Friday, July 31, 2009

When Ya Really Need Help...

One thing about a good host is that he tries to make his guests as comfortable as possible. He cares for their needs and sees to their welfare to the best of his ability. Except when you are a former community organizer I guess. Then you expect other people in the community to fulfill your duties.

Now I don't think Sgt. Crowley should have gone to the White House. He should have let Obongo and Skippy stew in their own juices. But Sgt. Crowley is a class act. It shows in his appearances before the camera and I have the feeling that it also shows in his personal life when he is not in the public view.

Look at the following photograph; you'll see someone who obviously needs a hand and two strong, able-bodied men who are each capable of rendering assistance. Guess who is doing the assisting?

When you need someone to jerk you off - call a community organizer.

When you need help - call a cop!

Call ACORN for one, 911 for the other.


Henry Jennings said...

Now now, that's not nice. It's funnier than hell, but it's not nice.

;) Glad to see you're still up to your old tricks. I'm working on getting back into; wish me luck.

sig94 said...

Hey! Henry!