Saturday, October 24, 2009

Loons And Goons

While browsing through Lucianne's, I was directed to an excellent Mark Steyn commentary where he makes the following observation about Obongo:

When a man has spent his entire adult life in the "community organized" precincts of Chicago, it should hardly be news that much of his Rolodex is made up of either loons or thugs.

Ergo the title of this post. Mr. Steyn's excellent piece compared Obongo's rhetoric and actions to other world leaders past and present and how Obongo fails in the comparison.

Loons and goons.

What a recipe for disaster. It's like mixing shit and gunpowder. No matter what kind of fire you build under this mixture, it's still a basically weak flash that produces nothing but some smoke and noise.

We'll be exploring that as Obongo's term progresses.

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