Saturday, October 03, 2009

Letterman Video Confession Yanked

The nine minute Youtube video clip of David Letterman sharing his extortion experience and his penchant for sleeping with his female employees has been yanked for copyright infringement.

But there are tons of Letterman videos still on Youtube. One of the more fascinating ones is the one where the hypocrital Letterman responds to Gov. Palin's complaint about his tasteless jokes targeting her daughter. I refuse to link to it.

Obviously CBS is concerned about Letterman's image (he is after all a "property") and is reluctant to expose their property to further scrutiny. His is a hypocritical piece of shit and if this happened twenty years ago he wold have been yanked from the air so fast that this feet would have flown out between that gap in his teeth.

I do not know whether or not a campaign to boycott his sponsors has begun, but isn;t it interesting that people were screaming that the sponsors of the Glenn Beck program on FNC should pull their ads from his time slot? It appears that what you SAY to the liberals is more offensive than what you DO.

Not that many people read this blog but anyone who believes that Letterman should not be allowed to show his face on public (CBS airs their program over regulated frequencies) should contact his sponsors. This is a list that I garnered from that was posted last June:
Aveeno (owned by Johnson & Johnson)
Charmin (owned by Proctor & Gamble)
Downy (also owned by P&G)
Lexus (owned by Toyota)
Ambien CR (from Sanofi Aventis) (owned by Microsoft)
Centrum (owned by Wyeth)
Listerine (like Aveno, above, owned by J&J)
Old Navy (owned by Gap)


SoCalOilMan said...

Damn, Sig! You giving us homework now?

I just got done writing Citi about why I pulled my account from them, now I got to write them again.

sig94 said...

Oh my goodness YES!
There will be a test...