Thursday, December 10, 2009

The More I Hear About Tiger Woods

The more I hear about Mr. Woods, the more I think, WTF? What is wrong with this man boy? Why go through the trouble of marrying some little blonde Swedish girl, cart her ass all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and knock her up twice - just to keep a bizarre bevy of skanks, porn stars and waitresses on the side? Come on.

Mt. St. Tiger's bimbo eruption rivals Krakatoa and it ain't over yet. Buckets of loose women are falling from the skies screaming "Tiger screwed me too!" before crashing into the nearest tabloid's lap. When Krakatoa blew up, most of the island disappeared hundreds of meters under the sea, over 700 meters of the island turned into supersonic dust and ash - yep, that sounds about right for this idiot's reputation.

And that deal about the porn stars.... If anything they are one step lower than a prostitute and I used to lock them up pretty regularly. He would mess with these girls who do dick for a living and then go home and sleep with his wife? Makes no sense. It's like dipping your tool into an open cesspool and hoping that you come up clean and shiny bright. Idiot - to bring that nonsense into your own home.

At first I thought "youthful indiscretion" with an attractive lady but no more. This kid needs to have his ass handed to him after someone boots it off the tee into the rough.


Mope said...

"This kid needs to have his ass handed to him after someone boots it off the tee into the rough."

Methnks she already did. You don't usually snore in the middle of the street after a wreck. Unless, of course, someone taps ya with the "Tiger Wood"

USA_Admiral said...

He is one messed up man. Hell on earth has just started for him.

sig94 said...

I doubt she hit him hard enough, but good for her. I wonder what she would have used if she had known what she knows now?

Subvet said...

Nothing can rehabilitate his reputation after this. He could go become a Trappist monk and still never get away from the fallout.

If you're gonna play, be prepared to pay.

LandShark 5150 said...

Sig -- I'm sorry I made a mistake and on accident erased/rejected your last comment, on me blog this morn. I apoligize for the error and hope you'll repost it.

Poor Tig, the man doesn't understand that money (to pay off lovers) doesn't buy happiness. I'm just confused of his wifes action to stay with him. He, I'm sure was in violation of his pre-nup. Well maybe that money won't buy hers. But it sure can rent some, ask Tiger.