Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Two Cents

From 1978 through 1985 I was an Evidence Technician; my job was to preserve the scene (prevent evidence from being stolen, destroyed or contaminated), to document the scene and collect the evidence. The primary means by which an event is documented is through the use of photography. In this respect, photography's main function is to provide the framework or context wherein the events you want to describe to others occur, as to a jury, commission or other body seeking to establish truth. It is an incredibly powerful tool in that it captures a slice of time that you can examine later at your leisure.

As an ET I had to be very careful to establish an objective basis for prosecution that was free of any interpretive efforts on my behalf. No posing, no "salting " the scene with evidence or removal of items.

And because of my background, what is going on in Lebanon and Gaza is truly shameful to me. These maniacs have corrupted the entire process by which world opinion, the "jury" for our purposes, is shaped. Anything coming out of an Islamic news source cannot be trusted. And sooner or later this will return to haunt them.

Now what happens when something really bad happens to these people?

Who can believe them any more?

If I was at a Yankee ball game with a Doberman embedded up my ass, a Muslim sitting next to me could say that a dog is hanging out of my ass, barking at the center fielder and eating his hotdog and I still wouldn't believe him.

The envelope has been stretched beyond recognition. This will affect all manner of photographic presentations that are used to verify all sorts of events. We won't, and can't, trust what we see.

People are hardened and calloused by deceit. Millions will remember these misrepresentations and will not accept any news from these sources.

And you can praise Allah's lying legions for that.

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