Friday, October 13, 2006

Wrapping Up the Week

Buffalo, just two hours west of here, set a new record for October snowfall with 22 inches of the white stuff falling within the last 24 hours. Over 100 miles of the NYS Thruway had to be closed. The City of Syracuse sent some snow removal equipment to help out. Winter's a coming.

A recent article in the Post Standard reports that downstate NY counties pay the highest property taxes in the nation while Upstate NY counties pay the highest property taxes as a percentage of their homes' value.

In fact, Upstate New York counties made up nine of the nonpartisan Tax Foundation's Top 10 list of counties with high property taxes as a percentage of home values, out of 775 nationwide.

Had another nosebleed at about 5 this morning but it stopped after a few minutes. Thank the Lord.

Between nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, Upstate NY taxes and winters, there ain't a part of me not bleeding or freezing somewhere sometime.

No wonder NY has lost two Congressional seats due to declining population in the last census.

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