Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Road To Poverty: Update

Harry and Harriet had their baby last month, a beautiful little boy. We were one of the first people that they brought their baby to see. I found that very touching.

The baby is in good health. We heard that Harriet dropped out of her senior year in high school, but are not certain. Harry still has not worked on his GED, but he has a much better job with some good benefits. At least he is not working several minimum wage jobs. He has some odd notions about the responsibilities of fatherhood. I say nothing, my daughter carps at him though.

They have not married but are entertaining the notion. It's unbelieveable, but they both come from broken homes where the mother abandoned the children while they were infants and the father raised them.

And as it turns out, I recently discovered that one of my wife's cousins is married to one of Harriet's relatives.

My wife has a ton of cousins. If her cousins were ten dollar bills, I could retire right now.

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