Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TSA - Slapping The Wrong People

For some reason, Move America Forward, has chosen to support a video that attacks the competency of America's transportation safety workers. I know a bunch of retired cops that do this work and they simply do what they are told.

My family went to the airport when one of my daughter's flew overseas in August. I can assure everyone reading this blog that the TSA employees at Syracuse International Airport did not behave in the manner so indicated on MAF's video. They were very polite, professional and courteous. And they did their job. Granted, my daughter was chosen to go through a random search, but there was nothing intrusive about it. I know because I watched.

I was given a pass to go sit with her at the gate until her plane left. I had to be searched also. Yes it was a pain to be scanned and take my sneaks off. But I didn't make the rules and neither did the people manning the stations.

There's plenty of blame to spread around any public agency no matter what the mission. But the grunts doing the work are merely following orders, and a lot of the TSA grunts are former military and cops who, if nothing else, know how to follow orders. If you have a problem with their orders, then go after the managers and executives who issue them, not the grunts who have to obey them.

Give us all a break MAF, eh?

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