Saturday, December 19, 2009

Same Circus, Different Clowns

In a new book, "The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr," scheduled for release in February 2010, the author,Ken Gormley, presents proof that federal prosecutors were preparing to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton for their roles in the Lewinski sex-for-dry-cleaning and the Whitewater scandals.

The Associated Press on Friday obtained a copy of the book by Gormley, a Duquesne University law professor, about the scandals that enveloped the final years of the former president's second term. Excerpts from the book were first reported Thursday on the Politico news Web site.

Calls seeking comment from now-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the former president's foundation weren't immediately returned Friday.

Great, this is like my father telling me on his death bed that he had thought about mortgaging the house to buy me a Shelby GT for my 16th birthday. Like, why bother? Life is full of disappointments already, why dig up ones that are are over a decade old?

After Starr left office, his successor, Robert Ray, sent a message to the ex-president that he was prepared to prosecute Bill Clinton. The books says Ray "took steps to instill the fear of God in the White House."

"I wanted them to know I was coming," Ray said. "I was fully of the view that if I was not prepared to carry out the threat, it wasn't worth making."

I really don't like to use vulgar language to make a point. It indicates a coarseness of spirit and a lack of appreciation for more refined vehicles that eloquently transmit the range and richness of human emotion through the printed word. But sometimes, ya just gotta let 'er rip...

Mr. Robert Ray, you play with your prick.
"I wanted them to know I was coming,"
In your sock you stupid, useless sonofabitch.

"I was fully of the view that if I was not prepared to carry out the threat, it wasn't worth making."

It wasn't. Nothing happened. The lying bitch is now SecState and her felon husband is raking in millions while still lying out his ass.

This is just another tome full of self-serving bullshit from people who lacked the balls to do something when it really mattered but now want everyone to know they were in the game.

Ray is a federal Terry Malloy, a law enforcement celebrity wanna be.
Ray is really whining "I coulda been a contender! I coulda been somebody!"

Nobody cares asshole.
You were in the paint and you choked at the buzzer.

In a deal with prosecutors on his last full day as president, Clinton acknowledged that he gave false testimony in the Lewinsky scandal, heading off the threat of indictment. As part of the deal, the president said he gave false answers in a January 1998 deposition, but he insisted he didn't do so knowingly, an important element of the crime of perjury.

That wasn't a deal!
That was a gift!
Why didn't you take the shot?
Why piss me off like this just before Christmas !

We all know that in fifteen years we'll be hearing the exact same thing from federal prosecutors regarding their investigations of Obongo and Michelle the Wonder Wookie and all the rest of the Clowns in Congress.

Same stinking, corrupt federal circus where you pay and pay and pay to have them guess your weight and they sit their greedy asses on your face instead. And more Terry Malloys telling us that they had them in their sights but couldn't squeeze one off.

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