supervised the loading of his men and did not leave the bullet-swept landing zone until all were aboard safely. 1st Lt. Howard's gallantry in action, his complete devotion to the welfare of his men at the risk of his life were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on himself,
his unit, and the U.S. Army.

His medals and awards are as follows:

Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross (with one oak leaf cluster) (2 awards), Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (with three oak leaf clusters) (4 awards), Bronze Star (with three oak leaf clusters and "V" device) (4 awards), Purple Heart (with a silver and two bronze oak leaf clusters) (8 awards), Meritorious Service Medal (with two oak leaf clusters) (3 awards), Air Medal (with "V" Device and numeral 3 - one award for heroism and two for aerial achievement), Joint Service Commendation, Army Commendation Medal (with "V" device and one each silver and bronze oak leaf clusters - 4 awards for valor and 3 for achievement), Joint Service Achievement, Army Achievement, Good Conduct Medal with four Good Conduct Loops (4 awards), National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with three service stars (3 awards),Vietnam Service Medal with 3 service stars (3 campaigns), Armed Forces Reserve Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, and the Army Overseas Service Ribbon.

This is truly an amazing man, an incredible hero.

He passed on to his Eternal Award on December 23, 2009.
Rest in Glory Colonel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Father Of Lies

The following is a video clip from Muslim TV. I found it over to GNN.

It is a stunningly vile example of Islam's irrational hatred for Israel and the depth to which their hatred permeates their culture and is feverishly transmitted to the next generation.

It evokes a particularly visceral reaction in me because I have children and grandchildren that I love very dearly. I have never witnessed anything like similar to the systematic transmission of evil from one generation to another as I see in these Muslim videos.

Oh, wait a minute. What was I thinking? I have seen this before; in this list of infamy produced by demons masquerading as humans. Satan is the father of lies. This foul spirit is the instigator of the lies, such as the one where Jews make their matzoh bread from the bones of children, that nourish such hatred.

I cannot imagine how anyone can hate so much that they would coldly sacrifice their children to the destruction of others. Would you under any imaginable circumstances dress your seven year old daughter in a mini suicide vest and have her scream death threats? These cowards do this to children because children, as well as idiots and fools, are malleable. Their wills can be shaped by ruthless men, in truth, Godless men.

And yet the major news outlets refuse to expose this filth for what it is. Out right lies designed to promote the destruction of a nation. The entertainment industry will portray Christian believers and pastors as idiots, sex-addled buffoons, perverts and sadistic clowns, but refuse to educate the American people about the simmering cultural cesspool that is Islamic fundamentalism. Worse than a cesspool, it is a tinderbox waiting again to explode with murderous intent against Israel.

Assisted by her Muslim enablers such as Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Palestine has uncorked the genie several times since 1967 only to have the genie crammed back down their throats by a powerful IDF. How much longer can Israel stand on her own now that our current Clown-in-Chief is bowing to arab princes?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hits Off The Web

Mark McGwire admits to using steroids. I am shocked, shocked!

Mark McGwire finally came clean, admitting he used steroids when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998. McGwire said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Monday that he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade.

"It's very emotional, it's telling family members, friends and coaches, you know, it's former teammates to try to get ahold of, you know, that I'm coming clean and being honest," he said during a 20-minute telephone interview, his voice repeatedly cracking. "It's the first time they've ever heard me, you know, talk about this. I hid it from everybody."

McGwire said he also used human growth hormone, and he didn't know if his use of performance-enhancing drugs contributed to some of the injuries that led to his
retirement, at age 38, in 2001.

McGwire has also admitted to using female hormone therapy, tooth whitening gel, leaded gasoline, whole milk and having sex with underage unicorns.

Under new ethics rules, Congresses punishes -- no one. "Purer than Caesar's wife" is an expression that will never apply to the US Congress. "Purer than the Roto Router™ enema bit that was just yanked out of Harry Reid's asshole," may also be a stretch.

Nearly three years after Congress approved sweeping ethics rules to "drain the swamp," as incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it, no member of Congress as been punished for wrongdoing.

In that time, allegations of sexual misconduct and financial impropriety have been lodged against lawmakers. The most serious rebuke in the past year: a "letter of qualified admonition" to Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., after the Senate ethics panel concluded he misled lawmakers and inappropriately offered to raise campaign funds for then-governor Rod Blagojevich as Burris sought the Senate appointment. "Three years later, it's the same old, same old," said Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

And you're surprised because?

Guilty plea in shooting death of limo driver. It took eight years, eight farking years, for this over paid thug to finally 'fess up to killing some poor schmuck.

Former NBA star Jayson Williams, his personal life in shambles, took responsibility for accidentally shooting his limousine driver to death eight years ago by pleading guilty Monday to assault and agreeing to serve at least 18 months in prison.

Williams was awaiting retrial on a reckless manslaughter count but pleaded guilty to the lesser aggravated assault count for the 2002 death of Costas Christofi.
Williams remained poised during the hearing and mostly answered yes and no questions, though he did tell the judge that he had not fully checked a shotgun he
was showing off to friends before snapping it closed.

