Saturday, April 04, 2009

They Refuse To Learn

Australia leads the civilized world in crime victimization. According to a UN study, nearly a third of all Australians are victims of crime. So what do the Aussie masters do to protect their wards? What crime prevention strategies do they adopt?

They redouble their efforts to confiscate the few remaining firearms held by civilians. Now these are unregistered firearms that ostensively were not used in crimes. But it just boggles the mind how gun amnesty or gun buy backs are used time and time again as a crime-fighting tool when the best practice evidence shows that it is completely ineffective.

ALMOST 800 illegal firearms have been surrendered during the first month of a three-month amnesty.

NSW Police Minister Tony Kelly said 606 rifles, 49 handguns and 141 shotguns were handed in to police stations across the state since the amnesty began on March 1.

It had netted 11 replica firearms, 151 pieces of ammunition and 76 firearms parts and telescopic sights, while there had been 4932 applications for the registration of firearms that had previously been kept illegally.

Mr Kelly said that owning a firearm was a privilege, not a right, and it was "about time" all gun owners got that message.

This is why the 2nd Amendment is such a frightfully important document. It establishes a means of resisting tyranny. For if the means to resist are removed, then revolution is just another word.

I hope all Americans "got that message." And the message is this; Australia, New Zealand and the UK have gone to extraordinary lengths to limit the possession of firearms within their respective populations. These very same nations have the highest crime victimization rates in the civilized world.

#1 Australia: 30.1%
#2 New Zealand: 29.4%
#3 United Kingdom: 26.4%

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