Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time For Action

Over to the Rott there is this dire warning posted by D.J. Allen. Please give it a read and a thought to leaving a message for one of our Senators. The link for this is on the bottom.

This is important. Health care reform control is being shoved down our throats. We have to go down screaming and yelling on this one.

Okay, it is down to one last Senator. The entire Republican Caucus is already a “NO!” vote. The only remaining hold out is Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. He is holding holding out his vote to end debate and bring this steamy, stinkin’ pile of excrement to a vote in the Senate. If this thing passes, it will go over to the house and get rubber-stamped by a simple vote and sent up to the president for his signature. There won’t be a conference because they are too focused on passing something — anything — that they would legalize armed robbery just to say they passed a “health care reform bill”.

Now get your smelling salts handy, because I know you think I am asking you to contact Ben Nelson and beg him to vote to end debate.


Nooope. I am asking you to contact his office RIGHT NOW and beg him to stand strong and NOT vote to end discussion.

(Do you need to read it again slowly so that you are SURE of what this “Left-Wing Socialist/Communist” is asking you to do?

In bold letters:
Call, email, write Ben Nelson and tell him to vote NO on ending debate.
See? You read it correctly. I said it just that way.

I am not the only Liberal/Progressive Democrat wanting this monstrosity to fail. I probably have a vastly different reason than most of you for wanting it to fail, but the point is, there are some certain times when both the Left AND the Right can actually get together and agree to oppose something — even if it is for different reasons.

This is one of those times.
I am all for health care reform. I am even for Single Payer much like what I enjoy up here in Canada right now. I know it could never happen in the US, so I would be quite happy with opening up Medicare to everyone and charging a sliding scale. But that would be for a different discussion — not THIS discussion. The point here is to make sure that the CURRENT Senate bill does not become law.

My reasons are fairly simple: It is nothing more than a shakedown of the American people and a gift to the insurance companies. The only thing it does is makes it a law for you to purchase health insurance from a private insurance company. There are no price controls — if they want to charge a single person $1500 per month for a “pre-existing” condition (which could include acne as a child) they can.

All of the back and forth over the past several months about “Public Options”, and all that rot, was just a smoke screen. The current bill is the exact deal that the Obama Administration negotiated in secret with the drug companies and insurance companies back in August.

I know most of you can’t stand Glenn Greenwald, but maybe this time you should read HIS take on this. Liberals and Progressives are furious — at least those who are starting to realize what has been going on.

I know none of YOU want this bill to pass. Very few of us on the Left want it to pass in this form also. We need to get together and make sure it doesn’t.

So contact Ben Nelson. TELL him that you want him to stand strong and NOT vote to bring this thing to a vote.

Click to Contact Ben Nelson




But you can still contact him and tell him what an asshole he is.

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