"I didn't look in the direction the muzzle of the gun was pointed," he said, before admitting that his handling of the gun was reckless and that the gunshot caused Christofi's death.

Eighteen months in prison for wasting the prom cab driver. The family of Costas Christofi settled for $2.75 million in 2003. Williams had been previously charged in 1992 for assault and in 1996 for discharging a firearm in the Meadowland's sports complex. This idiot just doesn't learn.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Birth Control

The argument over birth control devices and their consequences has continued in my house, particularly since Thanksgiving when my daughter announced that she was pregnant again. I have tried to avoid these discussions since I am old fashioned and I know that I will never abandon my principles in order to promote family peace.

Let the chips fall where they may, I am what I am, and I said what I meant, I'm an old fashioned geezer, one hundred percent.

The coming of Thanksgiving means one thing - yes I am thankful to God for all He hath wrought - but I am thinking deer season. And deer season means hunting apparel. And hunting apparel means using God-inspired inventions to make the wearing of such apparel less life threatening. By life threatening I mean falling down on some remote thorn and thistle infested ravine because I tripped over my loose fitting hunting pants.

Of course I am referencing the single most despised and misunderstood male accessory in the history of the world, the object of feminine derision and ridicule: the lowly suspenders.

My wife calls them the most successful birth control device ever invented. For the life of me I cannot comprehend her disdain. I understand the mechanics of her claim; I bear mute testimony to the mysterious power of suspenders on my wife's libido. They have worked every time; that is, in my lifetime, I personally have never enjoyed the pleasures of a woman's intimacy while I was adorned with suspenders. I suspect there are other reasons for this, but no matter. I accept the premise.

But my oldest daughter, the pregnant one, joined the fracas whilst we were enjoying her soldier sister's birthday party a few days after Christmas. I had worn my sole set of suspenders that day as I just did not not to wear a belt. My waist had become "temporarily distended" after the holiday feasting and I wanted to be comfortable. My other daughters also sided with their mother and sister in mocking me as I enjoyed my elastic sartorial stability and comfort. I bided my time.

I faced my eldest offspring, her belly just starting to show the love bulge of her fourth child. Her husband was sitting by her side at the other end of the table. I waited until the females at the table had reached a crescendo of verbal abuse and I looked her husband in the eyes.

I said, "I see you haven't been wearing suspenders."

It worked.

Thirty-Five Years Ago

This picture was taken during the first few days of January, 1975. It is the graduating class of the Central New York Regional Police Academy. Eight different LE agencies are represented here. No, I am not pointing out where I am.
About a week after this photo was taken, I was involved in my first balls to the wall police pursuit. My FTO was shooting out of the passenger window, four patrol cars were smashed up, three cops went to the hospital. The fleeing driver smashed his vehicle, a 1963 Chevy Impala, into a tree and was apprehended in the backyards. He received immediate wall-to-wall counseling.
The picture was sent to me by classmate Reuel Todd, who is now the Oswego County Sheriff. I will tell you where I believe he is; kneeling, second from the right. None of us look the same.
Three of my classmates have passed on, all from cancer. Two are standing right next to each other.

Lord, we were so young.


I saw this over to the Goomba News Network and had to drag it over here.

Ray Stevens capures the mood of so many Americans but the pols aren't listening. Starting this year, they will.

Friday, January 08, 2010


When you hear tales of unbelievable heroism like the one I am about to share, you wonder - "Could I do this?" I know I couldn't. The overwhelming majority of us do not have the cojones possessed by the son of a poor sharecropper, US Army Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez.

I am not going to go into great detail about what this man did, the video speaks to his acts far more eloquently than my poor skills. Msgt. Benavidez flew into a major firefight to rescue a squad that was hopelessly trapped by a North Vietnamese battalion. Armed only with a knife and medical gear, he saved the lives of eight soldiers and was grievously wounded himself. Please view the video and marvel at his self sacrifice.

But what I wonder is this:

Where does God forge such strength in the hearts of men?
As David sings in Psalm 139:15-16:

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to

Does He peer into the yet unformed soul - soft and shapeless, but full of potential - and insert something of Himself? Some unknown component of the Godhead that bends men to His will without their even knowing it? Is it in our hearts? Our brain? Where does this reside so completely hidden until it bursts forth and amazes us? Like a seed in a dry land that suddenly erupts overnight into a magnificent tree, did Roy surprise his mates?

There are undoubtably thousands of men who acted without thought for their own safety during the wars and conflicts that have followed the founding of our Nation. The overwhelming majority go unreported, unnoticed save for those who witnessed them. While we can honor such men as MSGT Benavidrz, for it is right and fitting that we do, let us also honor those who gave also themselves and did not receive the recognition.

Thanks to Charlie the ChiTown Cop for sending me this video.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bill Nails It

Bill Whittles is absolutely on target in this video.
We need to learn the weapons used by the enemy and how to use his own weapons against him.

