Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Yesterday some guy named The Shadow left a messy dropping on one of my older posts from last January regarding the outbreak of bubonic plague at a terrorist camp. I described the plague and a little of its history and how it is spread. At the very end, in the very last sentence, I concluded: The Black Death:God's Biological Thermobaric Bomb delivered by the flea, God's F-16.

Here is the response:
The Shadow said... This post is offensive and absurd beyond limit.
Offensive? Soooooo, terrorists training to attack unassuming civilians and you're down with that? What's really ripping your ass is that I attributed the unpleasant deaths of these scum to God, as a form of His retribution against murderous cowards.

God wouldn't need weapons. Not only because God has other means, but also because God is forgiving, even to muslim extremist.

So what's the difference? What other means? If they all died from a STD or from mishandling explosive ordnance or from a meteor or excessive auto eroticism or eaten by a resurrected T. Rex what is the difference? They are dead and good riddance. God forgives those who ask forgiveness, seek His grace and turn away from their evil acts. The Shadow does not understand the simple mechanics of repentance. If you seek forgiveness, you are at a minimum expected to STOP KILLING INNOCENTS.

The difference is, those people are trying to keep their culture, language, religion and way of life, whilst you people are trying to convert the whole globe to your liking.

I don't know what religion you subscribe to, but you are constructing a very fragile argument. Muslim countries do keep their culture, language and religion intact. If there is any movement for change in the countries they control it is because we are no longer in the 7th century.

Many Muslims only grudgingly allow Christians to co-exist. In Pakistan, Muslims kill Christians and have destroyed many of their churches. In Saudi Arabia, Christianity is for all intent and purposes outlawed. In Egypt, they make things difficult for Christians, new Christian churches are not allowed to be constructed.

People in Muslim countries are murdered for converting to Christianity. Muslims are certainly defending their religion and their culture (it is very difficult to separate them) by murdering their own people. But apparently that's okay with you as long as they are also murdering people in non-Muslim countries and saying that it is in self defense.

Islam is weak. It reacts in homicidal fashion to any perceived threat whether it exists or not. The real difference is that Islam is a faith founded by a madman and spread by the sword.

I think muslims are better than you, pseudo-christians. That's because they are willing to die for their beliefs, whilst you are willing to kill for your beliefs.

It's almost as if you slapped this whole irrational comment together so you could tack on the last sentence, itself a meaningless exercise in linguistic double talk bull shit. These terrorists were in training to kill innocent people. They are hiding out in protected camps because what they are doing is deemed illegal in most countries of the world.

Sure, these terrorists are willing to die after they strap on twenty pounds of high explosives and wander into a bus station. Better yet,they are willing to die if an Israeli missile can find them hiding behind a residential structure while they are firing rockets or mortar rounds at an Israeli elementary school.

I am willing to do almost anything, including the taking of life, to protect my family and my community. I am not filled with joy at the prospect of doing so. That is the difference.


Mope said...

I, for one, Sig, am appalled that this gentleman doesn't have the testicular virility to address you mano y mano. WTF? You are a person that will give the other side a chance before you taze the shit out of him!

Seriously, you would give him a chance to spout his views if he were man enough to repond to this. I'd like to hear what he says. I mean if he graduated third grade.

I can wait.

sig94 said...

Seriously Mope, ya just gotta give a man enough rope to hang himeself...

Aintchew glad your beautiful city ain't gonna be sullied with all those furriners coming for the O-limp-dicks?

Mope said...

Frankly, Sig, Daley will figure out another way to get the money. I heard Arne Duncan and Eric Holder blew thru town to stop the violence children are perpetrating on each other. Seems a cool million from the sale of parking meters will get the little brats some 500 jobs and some computers. Meanwhile, Chicago is broke, again. Oh well, if the little ruffians can stay in school a couple months, then drop out again, they'll be up for a promotion! Or maybe they can organize for a raise in the minimum wage!

Heck, let's raise the minimum wage now! That'll really stimulate Obama's plan.

sig94 said...

I think all the stimulus money should be given to Burger King and Mickey D's so that fifty thousand new burger joints can open. All those great burger flipper and fry salt shaker jobs will be an economic tsunami for the hood. All those "Wah jew wan?" floating out over the drive thru menu sign's mini PA system will be an epiphany, a heavenly stumulus chorus for Obongo and his commie clown circus.

The only other stimulus possible would be to open up a few thousand more street corners for crack whores.