Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ya Shoulda Paid The Man, Dave

According to the National Enquirer, Dave Letterman has been hit with a $300 million divorce suit by his wife, Regina.

Three Hundred Large.
Ya shoulda paid the guy, Dave.
Fork over two mill now or 150 times that later.
Plus perhaps some kinky, quirky love games might have remained secret.

The ENQUIRER was told the kinky late-night host maintained a fully equipped love nest, likes to play "dress up" - and even had a girlfriend parade around with a set of pom-poms pretending to be a cheerleader.

Gee, mebbe Dave also had dreams of owning a NFL team, heh?
Dave, Dave
He's our man!
If Dave can do it,
Anyone can!

The National Enquirer isn't my journal of record, but they did get the scoop on John Edwards' love child.
I can't ascertain how true this account is, but I'll apply the Dan Rather Standard of Journalistic Integrity: it is so good that it has to be true, no?

Or as McNorman opines:

Dear Dave,


Sarah Palin BF



Cookie..... said...

ROTFLMAO. I can't help but think of all the nasty, spitefull and hurtfull jokes he has made regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter. I LOVE IT!!! :-)

sig94 said...

He is just another overpaid, nasty-assed hypocrite. Needless to say I do not approve of divorce unless one partner is in danger of his/her life. But as ye reap so shall ye sow. Now he can laugh all the way to the cleaners.