Sunday, October 04, 2009

Congratulations Rio

After all is said and done, I wish Brazil and the people of Rio de Janeiro much luck in their hosting of the 2016 Olympic games. I pray you will avoid the snares and pitfalls that other cities have experienced and that the corrupt politicians of Chicago would have embraced.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Chicago didn't get the games, every place that has hosted is stuck with huge, EMPTY venues and billions of dollars in debt for years after the fact.

Jugears would have stuck the other 56 states with the tab thru a preemptive bailout before he loses the office.

sig94 said...

Obongo and his czars are now concerned with the incredible violence in Chi-Town. Today they just dropped a half mill $$ on Mayor Daley with more to follow.

Guess they thought that they could make the railroad tie beat down an Olympic event.