Friday, December 04, 2009


Al Gore has suddenly cancelled his appearance in Copenhagen before 3,000 climate freaks.

The group says Gore canceled the lecture Thursday, citing unforeseen changes in his schedule.

The unforeseen change to his schedule was a panicky visit to his proctologist to armorplate his ass before someone tries to shove a subpeona up it.

Seriously, the major climatey event of the year and Sir Al decides at the last minute that he can't deliver a speech before several thousand swooning afficionados and have them pay $1,200 a pop to kiss his sweaty paw? And we're supposed to believe that the East Anglia University email bombshells have nothing to do with this?

Yeah, right, whatever.


The Local Malcontent said...

Algore can't handle the heat from knowing that his scam has been exposed, and Copenhagen would be too big a world stage to be embarrassed upon.

Officer, isn't there a police term for someone who refuses to see reason or truth, or anything out of their own reality?

Besides "drug addict", of course~

sig94 said...

Al had to make an emergency appointment to get his ass armorplated.

Yeah.... it's "criminal."