Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gunga Dim

Dan Rather is pitching for a journalistic stimulus package to help the news industry keep its head above water. Kind of a funny analogy when you consider that with all the major news outlets in this country, it is still a virtual desert regarding unbiased, fact-based reporting.

“A truly free and independent press is the red, beating heart of democracy and freedom. This is not something just for journalists to be concerned about, and the loss of jobs and the loss of newspapers, and the diminution of the American press’ traditional role of being the watchdog on power. This is something every citizen should be concerned about,” said Rather.

Many, many citizens are concerned Gunga, and that's why they stopped listening to the biased liberal advocacy of you and your cohorts. Other sources cite the loss of thousands of jobs in newsrooms all over the country due to loss of revenue.

The free press, as established by the First Amendment to the Constitution, ought to operate as a public trust, not solely as a money-making endeavor, Rather argued, and it’s time the government make an effort to ensure the survival of the free press. If not the government, he suggested, then an organization like the Carnegie Foundation should take it on. Without action, he predicted, America will lose its independent media.

America lost its independant media over twenty years ago Gunga. Making the press a public trust will result in the same end product as every other government intervention. Bloated, over paid, underworked bureaucrats more interested in obtaining personal advantage than public service will determine what we hear.

Besides, why bother with the effort of taking the media over by fiat when they already surrendered on their own years ago? Instead of government workers, they should all become employees of the DNC.

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USA_Admiral said...

Right on the mark.

Rather has to be the biggest numskull/political hack/deluded fool I have ever seen.