Friday, December 04, 2009

He Says It Rather Well

This guy is on the Canadian Broadcasting System.

Sorta like the Brits BBC tele but they don't speak as purty.

As they say, the leaked emails are going uber-viral and the MSM is still ignoring the story


The Local Malcontent said...

Do all Canadians talk that way?

Mr. Murphy must be the last remaining reporter in North America, ehh? He'd sure as hell starve, if employed by U.S. media outlets;

Good on him for bringing the truth about (false) climate change to the CBC airwaves.

sig94 said...

I can't say whether or not this story will grow legs in the American MSM. But it it doesn't, it only damages their already shattered reputation.

And yes, they do talk that way, even their women. I know a few Canadians and they are really very nice people. Actually people in the US who live close to Canada talk in the same way. Just a far northern affectation I guess.

Cookie..... said...

I re-posted the "Climate Gate" video over at "The Shack", with a link of course. Good stuff Sig!!