Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vote for Doug Hoffman

Dede Scuzzyhawhaw, or whatever this ugly, lying sack of excrement calls herself , has received Newt Gringrich's endorsement as the Republican candidate running for NY Congessional District #23.

Newt has his head up his ass.

Dede is another ethics challenged politician who sees her country and her community as her personal checkbook and runs from controversy by calling the police on people who question her.
From the Washington Times:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, House Minority Leader John Boehner and the National Republican Congressional Committee are now in the position of endorsing thugocracy. Unless they withdraw their endorsements and financial support for left-wing Republican Dede Scozzafava, they will effectively condone a blatant, unwarranted and somewhat frightening attack on a free press.

Ms. Scozzafava, a New York state assemblyman running as a nominal Republican in a three-way special election for Congress, is no favorite of conservatives. Her extreme support for legalized abortion, close ties with the disgraced leftist social group ACORN, and record of high taxing and spending put her in some ways to the left of Democratic candidate Bill Owens.

Then, on Monday, Ms. Scozzafava moved even further left. A campaign spokesman in September had said the candidate opposes proposed "card check" provisions that would eliminate secret ballots in union organizing elections, but a union-friendly Web site reported on Monday that Ms. Scozzafava had told the AFL-CIO that she supports card check after all.

Understandably, Weekly Standard blogger John McCormack asked her after a speech Monday night which reported position is accurate. After she confirmed her unfortunate solidarity with the union, Mr. McCormack tried asking several other polite questions, but her staff hustled her away. When Mr. McCormack later spotted her in the parking lot, he attempted to resume his questioning, but again was rebuffed - and the candidate and her team drove off.

No big deal, right? Mr. McCormack is by all accounts a mild-mannered and polite young man. By his account, he sat in his car to file his report, only to be accosted a few minutes later by police in a vehicle with flashing lights, asking for his name and address. Yes, police.

Ms. Scozzafava's team had called the police on a reporter for asking basic, nonconfrontational questions.[...]

RedState also has a succinct summary on why Ms. Scuzzyhawhaw should not be allowed to make cookies for the local PTA much less be allowed anywhere near Washington, DC.


SoCalOilMan said...

I'm heading out to my local ACORN office tomorrow morning to be sure I'm registered to vote in this election...the fact that I live in Kalifornia shouldn't be too big of a drawback for them.

sig94 said...

Tell them you're a homosexual prostitute and want to vote seventeen times for some liberal candidate.

Cookie..... said...

That won't work Sig. SoCalOilMan has to tell them he's a homosexual "UNDERAGE, ILLEGAL ALIEN PROSTITUTE" for it to work!
:-). BTW, after reading about Newt's endorsement of this "Schmuck" Scozzafava, I wrote an e-mail to his headquarters and expressed my extreme displeasure with his decision, not that he could give a rats ass what I or anyone eles think. I also posted a Fox video of Neil Cavuto interviewing the reporter in this farce.

sig94 said...

Go fer broke Cookie; an underage homosexual,illiterate, blind, lesbian, transgender Hispanic-Native American illegal alien prostitute.

Cookie..... said...

WOW! That'll do it fer sure fer sure!! ;-)

Did ya get all that "SoCalOilMan"?