Saturday, July 25, 2009

Democratic Rap

I like big budgets and I cannot lie
You Conservatives can't deny
That when a bill walks in that some homeys embrace
And you know there's money to waste
You get sprung, wanna show you're tough
'Cause you know how to stuff
Deep in the bill where no one sees
Cramming that pork as hard as you please
Keeping the taxpayers on their knees
Oh listen, I really feel your pain
All this spending's insane
The CBO tried to warn me
But health care got me so horny
We grab twenty percent of the economy
Gonna fall to socialist ideology
Obama .... gonna cure yo momma
But we gotta get past this drama
Blue Dogs don't mean nuthin' to me
Slow and easy is their plea
Hear them screaming on TV
Gotta move! Gotta go fast!
Opportunity just won't last!
Rating are down neath fiddy percent
Shit like that don't pay the rent.
We can't shove this through without consent.
Obama got jack!
There's no turning back! Conservatives on attack!
All this spending is out of whack!
We'll all end up living in shacks!
Eating hard tack!
Get this Country back on the right track!

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