Saturday, August 12, 2006

Tertiary Moonbatis Extremis

The Boston Globe has a commentary by Robert Kuttner that exhibits the tertiary, or terminal stage of Moonbatis Extremis. Much like tertiary syphilis, the latter stages of Moonbatis Extremis can permanently affect the brain and central nervous system leading to dementia, confusion, psychosis, irritability and visual problems. In it's most virulent form, it is indistinguishable from Tertiary Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Kuttner and other liberal commentators have identified the recent unveiling of terrorist plots as a "convenient threat." This will be the recurrent liberal meme until Election Day.

DICK CHENEY was certainly farsighted when he declared Wednesday that Ned Lamont's victory over Joe Lieberman would comfort ``Al Qaeda types."

Voila! Only a day later, Al Qaeda was revealed as plotting to bring
down 10 planes!

In response to the terror threats, the Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henniger had written a column wherein he stated:

``[G]etting on a US airliner, who would you rather have in the Senate formulating policy towards this threat -- Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman?"

This is a gentle ground ball for anyone not infected with Moonbatis Extremis. Lieberman is the only one who has consistently shown that he grasps the concept of terrorism and how to respond to it. Not that he is perfect, mind you, but he at least supports the GWOT and has done so since 9/11.

But in the grip of his psychotic delusion, Kuttner sees it as something else. His insane ramblings continue.

We will face this story line between now and the November election, and beyond: As the terror threat rises, you can't trust critics of the Bush administration to keep America safe.

No. That's not it. There are millions of people, like myself, who have on occasion criticized President Bush because of his policies. The lack of security on our southern border is one of those occasions. But for the most part we are behind our President in his efforts to protect the nation from further assault.

What can't be trusted are the tinfoil enema, fantasy conservative conspiracy hacks who reduce every event into a plot from the Protocols of the Uber Rove.

Like catching a dose of clap by dallying with loose women, Kuttner was exposed to liberalism and had intercourse with it once too often. Now it's too late.

The war in Iraq, the nuclear designs of Iran, Hezbollah's rocketing of Israel, new diabolical tactics by Al Qaeda, and the general ideological and military menace of militant Islamism, are all jumbled into a single all-purpose word -- waronterror. And if you're against the Bush strategy, you are of course with the terrorists.

Kuttner lists the actual dangers and then dismisses them because, well, Bush is trying to protect us against them.

There is a legal definition that can be applies to this; when you realize a danger and fail to take action to prevent it, it is known as acting recklessly. It is a culpable mental state wherein a lawyer will seek to defend your actions (or lack thereof) by either claiming coercion (being forced to do something against your will) or insanity (the voices in my head were telling me that the voices in their heads wanted me to do this).

November elections, and the future of our security, will depend on whether Americans see through this blarney. If the right succeeds in persuading voters that this is all one undifferentiated mess requiring Bush-style bravado, America is in even deeper trouble.

We don't need Bush-style bravado. We need leaders who: a) recognize that the future of our country is on the line, and b) have the stones to do act ruthlessly to protect our interests.

Get used to it Mr. Kuttner, you'll be hearing about Mr. Lamont's unsuitabilty to lead from now until Election Day. His name will be but one on a lengthy list of politicians who place their quest for personal political gain over national security interests.

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