Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover Somali Style

Somali pirates are threatening to kill 25 Chinese sailors if any attempt is made to rescue them.

Beijing - Chinese officials are being tight-lipped when it comes to explaining what exactly they mean when they say Beijing will make an "all out effort" to rescue a Chinese cargo ship seized by Somali pirates on Monday.

But if it means they will take military action to rescue the crew, it would be the furthest projection of force from China for its navy in modern history.

Three Chinese military vessels are part of the international anti-piracy taskforce, but they are currently patrolling the Gulf of Aden, almost 1,000 miles from the spot where pirates seized the coal-carrying De Xin Hai and her 25 Chinese crew members.

[...]The pirates warned Beijing Tuesday not to try a rescue. "We tell China not to endanger the lives of their people with any rescue operation," an associate of the hostage takers who called himself Hassan told Reuters news agency by phone Tuesday. "If they try that we will execute the whole crew," he added.

The Chinese need to Tienanmen Square these pirate assholes. Jump on them like a panda with an overactive pituitary on a cream cheese egg roll. Moo Goo them until they're nothing but Somali Foo Young.

Why in the world are civilized nations allowing these vermin to terrorize international shipping lanes?

We should have never mothballed our Iowa-class battleships. There's nothing like 58,000 tons of pissed off steel and 1,500 swabbies standing 25 miles off your coast pounding you to dust. In Somali's case, we'd be pounding their rubble into dust.

The whole freaking country is nothing but a hell hole waiting for Extreme Makeover to visit so they can be upgraded to a shit hole.


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B.C. said...

While cleaning out my closet a couple of hours ago, I came across a stack of old National Geographic magazines and one of them was from August 1993. Guess what the cover photo and main caption was? A starving Somali woman with "Tragedy Stalks the Horn of Africa". The place needs to be razed and kept as an empty bombing range as an example to the rest of the savages inhabiting the cesspools of Islamization around the world. F.E.T.E. End of story.

sig94 said...

Right on BC. I will always remember the rock star incited "Aid To The Shit Horn Of Africa" movement from that time when thousands and thousands of tons of food rotted on the wharves as the War Lords bidded their time.

Famine is almost always an exercise in political will and usually has little to do with crop failure.