Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cookie And The TSA

Cookie (The Cook Shack) has something to say about the US Transportation Security Administration. I have never worked for the feds, but I have worked with all levels of government. and what I have found out is this:

It only takes one fool in a high enough position to screw up the whole works.

This fool can have the best organization, the best people and adequate resources - but it won't be enough. His ego (and woman are not exempt from this) will screw it up. He will drive qualified people into other agencies, blame everyone and everything else for his failures and rewrite the goals and objectives to show accomplishment where there is only failure. The best symptom of this when an agency's achievements are reported in terms of output rather than effectiveness.

Now Cookie gets it right when he says that he has no direct experience with any other airport and can only comment on his exposure to the policies of TSA where he worked. Other airports may be run more efficiently with less abrasive personnel at the helm and I imagine (at least I hope) many of these people do serve their country well. But when the Federal Court returns a verdict that
ruled that the FAA(Federal Aviation Agency) and the TSA (Department of Homeland Security) ...get this... DO NOT have to abide by these Veterans Rights. Well then there is something wrong.
If laws are passed then they should apply equally across the board. Actions like this only serve to diminish the respect we should have for the Courts and the government.

Saunter over to the Cook Shack and take a read.

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