Friday, October 06, 2006

Why Isn't This In The Front Page Of The Times?

This is why some investigations are better left to non-political offices. The New York Post reports that NYS Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer, who is also the Democratic cadidate for governor, has delivered a savage wrist slapping to the upper management of a not-for-profit organization that services needy children and the elderly in the Bronx. These disgusting excremental human beings made off with over $1.2 million in funds stolen from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club; two of them were sentenced to non-prison terms and a mere pittance in restitution. Four others were let off scot free - zip, zilch, nada. And they get to keep the money!

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were taken in no show jobs, expensive cars, home improvements and, in a brazen display of arrogance, the Director of the Club, Charles Rosen, used $875,000 of the not-for-profit's money as start up funds for the left wing radio network, Air America.

Meanwhile the health records of thousands of needy children were falsified and the elderly and inform were denied services to cover the theft.

It's reads like a shopping list for greedy pigs: $45,000 to renoavate their apartments, $36,000 to buy and store a new car, $1,500 in tennis lessons, over $6,000 in bathroom fixtures alone. And these pigs were making salaries of over $240,000 and $185,000 as the Director and Deputy Director!

But where is the outrage? It is precisely where you'd expect it from the liberal MSM... no where. There is no outrage, no reporting, no nothing as the Radio Equalizer reports on the findings of the NYC Department of Investigations.

Elliot Spitzer likes to portray himself as a tough prosecutor to the public. What happened here? Perhaps the voters should be asking Mr. Spitzer the same questions.

The Daily News is covering this also. And the Times has it, although back in the regional news section.

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