Saturday, October 28, 2006

Copper Jacketed Navel Lint and Other Concerns

I was over reading LawDog's blog regarding a female officer who wanted to take a day off because she didn't know how to change a tire and her dad and boyfriend couldn't do it for her. Another officer drove out to her house and told her how to do it.

I cannot get used to the way that some cops want to be coddled. Thirty some odd years ago it wasn't that way. But times have changed. I remember talking to a cop who was only on the job for two years when she'd had enough of police work. It was too hard and stressful. She ended up teaching in the academy.

Just before I retired, we had a female officer working on the third platoon (1500 - 2300) who told the shift sergeant that she couldn't work the road that day. She wanted to stay inside and man the front desk, handling walk-in complaints. When asked why she couldn't work her assigned beat, she stated that she couldn't wear her gun belt.

When asked why her gun belt was giving her problems, she stated that she just had her navel pierced and the stud post was making her sore. Therefore, she didn't want to wear her gun belt.

But I must admit, the navel piercing was a lovely accoutrement to her barbed wire tattoos.

I myself would have made her burn a furlough day but the Sergeant let her work inside that night.

Several months after that, my secretary came into my office with a frightened look on her face. Seems she had found a handgun in the lady's room. I entered the facility and, sure enough, there was an officer's duty pistol laying on the sink. I'll give you one guess as to whom that gun was issued to...

You got it, seems she didn't like wearing a gun whether her belly button was sore or not. Rather than a navel stud, she should have had a surgical steel eyelet embedded in her hip so the gun could be chained to her.

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