Wednesday, October 06, 2010

This Turns My Stomach

Police corruption is like a pox on society. We are so blessed in this country that we have, for the most part, an objective and honest law enforcement community.

I'm neither stupid nor blind. There are crooked cops. I have assisted in police corruption investigations and I have absolutely no pity for brother officers who cross the line. My badge and my honor is not worth whatever advantage I might gain from an illegal act. Unfortunately there are officers who do not think the same way.

Here are two examples; one involves widespread serial corruption and the other is just some idiot with a badge trying to scam the system.

FBI Launches Largest Cop Corruption Case Ever in Puerto Rico
The FBI launched what it calls the "largest police corruption case" in the history of the agency early this morning in Puerto Rico, arresting 129 people around the country -- most of whom were public servants ranging from police officers to municipal workers to U.S. Army soldiers. The defendants face drug trafficking charges with possible sentences ranging from 10 years to life in prison.

"The actions of these individuals proved they were not worthy of the title of public servant," Luis Fraticelli, special agent in charge of the FBI's San Juan office, said in a statement. "They violated the public's trust by using their authority for personal gain."

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Next up is an example of a man who was smart enough to pass a civil service test and too stupid to stay out of jail.

MURRIETA — A San Diego police officer and his wife pleaded not guilty Wednesday to accusations that they trashed their foreclosed home and stole major appliances and decorative features before vacating.

A judge ordered Robert and Monique Acosta each to be held on $65,000 bail, during an arraignment in Riverside County Superior Court in Murrieta. They have been charged with one count each of damaging or destroying an encumbered property — a felony.

[...] A $200,000 arrest warrant was issued for the couple on Sept. 27, but authorities waited for them to show for the arraignment before arresting them.

A notice of sale was posted on their French Valley-area home on May 21, giving the couple until June 14 to vacate, according to the arrest warrant.

A representative of the San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union called Riverside County sheriff’s deputies on June 15 when she discovered the house had been trashed.

Rock facing on the front of the Via Laguna home had been ripped off, black paint and hair dye squirted all over the carpeting, the walls spray painted and electrical wires dug out from walls and cut, the affidavit described.

Missing from the home were the flagstone porch and walkway, garage doors, kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, air conditioners, a wrought iron gate, wooden beams from the living room ceiling, appliances and vanities.

[...] The total damage is estimated at $165,000, and an additional $44,000 in property was stolen.

A neighbor told investigators that he took photos of the couple moving items to two large storage units on June 12.

I guess we don't have to worry about this couple becoming master minds of a criminal empire.

Lex Luther - you may rest easy.

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