Random Observations

Mark the shade caused by Golden Parachutes blocking the Sun while the Dems prepare to land on other tax payer supported beach heads. We'll call it P-Day for Pay Day for all the rats abandoning the ship. They are nothing but thieves and cowards afraid to face the music. Accustomed to safe, gerrymandered districts, these politicians quickly get cold feet when they see a real challenge approaching.

With Captains Reid and Pelosi at the helm, the USS Graft N' Corruption is going full speed ahead straight towards the Polls Iceberg.

In other news, today is the 40th birthday of the ATM.

The machine, installed by Barclays at its Enfield branch in London, did not use a plastic card to access accounts, but instead used radioactive cheques impregnated with a small amount of Carbon 14.

The first customer was Reg Varney, from the television show "On the Buses", who withdrew the maximum amount then allowed of £10.

"That was regarded then as quite enough for a wild weekend," ATM inventor John
told the BBC.

There are about a million and a half ATM's in the world today with over 400,000 in the US alone. And yes, I could have a pretty wild weekend on $22 back in 1970. The average salary was $7,564 -- about $145.46 per week.
In 1970 I had just finished my junior year at SU and was making $3.20 an hour as a security guard -- $128 a week.
I supported a wife and child on that salary in married student housing. It was a great step up from my previous job which paid $2 an hour.
I also purchased my first rifle that year, a WWII 303 Lee Enfield. I was 21.
My first daughter was 2 months old. I still have the daughter and my brother has the rifle.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

America Rising

I first saw this over to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and agree - this must go viral.

If you can't embed the YouTube video on your blog, use to download it and save it to your hard drive.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Caption Contest

Okay gang, throw a caption onto this photo.
I like, "Thanks for holding my cigarette Larry...... Larry?"

Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's Been Nice Snowin' You

Once again it is time for us weary Central New Yawkers to gird our loins with long underwear and venture out into the winter wonderland that surrounds us ... to scape that nasty white stuff from our roads and driveways.
So far this season we have received just over three feet of snow (37.5"), almost half of that in the last 24 hours. But we are 2.6" behind the City of Buffalo in the Golden Snowball Award for the snowiest Upstate NY City. Last year Syracuse came in first (like always) with 149.6" of total snowfall. That's over twelve feet.
The Golden Snowball Award is an annual masochistic contest whereby the Mayors of Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany get the opportunity to crow and beat on their chests with frost bitten fists, celebrating forces of nature over which they exercise absolutely no control whatsoever. Oh yeah, good times.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Artist Threatened

Last Friday the artist who crafted the wonderfully satirical depiction of Mohammed (Please Piss Upon Him) in a bomb turban was attacked by a Muslim during a home invasion. It is not know if the attacker had his weapons secreted in his underwear.

(CNN) - A Somali man believed to have ties to terrorist groups was shot as he allegedly tried to enter the home of Danish political cartoonist Kurt Westergaard -- known for his controversial depictions of the Muslim prophet Mohammed -- on Friday, police said.

The 27-year-old man, who was not identified, wielded an ax and a knife and cracked a window at Westergaard's home in Aarhus, said police spokesman Morten Jensen. A home alarm alerted police to the scene at 10 p.m., and they were attacked by the man, he said.

The officers shot the man in the right leg and left hand. He was hospitalized, but was not seriously injured, police said.

Danish intelligence officials said the suspect is connected to al-Shabaab, al Qaeda's ally in east Africa.

The incident "once again confirms the terrorist threat that is directed against Denmark and against cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, in particular," said Jakob Scharf, spokesman for the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, in a statement.

The suspect was charged at a court hearing Saturday in Aarhus.

Westergaard has received several death threats for depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban.

Unfortunately police twice missed their opportunity to provide the suspect with seventy-two raisins. Corrrective range time has been recommended.

Authorities did not identify the suspect because the judge decided it would be illegal to disclose his name, said Madsen, with the East Jutland Police.

Authorities said he was a 28-year-old Somali who has legal residency in Denmark and lives in Sjaelland, near Copenhagen.

Once again, who is vetting these animals before allowing them to enter the country?

For the love of Mike, it is harder to smuggle a parrot into western countries than it is for a terrorist to obtain residence.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Boccherini's Fandango

If you crave skinny, flat chested women playing castanets in front of at least a zillion guitars, have I got the video for you!

Obongo's Economic Miracle

This is a geographic representation of the current economic recession starting in January 2007 up through last October. The map captures the unemployment rate for every county in the nation.

There are two benchmarks as far as I can see. The first one is when Bush signs the TARP bill last summer and the second one when Obongo starts his term as President. Watch the accelerated unemployment rate spread throughout the Country. It's like watching a lung cancer patient after he gets a prescription for a carload of unfiltered Camels.

In 2007 most of the US is painted in shades of yellow, orange and red (2% to 5.9% unemployment). There are over a dozen counties with an unemployment rate under 2%.

By October 2009 we are in deep kimchi, most of the country is dark purple or worse (7% to over 10% unemployment). By last October there appears to be one, only one county in the entire country that has an unemployment rate that is under 2%.

Froot Of Da Boom

Shamelessly ripped from the pages of Barking Moonbat Early Warning System.