Saturday, April 04, 2009


The horrific shootings in Binghamton yesterday were carried out by someone of Asian ancestry who may have been carrying false ID.

Initially identified as Jiverly Voong of Johnson City, an IBM worker who was recently laid off, the suspect may have been using a false identity. Sources at IBM state that Jiverly Voong was never employed there.

There were two handguns recovered at the crime scene that were registered to Voong. I very much doubt that Voong is an assumed name since there is a pretty thorough vetting that occurs during the background check conducted for a NY weapons permit. But perhaps Voong's identity was used by the gunman?

Apparently not.

Jiverly Voong

There are other sources who state that Voong worked at a Shop Vac factory and was a loner. One man who worked with Voong states that:

[...] he and a buddy used to joke about how they thought Voong "would come in mad one day and shoot people. He seemed like that kind of guy."

[...] another former Shop Vac employee, said Voong "kept to himself but made some of off-the-wall comments like he wanted to kill the President."

There is frequently a bit of fog surrounding investigations like this so be prepared to have some time pass before all the players and their roles are made completely known.

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