Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes it Is - If Necessary

On April 13th, two Syracuse Police Officers were shot at by a parolee fleeing from them. One officer was struck twice by bullets fired from the suspect's stolen .357 magnum.

The injured officer, identified by sources as 14-year veteran Richard Curran, was hit twice during the 7:30 p.m. shooting, one bullet striking him in the back. A second officer shot and killed the man after a brief foot chase on Walrath Road, near South Salina Street, said Syracuse Police Chief Gary Miguel.

A witness said at least a dozen shots were fired during the daylight shooting. The shooter was identified by police as James Tyson, 33.

The wounded officer's soft body armor stopped the slugs.

I imagine Tyson's family is very, very upset by these events and I do feel sorry for them. From what another cop says, this is not a bad family.

I am a law enforcement officer. I am, was, also related to James Tyson. He was my cousin. We grew up together. James had alot of opportunity growing up. Very intelligent, talented...but made his own choices. He was provided the same opportunities I was. Education, sports, and came from a great family, contrary to some of the commentary. I will speak more on that subject shortly. James first went to prison shortly before I went to college. I remember visiting him there with my brother, also a former law enforcement officer. My family, my church, all surrounded him with support so that he would be able to transition back to the community and become a responsible citizen. When he was released, I was home for that summer from college. I gave him clothes out of my closet, the watch off my arm. We also assisted him in finding employment. Shortly after I went back to school, he committed another crime and went back to prison.

But they really should carefully consider their words before saying something stupid like this:

His mother, Clara Bruce, said she's still seeking answers. The family offered condolences to the officers.

"We don't know what happened, that maybe caused him to become angry and do that," said his sister, Kamerial Warren. "We can't justify why he shot at the police. They retaliated, which is their job. But it's not their job to kill someone."[emph. mine ~Sig94]

I beg to differ.
It is our job to kill someone - when necessary. Mr. Tyson saw to that.
No one wants to be placed in the position that those two cops were in.
Mr. Tyson had no reason to shoot at those cops.
Those cops were not retaliating, they were defending themselves.
Their job is to protect the public.
Please try to get that straight.

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