Friday, October 02, 2009


The amazing oratory skills, unparalleled diplomatic prowess and magic persona of Barack Hussein Obongo and his lovely 1st Sasquatch have rescued the citizens of Chicago ...

from the crushing debt that would have been incurred had the 2016 Olympic games landed in their laps. It is just amazing that they failed in their bid as Michelle finally shaved her back in preparation for their IOC presentation.

Unfortunatlely Obongo's pals will now have to scramble about seeking other venues to satisfy their need for graft, corruption and bribes.


SoCalOilMan said...

Tension is going to be high in the WH for a bit. Think of all that money Jarrett lost on those expensive "condos" that were sitting where the new stadium was going to go.

sig94 said...

Prepare yourselves for the flood of stimulus $$$ that will suddenly flood Chicago. Barack Shitstain Yomama must pay the piper one way or the other.

cmblake6 said...

Miserable communist pos's have finally been properly bitchslapped. The shame is that it had to come from the IOC this year instead of America last year.

Ah well, it's something anyway.

Think this may be the start?

sig94 said...

The MSM ain't gonna turn over a new leaf overnight. It is in a tailspin right now and until it impacts the hard hard Plain of Complete Irrelevancy and the stockholders rebell, there will be no change. The American people are finding out what is happening - hopefully we will not stop demanding accountability.

The pols will try to wait out the storm so they can go baack to businesss as usual.