Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haven't Been Up To Par Lately

The past two weeks have been rough for me.

First, an abscessed tooth that required a root canal. For three days it felt like the top of my head was coming off. I was supposed to go in this morning for the final visit and a temporary filling, but instead wound up in the hospital. All over a nose bleed.

The blood running out of my nose woke me out of a sound sleep before six this morning and by eight I was in the emergency room. Unfortunately the meds I take for my heart attack also affect my clotting ability, at least that's what they tell me. I didn't leave the ER until after five pm; it took the hospital staff almost eight hours to stop the bleeding. I can't believe that someone can actually pack that much wadding into one little nostril.

And once again my head feels like some one is driving a railroad spike into it. I'll post later when I'm feeling better.

10/06/06 Update:
Much better, thank you all! I have to wait until Monday to have the ENT guy yank all the packing out. Still sleeping on the livingroom sofa though. It's just easier on my wife as I am up most of the night anyway. With two sleep deprived people in the same house it just wouldn't be safe...

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