Friday, July 31, 2009

Coming Soon To A Gov't Hospital Near You

After reading the following article, I recalled the circumstances that a cop had to face over twenty years ago. He needed specialized surgery that was not available locally to correct a medical condition he suffered from. So he went to NYC to have the work done. After his surgery, he was horrified at the lack of nursing care that he received from union nurses. He ended up hiring private nurses to take care of him in the hospital for several days until he recovered enough to return home. His impression of the union nurses was extraordinarily bad; "lazy, incompetent fat bitches" was the kindest thing he had to say about them.

Now for the horror story about unions in public hospitals that lead me to remember the prior story.

Richard Raulston was injured in an auto accident in NYC back in 1993. His kidneys were lacerated and his hip broken. To his "ever lasting regret" he was taken to a NYC run public hospital for treatment. He delivers the following narrative of public health care.

The hospital was undoubtedly understaffed and overwhelmed. But that situation was made much worse by a nursing staff of indifferent, bloody-minded, time-serving union hacks. During the next eight nights, I did encounter two or three hard-working nurses trying to help patients as much as they could, but they were a tiny minority.

I waited outside the emergency room for some hours until someone complained about the large pool of blood accumulating beneath my gurney. I required many hours of surgery to repair blood vessels, then tissue, then skin. Afterward I complained of pain in my hip, and the surgeon asked the nurse to bring a painkiller for my IV. After 30 minutes, he asked the nurse about it, and she said she could not "push it in" (to the IV bag). The surgeon responded, "Then tell me that, don't just walk away." The head of the ER later explained that the union agreement did not permit nurses to push other medications into IV bags.

It got worse. Read the entire article to get a sense of where Obama, Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the liberal Democrats are taking us.

Today I am suspicious when a union for nurses tirelessly advocates complete government control of all medical care. Why do nurses' unions fight so hard to destroy private insurance? Because they want to place one union noose around the neck of all health care in the country. That requires the destruction of the rights of insurance company investors, employees and policyholders. And for that they would have to establish a spoils system with politicians they can control. In California, they already have just that, with the help of union leaders for teachers, prison guards and others. Any medical system they impose will primarily serve that spoils system, not doctors or their patients.

I am sure many others have had more horrific experiences, and I am much better now. But what lingers most from my misery at that time was my realization and fear that Hillary Clinton was trying to create a medical system that would perform like hospitals run by New York City . I now fear that President Barack Obama is
trying to do the same thing. We must not let that happen.

Congressmen are leaving for their August break and I hope the pressure doesn't let up on them. Get in their face. Do not let them rest. If they push this disaster through we'll all be at the mercy of union thugs in Stalinist medical care facilities.

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USA_Admiral said...

How can any caring legislator even agree to vote on Obama care or even try to get it passed?