Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Piping Hot Cup Of STFU

Our Racial Commiserator in Chief needs to chill, not act the shill in a no win game of slap-tickle-hide-the-bigot. Obama needs to maintain piehole integrity until the facts of the case are clear.

The Harvard Idiot Savant Emeritus who was attempting to break into his own home and refused to supply police with proof that he actually resides in the premise needs to have his ass handed to him at the end of a stout length of cane.

No officer in his right mind is going to respond to a possible burglary in progress and then winsomely go about on other business because a possible suspect at the scene refuses to provide proper identification. Sure, we'll just take you at your word for it that you're not breaking into this residence. If Henry Gates had taken thirty seconds to produce his driver's license, this whole series of events would have never occurred. And if it actually had been a burglary in progress and the responding officers walked away without checking ID there would be hell to pay as screams of incompetent, uncaring racist cops would issue forth from this idiot and his race baiting play pals.

But the officer who responded to the call isn't accepting Obama's uninformed criticism.

A white police sergeant accused of racism after he arrested renowned black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home insisted Wednesday he won't apologize for his treatment of the Harvard professor.

You can also listen to Sgt. James Crowley's statement

and then read the police report here.

It is a waste of the officer's time to think you are somehow "special" and the cops have to kiss your ass to get you to cooperate.

Guess again.

We don't. This is a sure recipe for the initiation of a technical process known as "jacking your dumbass up a few notches". Sometimes this process is necessarily accompanied by the concomitant application of "necessary and sufficient physical force".

I have applied these processes any number of times over a nearly twenty-five year span and they have always worked without fail. These invaluable processes also had an unintended collateral consequence - the person receiving this attention became smarter. This is usually the case with the exception of Harvard professors who think they are better than anyone else.

Now, Gates will devote the rest of his time wasting oxygen on this planet to the study of racial profiling. Hey, let's get it straight - fisherman fish where there is the greatest likelihood of catching a fish.

Read the 2007 federal UCR murder victimization and offender tables, it ain't honky crackers shooting up the 'hood. Although Blacks accounted for only 12.8% of the US population in 2007, they accounted for 49% of 2007 murder victims and 38% of all murder offenders. To shed a little more light on these charges of racism, look at the 2007 murders where the sex and race of both the victim and the offender are known. Blacks murdering whites is double the rate of whites murdering blacks (16% v. 8%).

Let me spell it it out anyone who is racially myoptic, let's do the math:
For the 3,587 white persons murdered in 2007, 566 (16%) were killed by a black offender.
For the 3,221 blacks who were murdered, 245 (8%) of the killers were white.

Victim/offender breakdowns within the same racial groups are not all that different.
White on white murders account for 81% of all white persons murdered in 2007.
Black on black murders account for 90% of all black persons murdered in 2007.

Obama stated that there must be a frank, honest discussion about racial matters in this country. I welcome those discussions. But first let us lay out the groundwork. Blacks are more likely to be murdered at a rate that is 658% greater than that of whites. And the overwhelming majority of those murders will be committed by persons of their own race.

The ratio of white homicide victims per 100,000 white people is 2.9 ... (6,948 white homicide victims out of a total 2007 white population estimated at 243,248,000).

The ratio of black homicide victims per 100,000 black people is 18.8 ... (7,316 black homicide victims out of a total 2007 black population estimated at 38,920,000).

This is completely unacceptable. This is beyond insanity.
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be screaming from the rooftops for blacks to stop killing their brothers.

Stop the incessant beat of black rap and hip hop that is corrupting black youth - lovely black woman are not bitches and 'hoes. Stop the proliferation of unwed mothers and the destruction of families - for pity's sake don't have children until you and your SPOUSE have the ability to provide for them. Stop the flight of black youth from high school - the drop out rate is over 60% in some areas - and for the Love of Christ stop this damned victimization mindset. It's time for the black grown ups to finally act and take control of their culture.

But they don't. And neither does that useless piece of crap in the White House.

Instead they rail and race bait and make millions while their brothers die in the streets.

So much for an honest racial discussion from black leaders.


USA_Admiral said...

Great Post Sig.

In my opinion the race issue was made worse by the election of obama. Now there is someone with the victim mentality in the highest office.

Easily Lost said...

I love it when someone can voice my opinion so eloquently. Excellent post!!

Cookie..... said...

Hey "Sig", I'm really surprised that you don't have at least 20 nasty comments from Liberals or Dem's by now calling you a racist, a bigot, a typical cop that profiles black folks, and so on and so on and so on....Oh! Thats right! They wouldn't be reading a blog that might actually reflect what the truth is and what is really happening.

Like Sonny & Chere said, "and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on."

My sentiments exactly...Good post!

sig94 said...

Thnaks guys. Like all of you I get so sick and tired of this constant drumbeat of liberal nonsense.