Sunday, August 27, 2006

You Can't Handle The Truth!

The author, Larry Bodine, of the Republicans For Duckworth site has soiled his pants. After making ridiculous assertions on gun control and having said assertions rammed down his liberal, lying throat, he states that Jackboot and myself are the same person and deletes all our posts.

It turns out that all the comments by Namvet, Sig4, Jackbook, Commodore and Ensign were all anonymous pseudonyms used by the same malicious person. All of his spurious rants have been deleted. Perhaps he's on the Roskam payroll. I guess he doesn't realize that I get notified everytime someone comments.
When people make bad arguments and then run from them it is an indication that they themselves have lost all confidence in their position. I remain firm in my positions because I have other means to justify them rather than my own say so.

Go to and see what I mean!

[Udate 8/26: The little 'bat popped his pants and then tried to cover it up. He's restored the original thread, after we pointed out that screen shots were taken of his spanking !!!. He carefully (tried) to cover his tracks, deleting our parting comments and his silly statement above and restoring the original thread. We'll pay him a visit to remind him his little game is over regardless. Leave it to an Idiotarian to screw up and make things worse trying to cover the fact, as if his readers have the attention span of crack-ingesting humminbirds. LC JB, IC]

[Update #2 (5:38 est)- The little jerk is now moderating his comments. Any bets on the chances of my last "Hello" getting posted?. Total Victory is ours !!!!!! Rum rations for all... Pirate Chief JB]

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