Monday, October 12, 2009

What Is It? Huh?

What is with these insane commie bastards and their personality cult/worship of political figures?

In the old USSR you couldn't turn around without tripping over a statue of Lenin or Stalin. Hell, they stuffed Lenin like a maggot filled manicotti and put his slowly rotting carcass in a frozen food display at the Lenin Mausoleum and Convenience Store.
Since then, millions of starving Rooskies have waited in yet another line so they can imagine how good Lenin would look covered with horseradish on a bed of tomatos and lettuce. For more balanced nutrition they'd imagine celery stalks sprouting from his ass.

In the Glorious People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Crappy Billboard Poster Graffiti Art has pasted slightly over eleventy hundred trillion portraits of Chairman Mao on every vertical surface in the nation. There are Chairman Mao recipes, Chairman Mao bicycles, Chairman Mao designer accessories and Chairman Mao garden gnomes.

We are now seeing the same rabid infestation here in America. Ever since Obongo imposed himself on our political landscape, we have been subjected to an ever increasing array of nauseating Obongo poster art, promotional items (thinking about getting some for target practice) and masturbation accoutrements (no linky love here - that is really disturbing).
I credit this marketing frenzy to the the less than ideal mental acuity of Obongo's supporters. As they are driven by emotion they are incapable of objective discernment, therefore they are victimized on many levels by shameless politicians and businessmen.
But I don't recall ever seeing someone else's face imprinted on the blue field of the American flag like this. Quite frankly, it is disturbingly reminiscent of the aforementioned countries where the beliefs of a few were murderously imposed upon millions.

No it is not against the law to do this. It should be, but it isn't. The flag code is not enforceable. It is just another ill advised attempt by a businessman to make a buck off some idiot who thinks Obongo is the answer to his prayers.


Subvet said...

Just to make sure I wasn't trying on a tinfoil hat, I checked out the rest of Ebay's selection of 3 X 5 flags after finding the one you show. Not another one with anything like this. Not even one with Che Guevera and you'd think the pinkos in this country would've opted for THAT years ago!

Very disturbing. The sonofabitch could at least tamp it down a bit by disowning the extreme actions of all his worshippers, maybe tell them it's premature to name schools after him, etc. But that isn't happening. He actually lets it go on and on.

2012 is a long way away.

USA_Admiral said...

Even in my worse dreams it was not like this.

I would be burning this flag in an instant.

sig94 said...

Obongo will not temper these kinds of actions until it is to his advantage, and then it will only be against those who oppose him. His self aggrandizement knows no bounds.

But please remember this from scripture, Ps 16:8 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." and "the afflicted people Thou wilt save: but Thine eyes are upon the haughty, that Thou mayest bring them down" from 2 Sa 22:28

Satan was cast down for this very same reason and Obongo is no different. His pride will be the end of him.

Don't know. But I trust God and His Word.

Cookie..... said...

LOL, lately, following all of Obongo's activities (and inactivities), I've been having the same thought quite a bit as of late, "Pride goeth before a Fall". Maybe not exactly correct but the idea's the same!! Gotta trust in "The Big Guy" on this one.