Monday, October 19, 2009

What To Watch

I was looking through our DVD's tonight wondering what I will throw up on the TV. I reached for the LTR trilogy when I realized that I can't bear to see it again. I have had enough of that whiny faggot Frodo. I want the Orcs to have their way with him.

Instead, I will watch Godzilla kick the ever-lovin' crap out of NYC and wash it down with home baked apple pie and slow churned pumpkin ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I just picked up 28 Weeks Later from Wally World for $7.00, and Next Of Kin w/ Patrick Swayze came in from NetFlix. So I got a Double Feature tonight.

Subvet said...

"I have had enough of that whiny faggot Frodo."

AMEN!! I'm a LOTR fan from the 60's but the way he was played in the Jackson movies sets my teeth on edge.

On the positive side I received a birthday present from my oldest son today, the DVD's "Grand Torino" and "Taken".

Haven't seen "Grand Torino" yet but love "Taken". My favorite part was when Liam Neeson tells his daughter's kidnapper, "I believe you, unfortunately that isn't enough to save you." The followup to that is excellent.

sig94 said...

Forger - 28 Weeks is a trip. Haven't seen Next of Kin yet but Pat Swayze (God rest his soul) is usally a good watch. My MIL died of pancreatic cancer also.

Double feature! Rock on...

Subvet - I have seen my set of the Ring trilogy many times and I have just had enough of Elijah Wood in anything. Yeah the story, the scenery - but Elijah is a PITA.

Grand Torino is one of Clint's best. If I am blessed to live that long, that's not a bad way to go. Taken is also a good watch. My kids think that I can come after them the same way....