Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charlie's Pix

Charlie, the Chi-Town cop, sends some love.

First, this scenario could be rather anxiety provoking for animal lovers. A pickup truck driven by an obviously thoughtless person passes you on a busy highway, his neglected dog hanging on for dear life. You imagine you hear terrified howls from the poor animal. Allegedly that is exactly what happened.

Relax, it's a coyote that has passed through the hands of a talented taxidermist and then attached to a tailgate. I think that there should be two of them on either side of the tailgate with blinking directional buttholes. Their tails go up for the emergency blinkers...

Next, I doubt very much that Heath Ledger thought that his high chapperal butt-buddy romance would be the basis for a financial statement but it really is very appropriate.

Saddle up boys. Obama, his sidekick, Joe "Spend Ourseves Out Of Bankruptcy" Biden and the democrats are fixing to do to the American taxpayer what those cowboys were doing to each other under a big, starry Wyoming sky. Stirrups are optional.

Hopefully Obama and Biden will remove their spurs prior to mounting the taxpayer.

1 comment:

USA_Admiral said...

Hilarious decoration for your truck.

I think the spurs are on for good.