Monday, August 21, 2006

Watch The Birdie

In a New York Sun article, Warren Kozak warns us that we must pay attention to the canary in the coal mine.
Years ago, before modern devices could register poisonous gas levels in mines, miners would take canaries into the shafts with them. The birds, which are more susceptible to toxins, served a very useful purpose. If the canary fell over, it was time for the miners to get out...
The canary served as an indication that conditions were not safe and that immediate action needed to be taken.
Kozak posits that there is an international canary that we should all be watching, it's name is Israel. From the ancient Babylonians to German Nazis to today's Islamic fascists, tyrannical regimes always seem to have one common link — their deep hatred for Jews. At the same time there has been another continuum throughout the ages — a small fringe in every society that blames not the tyrants, but instead, blames their victims.
Kozak likens the rise of anti-semitism to the miner blaming the canary for his dangerous situation. Anti-semitism is nothing new in America. Kozal uses quotes from Charles Lindberg to illustrate this point:
On September 11, 1941, less than three months before Pearl Harbor, Mr. Lindbergh appeared before a huge anti-war rally sponsored by the group America First in Des Moines, Iowa.
Considering the present international cirsumstances, there is an eerie coincidence to this.
...the flyer delivered an articulate and compelling speech entitled,"Who Are The War Agitators?" Answering his own question, Mr. Lindbergh told his audience there were three main forces pushing America into an unnecessary war with Germany: Franklin Roosevelt, Great Britain, and the Jews.
Substitute Bush for Roosevelt and Iraq for Germany and, voilĂ , instant Deaniac, no?
Almost 70 years later, the words have changed but not the meaning. Today, we hear about the "neocons" who seem to control the mind of Dick Cheney. The "Zionists," we are told, are enflaming the Islamic world with their occupation of the Palestinians. And with a dark, evil hand, it's the "Israel Lobby" that controls the White House and almost the entire American Congress.
It's like a script was written three generations ago.
But for one thing:
There is one big difference now than in 1941. Today's anti-Semitism comes from the left and not the extreme political right.
This is quite a read. You won't be disappointed... or bored.

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