Friday, October 29, 2010

Religion Of Peace - Explosives Bound For U.S.

Explosives were found aboard two commercial cargo carriers in England and Dubai today. The packages were mailed from Yemen and addressed to Jewish synagogues in the United States. One synagogue is in Chicago.

So tell me, what's the difference?


Subvet said...

Our true enemies are the spineless "leaders" we have in both political parties who are unwilling to voice the truth. That truth is we are at war with Islam and have been for decades (USMC barracks in Beirut, USS Cole, the first WTC bombing attempt, etc).

Anonymous said...

@subvet you are rite my brother!!!

sig94 said...

Subvet - our leaders are useful idiots and dangerous fools. Whether it's the Bushes and their New World Order or Obama and Clinton with their pandering, it's all the same. There's got to be money behind it all.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt media promote all the moral and criminal dealings.

It comes down to money and power.